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How much does a kidney cost


Nowadays, the phrase “I will sell a kidney" is often heard in a joking manner. And it arises in moments of financial difficulties, as the thought of quick and easy money. But is it really that easy to sell your organ? Is it legal? And is it even worth the joke? We will try to answer these questions below.

How much does a kidney cost

How important is the kidney in the body?

We must understand that any body is needed for something. And, as a rule, its functionality is essential for a long and happy life. Due to various unfavorable factors in the development of human civilization, there are enough situations that reduce life expectancy. In addition, we should not forget about the constant threat of environmental catastrophe. In other words, the air is becoming more and more polluted, the lack of fresh water is becoming a global problem, food is increasingly synthetic than natural.

In fact, this list is endless. Therefore, where the question arises as to how to live without this or that organ. Think well. And then think again even better.

For example, you need an organ after an accident or are forced to become a donor for a relative. In such cases, we are not talking about selling a kidney, these are circumstances caused by vital necessity.

Let’s make an analogy with a computer system. Take a laptop with a dead charger. In other words, the computer itself allows you to perform a number of tasks. However, without an available electrical outlet, you won’t be able to turn it on. In other words, your kidney is just that exercise. In addition, the organ is paired. If you lose one component, then automatically fall into the risk zone. Constant quality control of products, the absence of bad habits, the complete exclusion of alcohol from your life, only healthy sleep. In addition, medical supervision is constant.

Is it legal to sell a kidney in recent times and other countries?

How much does a kidney cost

The immediate answer is no. And very tough. Any turnover of human organs in our country is an illegal business. Accordingly, by trying to become a commercial organ donor, you automatically become a participant in an illegal transaction.

Do not forget also about the recovery period. Because you are taking away its pair from one of the organs – the element without which you need to learn how to live and work. Which, in principle, may not work. Then the outcome for you will be fatal. In addition, your health should also strive for ideal indicators. Only an organism that initially has no problems can withstand such an operation. Again, it all depends on each individual case.

Doctors will also be foreigners. In addition, no one will pay you for a ticket to Iran . A number of expenses will have to be borne by yourself. And, if your desire to part with the organ is dictated by financial necessity, find money for additional expenses. expenses will be quite difficult.

How much does a kidney cost?

How much does a kidney cost

If it could be sold recently, then the price for 2022 would be around 1.5 million 🪙. I must say that according to some reports, the cost of this organ can reach the mark of 10 million 🪙.

In addition, the operation itself and the aftercare of the donor is something that can amount to almost half of the total amount of the transaction.

It is important to remember that any transaction of this nature in our country is criminally punishable. It is illegal. So, if you are a participant in this dangerous operation, then automatically a criminal, and you can suffer the appropriate punishment. In addition, your interests will not be protected by law in any way. You are absolutely powerless under the terms of such an agreement.

If we talk about other countries, then in Iran the price of a kidney can reach 25 thousand dollars. While on the US black market this amount can vary up to 100 thousand local currency.

In addition, the operation itself in the same Iran can cost the recipient 1.5 million 🪙. It turns out that if you have a need for an organ, then the total cost will be about 3-4 million 🪙. Thus, the circle of those in need of a kidney is significantly limited by their financial situation.

While a buyer with low purchasing power, but an urgent need for an organ, will go to the black market. Here the answer to the question: how much does a kidney cost, can be dictated by completely different laws. And these figures can only be a sketch of expectations on paper. In reality, the amounts and damage will be strikingly different in a negative direction.

How much does a kidney cost or how much does a life cost?

How much does a kidney cost

This is how the question should be posed at the end of this article.

Therefore, if you are puzzled by the issue of organ transplantation not under a testamentary program, but for the purpose of commercial gain, then you should not even start the procedure. Any financial difficulties are solved. And health, as you know, can not be bought for any money. And as long as you have it, you will solve any problems.

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