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How to find a business idea


Sometimes what stops us is only in our thoughts. For example, many people say that they want to start their own business, but do not know how to find a business idea. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems: there are only a few steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

So, how long do you want to start your business? Most will answer that it has been more than three years, and some will answer that it was already 5 years ago that they first thought about it. 90% of people want to start a business, but more than half have been “thinking about it" for years. By following the right system to build a successful business, even if you don’t have a concrete idea yet. You can generate about 20 profitable options even in one night!

How to find a business idea that will take off?

First, start thinking about something you love. Something you do just for fun and you know you’re good at.

For example, people you know constantly call you if they are having difficulties and need advice. They do it because you are incredibly patient and also because you know how to get the message across without making people defensive. What area are you good at? How could you help people? Maybe you would organize online consultations or teach something.

What do you read when you get back from work? Maybe it’s fashion blogs, costume history books, or style magazines. Surely you have a friend who has stacks of Vogue magazines at home, shows videos of new collections on her mobile, and Pinterest is full of outfit ideas. She dresses very well, and her friends come to her when they don’t know what to wear to a party. Such a girl would become an excellent stylist, fashion designer, designer. Just because she likes it.

But you know what? Most likely, neither you nor your friends have tried to turn their interests into a business. If you offered it to someone, you would be answered: “Why should someone pay me for this?”.

Connect business with hobbies

Most people don’t associate their skills and passions with business. We think that it will be more profitable to create an application or open a cafe, not noticing that the most successful ideas are right in front of us.

Imagine that a girl who is fond of fashion is, say, Nastya. How could she make money? She can create an e-book with her best outfit combinations for fall, winter, spring, and summer. Do you think people would pay her 2000 🪙 for that?

Definitely, she would receive passive income from this. Moreover, if 500 people bought this book from her, she would earn a million. Some of the people who bought this book would pay her 10,000 🪙 for a one-on-one consultation. And some would give 30,000 a month to have her become their personal stylist.

Do what you love

Pretty amazing, right? Someone who does something just for fun doesn’t even know what a thriving business can be.

Just think about what you can do easily and with pleasure. Maybe you organize amazing events. Someone probably knows what needs to be corrected in the resume so that the person is definitely hired. Or are you perfect push-ups? Seriously, people really pay to be taught how to do push-ups!

At first, this is quite difficult, because we ourselves forget what we really like, and we take our skills for granted. But remember YouTube cooking blogs, where videos on how to make pancakes get millions of views. Now think about the fact that someone makes money from advertising because he knows how to cook well and talks about it.

There is nothing better than learning from someone who knows his stuff and loves what he does. Such specialists always have clients. We let our minds play tricks on us and downplay our skills. Here are some of the most common things we say to ourselves: “there are a lot of other people who do this”, “I don’t have a specialized education”. This is your blind spot: you do something for so long that you don’t even think that someone doesn’t know or can’t do it. You just take it for granted!

For example, after spending so much time studying personal finance, you think everyone knows how low-cost investing is better than trading. But it’s not really obvious! Will people pay for advice on this topic? They absolutely will.

How to find a business idea

Business idea search example

The point is, whether we realize it or not, there are experiences within each of us that can become very lucrative. We just need to bring these ideas to life!

Try to think of someone you know well – it could be a friend or relative. What are they amazing about? What do you always ask them, what are they so good at that they could be paid to do it?

Maybe they know the perfect stretching exercises for when your back hurts, or maybe absolute geniuses at Microsoft Excel. Finding what the other person is good at is very easy. If you were doing this for yourself, you would most likely say that you can’t do anything and no one will pay you for it. The truth is that it can’t be that you don’t know anything.

How to understand your strengths

Trick your brain and ask your friends why they are contacting you or what they would contact you for. Write to 5 friends something like this: “Hi, I’m studying business (taking courses, etc.) and found one task – you need to ask friends about why you are contacting me. If you had to point out 3 things you think I’m good at, what would you say? Thanks!"

You can add an example: “For example, I always turn to you for good staff. What things will you come to me for?”

Write down all the answers you get. Some of them will be vague, such as “you are very sociable.” But among them there will be nuggets: almost concrete business ideas. From them you can grow something more.

You might end up with a list like this:

  1. Organization and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle;
  2. Ability to be productive anywhere;
  3. Ability to cope with stress;
  4. Video editing skills;
  5. Knowledge of how to attract investment to an independent filmmaker;
  6. Ability to shoot documentaries and mount dramatic scenes in films;
  7. Classy yoga classes;
  8. How to quickly and safely sit on the twine.

Can these skills and knowledge be applied? Certainly! You could teach people how to communicate at work and at events, help them cope with stress, or write a book about productivity. In addition, if you want to work in the creative industry, you can start online courses on filmmaking.

Another option: engage in installation to order. Think about how to find an investor to implement a business idea from scratch if you want to make a movie yourself. If the topic of a healthy lifestyle appeals more, conduct classes that will help people get rid of back pain due to sedentary work.

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