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Problems of the underwear business and how to solve them


And now about business. So, business is an internal need of people, which comes from the very nature of people. True, this need is not typical for all people, but only for special people who are created specifically for business. Business is their mission. What are these people? These are people with very strong energy. Accordingly, business is the need of people with very strong energy. It is people with strong energy who go into business under the influence of this energy.

People with weak energy cannot do business, because they have nothing to charge it with. True businessmen charge their business with their high energy and under its influence it works. Businessmen for business are like nuclear power plants for cities. Nuclear power plants power cities, businessmen power their businesses. All this means that the problems of the lingerie business are of an energy nature, as in the principle and problems of any other business.

Strong energy is very good, but in order for it not to cause harm, it must be spent. For this reason, businessmen create a business. In fact, businessmen get rid of excess energy through business. In principle, there are other ways to dump excess energy, but business is a special way. It is special because it allows you to turn your excess energy into money!

You can even say that business is a transformer that allows you to convert the energy of a businessman into money, and this is what he is good at. The more energy a businessman has, the more he can channel it to his business. Subsequently, the business converts this energy into money. The more energy a business receives from a businessman, the more money it generates.

The linen business is no exception. It is also created by people with strong energy. At the same time, this energy has a very definite source. This source is the idea behind underwear. People who are in the lingerie business are the bearer of this idea. Sometimes random people can be engaged in this business, but they leave the market very quickly.

The linen business is no exception.

Only those in whom this idea is implanted remain. Lingerie is just the embodiment of this idea. Through this incarnation, the idea of ​​underwear spreads. It is the fact that these people have the idea of ​​lingerie that determines that they choose the lingerie business. If a different idea had been introduced into them, they would have chosen a different line of business.

The idea of ​​underwear is introduced into people who are ready for it to the maximum extent. Therefore, we can say that representatives of the underwear business are the chosen people for this idea. These are special people who are better than others capable of developing the idea behind underwear. These are people who are occupying their place in life. The idea of ​​underwear creates energy in them. Under the influence of this energy, they create a linen business.

The essence of this business is to promote the idea of ​​underwear among potential consumers. The idea promoted by them is introduced into people, and under its influence they become consumers of linen. We must understand that initially there are just people. They become consumers of underwear only because the idea of ​​underwear is introduced into them. They want to realize this idea and for this they need underwear.

This is the scheme that drives the world and people are taught to it since childhood in order for them to master it. Probably there is not a single child who would not be dressed up in some kind of costume in the kindergarten. Someone was a wolf, someone was a hare, someone was a bear. And in adult life, everything happens exactly the same. Bikers dress in strictly defined clothes that allow them to realize the corresponding idea. It is customary to go to work in a business suit in order to realize the idea of ​​a business person.

Why is the lingerie business in trouble?

Recently, there has been a trend to transform yourself into a zombie in order to realize the idea of ​​a zombie. A similar scheme works in the linen business. People buy lingerie in order to realize the idea behind the lingerie. Linen in this case is just a tool for implementing the idea. In a queue noodriver for the lingerie market is a very useful and effective tool for working in the lingerie market

So, business as a process is the translation of a businessman’s energy to his business in order to turn it into money. This is a very active process, but sometimes there are all sorts of obstacles in its path. As a result of these obstacles, not all energy is transferred from a businessman to business, not all energy is converted into money. When this happens, the businessman loses money. In this case, it is customary to talk about business problems.

In the context of the lingerie business, we mean the problems of the lingerie business. In general, more than 50 business problems are known. It just so happened that the linen business has all these problems to one degree or another. Some of its representatives suffer from some problems, others from others, but in general, all representatives of the underwear business have problems. The amount of energy that is not transferred from a businessman to his business is very large. This means that the amount of money lost by representatives of the underwear business is also large.

Accordingly, if there were no problems, then the market volume would be much larger

Experts estimate the volume of the current lingerie market at 5-7 billion euros per year. This is approximately 35-50 euros per inhabitant. It should be noted that 5-7 billion euros per year is the volume of the market, which is obtained taking into account the business problems that this industry has. Accordingly, if there were no problems, then the volume of the market would be much larger, which means that the revenue of the players in this market would also be greater.

It turns out that as a result of the existing problems, not all the energy of representatives of the underwear business is transformed into money, which is sad. This means that business seems to have problems, but businessmen really have problems. They generate energy, try, but in the end it does not serve them and does not turn into money. As a result, the life of businessmen is not as beautiful as it could be and does not correspond to the level of their energy.

According to available data, representatives of the underwear business will be quite happy if their sales are on average 3 times more than they are now. This clearly indicates that according to the intuitive feelings of representatives of the underwear business, only 30-35% of the energy they generate, their business turns into money. It turns out that 65-70% of the energy of businessmen involved in the underwear business is wasted.

The reason for this is known. Business problems are to blame for everything, they interfere in the process of transferring energy from a businessman to a business and in the process of converting it into money and do not allow transferring and converting all energy into money. Solving problems will increase the amount of energy that is transferred from a businessman to business and turns into money.

To deal with this issue and solve the problems of the underwear business, you first need to understand in detail the essence of these problems and the essence of the situation in which this business finds itself. In order to understand the situation objectively, it is necessary to conduct research. The magazine Modnoje Bieljo decided to carry out such research together with the Noomarketing.net project. They were held in the fall of 2013 through a survey of representatives of the underwear business.

The main problems of the underwear business

In total, about 300 representatives of the underwear business were interviewed. The survey was a questionnaire. The survey was conducted through direct contact by phone or Skype, as well as by sending questionnaires by e-mail. Representatives of the linen business were asked to answer 5 questions. The questionnaire looked like this:

Question 1. Does your business have problems?

  • yes
  • No
  • your own version

Question 2. What is the business problem for you:

  • spokes in the wheel by third parties
  • personal miscalculation of the business owner
  • your own version

Question 3. What do you do with business problems:

  • decide
  • avoid
  • postponing for later
  • your own version

Question 4. How much do you care about business problems:

  • don’t care
  • worried but not too much
  • worry a lot
  • I’m so worried that I can’t sleep
  • your own version

Question 5. Which of the following business problems worries you the most:

  • lack of working capital
  • low effective demand
  • low income buyers
  • high taxes
  • business manageability
  • your own version

The survey was conducted through direct contact between a representative of the magazine "Modnoje Bieljo" and representatives of the lingerie business, who are subscribed to this magazine. In general, the research can be considered successful. Although, of course, not all of those who were invited to participate expressed a desire to do so. The main reason for the refusal was that they did not see the point in participating, because they believed that participation would not solve their problems.

In principle, one can agree with them, but on the other hand, a well-formed question is a half-solved problem. This survey allowed us to formulate the main questions. Those who expressed a desire to participate were quite enough to recognize the survey as representative. Accordingly, the results of the survey can be regarded as objective, reflecting the situation, which can be safely relied upon.

The results are very interesting. First of all, it is necessary to note the results on the first question. According to the data obtained as a result of the survey, all 100% of the survey participants indicated that their business has certain problems. At the same time, some participants noted that if the business is dynamic and developing, then problems generally arise all the time.

Based on this, they concluded that business is the solution to problems. It has even been suggested that the word "problem" is actually a synonym for the word business. Some philosophical businessmen have dug deeper and even remembered that the word problem comes from the Greek language and literally means something thrown forward. They see the problem as a kind of plan for the future. Accordingly, if the business does not have problems, then there will be no future.

Opinions are divided as to why business problems arise. Most of the interviewed representatives of the underwear business (61%) considered that business problems are created by third parties. Among them are named competitors and officials. At the same time, about 30% of the respondents sin against competitors, and 70% of the respondents sin against officials. Some of the respondents (27%) believe that the cause of the problems is the miscalculations of the businessmen themselves.

Another part (12%) named a variant not specified in the questionnaire as the cause of the problem. In general, this option can be reduced to one general option – the source of problems is the society and the culture of this society. It should also be noted that there is a hint that the word "problem" for some is generally some kind of taboo, a forbidden word that one does not want to use.

As for the attitude of businessmen to solving problems, the situation here is very interesting. It is interesting because 100% of respondents prefer to solve problems. This goes against the grain of other studies, which show that residents of late tend to beat around the bush about problems rather than solve them.

It is possible that not businessmen participated in those surveys, but ordinary people who are not used to solving problems. Apparently, the energy of businessmen is so strong that it motivates them all the same to solve problems. It should also be noted that 20% of the surveyed businessmen solve problems in a planned and systematic way.

This may indicate that they have special problem-solving techniques. If this is true, then you will not envy the remaining 80%, because very soon they may face serious competition from those who have methods for solving problems, because they will most likely begin to introduce other methods that will give them significant competitive advantages.

Regarding the degree of agitation with problems, it turned out that about 40% of the surveyed businessmen are worried about business problems, but not much. Business problems are of great concern to 60% of the respondents in the lingerie business. This means that problems concern everyone, no one is indifferent to them. This is good, because if a person is worried about something, it means that he thinks how to solve this issue, and does not try to put it on the back burner.

lack of working capital worries 40% of the surveyed representatives of the underwear business

It should also be noted that no one cares enough about business problems to piss them off. This again characterizes businessmen from the positive side. They have enough energy to be resilient to problems. Apparently, this is what distinguishes them from ordinary people, who are usually infuriated by problems. Well, or this allows us to say that the situation in the country as a whole or in the lingerie market in particular is not so bad.

As for specific business problems from the list proposed in the questionnaire, it turned out that the lack of working capital worries 40% of the interviewed representatives of the underwear business. The same number of representatives of the lingerie business are concerned about low solvent demand.

Low incomes of buyers worry 60% of businessmen working in the lingerie market. It is significant that none of the businessmen surveyed are concerned about high taxes. Apparently, everyone is ready to pay them. And that’s news for a marketing consultant. At the same time, everything suits businessmen regarding the manageability of the business. The following issues were also noted, which were not on the list:

  • red tape when working with suppliers;
  • mess with pricing;
  • lack of a lingerie market as a system;
  • inertia of retail owners;
  • unpreparedness for new business schemes;
  • unwillingness to use the Internet;

In general, it can be noted that the results of the survey provide a lot of food for thought. In addition, they allow benchmarking or, in other words, they allow you to understand where the situation is typical for a particular business, and where it is typical for the entire market. Understanding this is very important, because it allows you to build an effective strategy that will not be erroneous. It would be possible to analyze the results. But this will not be very correct, because the analysis should be carried out for each specific business separately.

For this reason, in order for the results to be correct, it is necessary to know the specific business well, and this is the business of a specific consultation. Specific representatives of the underwear business can make an analysis of their business on their own or with the involvement of consultants. For the purposes of this article, it is much more important to outline ways that will solve business problems.

Is it even possible to solve business problems? Since they still exist, since no one has yet solved them, then the conclusion suggests itself that it is impossible. However, this is an incorrect conclusion. Solving business problems is possible thanks to an innovative concept of marketing – noomarketing. As part of noomarketing, a number of innovative techniques are used that allow you to get results that were previously inaccessible and, among other things, they really solve business problems.

In general, noomarketing itself is an approach that allows a businessman to form such a view of business that will allow him to conduct business in such a way that he will not have problems. This is achieved due to the fact that within the framework of noomarketing, the basis of everything is the idea. The foundation of a business is the idea of ​​a business. The basis of the product is the idea of ​​the product. Accordingly, if you correctly identify the idea of ​​a business and the idea of ​​a product, correctly build channels for promoting this idea, then you can build a business without problems.

For example, through noomarketing, you can solve the problem of lack of working capital. This is done quite easily. First of all, it is necessary to highlight the idea of ​​the product that the business is engaged in, if it is one product or product ideas, if there are several. In our case, it is necessary to single out the idea of ​​underwear in general or the idea of ​​a particular brand of underwear in particular. After the idea is highlighted, it is necessary to pump all the people working in this business with this idea.

If this is not done, then people will do anything, but not this product, although they will pretend that they are engaged in the product. After pumping the idea of ​​a product, they will begin to spread its idea and create consumers for this product. The result of all this will be an increase in sales and a decrease in the sale time of each specific product. As a result, the money invested in the business will circulate faster, which means there will be no problems with free money.

How to get rid of problems totally and forever

Why would such a result be obtained? Everything is simple. The fact is that low sales are almost always associated with the fact that sellers cannot convey to the buyer the whole essence of the product. The essence of the product is its idea. Accordingly, if you purposefully single out this idea and introduce it into sellers, then they will understand the essence of the product and will be able to convey to the buyer exactly the essence of the product, and not something else. When sellers do not understand the real essence of the product, they add their own inventions to its account, which very often do not correspond to reality.

After pumping the idea, the sellers will be able to transfer the idea to the buyer, and as a result, it will be introduced into him. An idea implanted in a person motivates him to engage in its implementation. It is impossible to realize an idea without a product. Accordingly, the buyer will not be able to leave without buying the goods. Maybe he will leave, but he will definitely return, because the idea will not leave him until it is implemented.

Noomarketing also solves the problem of low effective demand. Firstly, the very concept of effective demand is very doubtful, because people have money. The real problem is that people have priorities about how that money is spent. If a person does not buy underwear, it means that he does not have it in the first place in terms of priorities, and he will buy underwear only when the old one is worn out, or if he has money left after buying everything that is higher in priority than underwear.

In order to raise the priority of linen, it is necessary to make sure that the idea underlying the linen becomes active. The seller can activate this idea, but only if it is embedded in him. Accordingly, in order to solve this problem, you just need to highlight the idea of ​​u200bu200bunderwear and pump the seller through it, and you will also need to develop a marketing strategy in order to do everything right.

Similarly to the solution of the problem of the underwear business with a lack of working capital, the problem of high taxes is also being solved. The essence of this problem is not that taxes are high, but that sales are small and, as a result, there is little money to pay taxes. To solve this problem, you just need to sell more and more expensive. Then the amount of profit will be such that paying taxes will not be any problem. You can sell more and more expensive only if you create more consumers.

You can create them only if you introduce the idea of ​​a particular product into the consumer. It is introduced into consumers by the seller or through marketing activities. At the same time, it is introduced automatically, but only if it is implemented in the seller himself or implemented in marketers and in the promotion tools they create. To achieve this, care must be taken to ensure that the idea of ​​​​the product is introduced into the salespeople and marketers, as well as the businessman, if he himself sells or is engaged in marketing.

The business will work at 100% of its capabilities

The problem of business manageability is also easily solved. You just need to highlight the business idea and implement it in all employees. Sometimes the businessman himself does not fully understand his business. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the idea of ​​a business into itself. After the idea is implemented in everyone, the business will be 100% manageable. This means that all 100% of the businessman’s energy will be transferred to the business.

The business will work at 100% of its capabilities, and turn absolutely all the energy of a businessman into money. The businessman will then be able to use this money to solve his private problems and the problems of his family. Turning all the energy of a businessman into money will lead to the fact that there will be so much that they can be spent not only on solving problems, but also on pleasure.

In general, all known problems of the lingerie business are solved in a similar way – through the selection of an appropriate idea and its implementation in the right people. Sometimes it is necessary to highlight the idea of ​​a business, sometimes the idea of ​​a businessman, sometimes the idea of ​​a product, sometimes the idea of ​​a specific specialty. Once isolated, the idea is embedded in the appropriate people. A correctly identified idea develops correctly and this is a guarantee that the business will not have problems.

A similar approach is used by all world market leaders and get excellent results. Now, thanks to noomarketing, this approach has become available in the countries of the former USSR. This means that the businessmen of these countries, as well as the businessmen from the developed countries, finally got the opportunity to build an ideal business without problems, a business that is able to convert all the energy of a businessman into money.

How to solve the problems of the underwear business

Attention representatives of the linen business! I would like to inform you that there are studies of the lingerie market in recent times. They have answers to 35 questions about underwear consumers. Including: preference for colors, brands, types of underwear, underwear buying script, brand rating, psychological portrait of underwear buyer and much more.

Post source: noomarketing.net

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