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How to make money on animals?


You have several cute pets at home, you like to spend time with them since childhood and want to devote more time to them … Then you probably thought about how to connect your career with your favorite business and make money on animals!

Many professions are associated with four-legged friends: groomer, trainer, veterinarian, and so on. We will tell you more about them in the article!

The pet products market is growing by about 15-20% per year, which makes it possible to develop in this direction. There are both obvious business options, such as opening a pet store, and more specific ones, such as pet hotels.
Each service will be in demand: according to statistics, about half of the set of users owns a pet. For many, a cat or dog is part of the family.

Many, however, are interested in the question of how much a veterinarian, groomer, etc. earns. Based on the average monthly cost of a pet, which is about 5,000 monthly, compatriots spend about 950 billion 🪙 on keeping animals every year. This suggests that any entrepreneur in this area, who has set up a business well, will be able to receive a high income. Of course, part of the profit depends on the chosen niche and mode of operation. If this is a part-time job, you can’t count on large sums.

Popular pet business ideas

Walk the dogs

How much money do you think dog walkers make? If a person simply takes a few other dogs for a walk along with his pet, he receives about 10,000-12,000 per month. If you take care of more animals, you can get 25-30,000 🪙 monthly. You don’t need any investment, all you need is a spark leash.

Look for missing pets

People let some animals go for walks on their own. Sometimes four-legged friends get lost, and the owners put all their efforts into finding them. Create an organization that will help find missing people faster. Create ads with photos and descriptions, send data to the largest number of organizations.

Search through industry experts: veterinarians, shelter and pet store employees, groomers, and members of volunteer organizations. Conduct field research: interview residents of the neighborhoods where the animal was last seen. Starting capital is not needed. Earnings consist of two parts: the first – for the organization of the search. Secondly, you get a reward if you find a pet.

How to make money on animals?

Become an animal photographer

Pet owners often require quality photographs. First, to participate in exhibitions. Secondly, to replenish the portfolio: usually these are reportage shots from various events. Thirdly, for the sale of puppies or kittens. Finally, for castings: animals appear in movies and TV shows. You will have to master a few subtleties, but this can be done fairly quickly. Moreover, it is important to have the right equipment: a camera and a fast zoom lens.

Produce clothes for animals

Zoo ateliers in the northern latitudes have recently become especially relevant: in sub-zero temperatures, small dogs with short hair are very uncomfortable. Many people, however, buy different clothes not so much for practical purposes as for aesthetic purposes.

In order to make money on this, you need the ability to sew and an idea of ​​u200bu200bwhat the specifics of outfits for animals are. Moreover, to start you need at least a basic sewing machine, fabrics. Thus, the initial investment will be approximately 20,000 🪙. You can sell one product for 800 – 1500 🪙.

Treat Animals

If you are thinking about how to make money on animals, organize an emergency ambulance for them! Provide emergency care at home. This business is easier and cheaper to create than a veterinary clinic. If you are a doctor yourself, you will need one employee to fill in on your days off. You also need to rent an office. Moreover, it is important to have a car. If it is, then the costs will be reduced: you will have to buy only medical instruments and drugs, as well as organize advertising. 200 thousand 🪙 is enough to start.

If you can invest about 1,000,000, create a veterinary clinic on wheels. This is a home visit service. recently there are similar organizations, but they specialize only in vaccination and sterilization. There will be demand for a mobile clinic, as the competition in this niche is not high.

Open a pet cafe

Most often, these are establishments in the anti-cafe format, where the visitor pays not for food, but for the time spent in space. Animal lovers have come up with a new format: now in the anti-cafe you can not only watch movies or play board games, but also chat with our smaller friends. There is already an anticafe with cats, raccoons, owls and hedgehogs. The owners of the cafe took cats from local shelters, so they did a good deed.

To create such leisure, you need at least 500 thousand 🪙. All animals must be dewormed, sterilized, and have a veterinary passport.

We do not recommend getting exotic wild animals if you do not have a lot of experience working with them, and in general this can be said to be unethical. The payback period for such a business is about six months.

How to make money on animals?

Open a beauty salon for animals

It sounds funny, but if you are thinking about how to make money from dogs and other popular animals, then the salon is a great idea! Necessary procedures are carried out here: ear cleaning, bathing, model haircut. This is necessary not only for the participation of animals in exhibitions: there are dozens of long-haired breeds. If you do not take care of the coat, in the summer it will lead to health problems.

Think about how to make money from animals and become a groomer. Grooming an animal costs an average of about 1500 🪙. You can serve 4-5 clients per day. To start a business, you will need about 100,000 🪙: you will have to spend money on scissors, hair dryers, combs, and other equipment. Also consider advertising costs. If you don’t work for a salon, budget money for rent and furniture.

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