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Information products for making money on the Internet – creation and packaging


If you want to make money online, start creating and packaging information products. Your personal experience can become the basis for them.

Types of information products


The easiest information products to create are checklists. They are sometimes called lead magnets. Because often checklists are created as free products containing useful information. These free products engage the potential customer in an interaction and increase the likelihood that they will buy a paid product from you.

Electronic books

You can also create simple, small brochures and make them available for a subscription.

Note: By the way, e-books are very easy to create. Host one webinar and record it. Give the recording to a copywriter to translate it into text.

Then edit the resulting text and bring it into a “book view". Make beautiful packaging with the help of some service convenient for you. For example Goodly.pro.

An e-book can be created in pdf format, and if you have enough useful material and a lot of it came out in text form, consider that you have a product ready for sale.

Lessons and video/audio courses

These types of information products are also easy to create. For example, you can dictate an audio book to the voice recorder in your phone, or just your thoughts. And also give this material for transcription.

If you shoot a video, hold a webinar, or simply record your voice on a voice recorder, you can make various information products out of this. Video can be transferred to an audiobook by removing the “water” from it.

Video trainings without the participation of a trainer or live online broadcasts, trainings “in a box”

You can record modules and then share them for learning or real-time lessons. The last one for you, especially if you are a beginner information businessman, will be especially useful. Since you will have instant feedback from the students.

Create homework assignments and make sure you complete them. So you will understand whether your information products work or not. Find out what is superfluous in them, and what is most valuable. You will understand what to add and what to refuse for the sake of usefulness for your students.

Information products packaging

Let’s say each of your training contains several tariffs. The VIP fare suggests something more valuable and unique. Let’s say VIP membership in some club.

Online events are a very valuable product. And for you as well. First, when you communicate with your target audience live, feedback occurs. We mention this aspect for the second time, as it is very important for your business.

Moreover, in online events, feedback is much faster than via email.

In addition, it is always more interesting to communicate live.

But it is usually much more expensive. And we also recommend taking this into account. That is, in order, for example, to conduct an individual consultation with a trainer, your client will have to pay much more than for a group session.

We also wrote about how beneficial it is not just to give advice, but literally “to lead by the hand” of your student for some time.

Read more about personal coaching and other beneficial types of information products in the article “The 3 Types of Information Products “.

Invite to free events. Host webinars. Provide potential clients with a “delicious” plan for the future webinar and do not demand anything from them in return. In addition to an email address.

But here, too, focus on the fact that it’s not you who needs to leave an email, but them. Because that way they can listen to your valuable material online for free, learn practical methods and apply them immediately after watching. Or organize a practice right during the webinar.

Your task is to engage in interaction. So that the information products are useful and your students always “want more” after watching the next webinar or participating in the training. 

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