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Creative economy and its new opportunities


The creative economy is a reality that has already arrived in developed countries and is gradually advancing in the rest. Everyone who wants to live sweetly in the new conditions must fit into this economy, become part of it, become a creative class. Who does not want to live sweetly, in principle, can live in the old way, can live the way he used to do it.

Life will not be as sweet and interesting as it could be, but it will be. There is no doubt about this, because now peasants and farmers somehow get along with workers and employees, industrialists somehow get along with representatives of the information sector. Representatives of the creative class and everyone else will get along in the same way.

Everyone decides for himself how to live and what to do. However, one must understand that the creative class will live best of all, and everything else will be the infrastructure for it. It is not possible to stop the development of the creative economy, because many stakeholders have a real demand for its creation and development.

Concept of creative economy

Creative economy and its new opportunities

The creative economy is an economy of ideas, an economy where the main, most valuable and most expensive product is ideas. In such an economy, you can earn a lot of money only on ideas. The lack of new high-quality ideas is the main reason for the onset of the global crisis. All advanced businessmen know about it and they want to solve this problem.

Creative economy is characteristic of developed countries

The creative economy is characteristic of developed countries. It is there that representatives of the creative class are now mainly concentrated. In general, the essence of the creative economy is that the only product that is of value is creativity or, in other words, a new idea. For example, a new model of Apple iPhone or a new model of Samsung Galaxy.

In a creative economy, no one needs the old, in such an economy everyone needs only innovations, and people are ready to pay only for innovations, and pay well. Innovation in the creative economy is scarce, and where there is scarcity, there are high prices. Representatives of the creative economy – this is the creative class, which creates new ideas.

Creative economy and its essence

Creative economy and its new opportunities

Representatives of the creative economy are all those who can create creative products and, most importantly, promote them. All the rest is the infrastructure of this economy, which does not make a profit, like any other infrastructure. It is certainly needed, but it does not give profit. It needs a creative class that is ready to unfasten money for its maintenance.

In a creative economy, everyone else lives at the expense of the creative class

In a creative economy, all the rest live at the expense of the creative class, being on its payroll. The creative economy is a reality that has come, and accordingly, the described situation will not be typical for the distant future, it is already present in many markets. Most of the markets already have owners who carefully guard them.

A lot of companies live on luck, on forays into foreign markets. In other words, business for businesses that are not members of the creative class has become more of an indeterminate hunt than a business. If the hunt is successful, then the enterprise receives some income, and if unsuccessful, then it remains without money.

Development of the creative economy

Creative economy and its new opportunities

Trying to take foreign customers away from foreign markets is not the only way to make money. You can also go the other way. It consists in entering into symbiosis with the creative class. In other words, you need to find a representative of the creative class and provide him with your enterprise in the form of an infrastructure for creating creative products.

… a creative needs businessmen from other formations

The essence of such a symbiosis is that the main asset of a creative business is a set of people with an implemented idea, which is promoted by the creative. But in order to realize this idea, specific goods and services are needed. In other words, the creative needs businessmen from other formations who produce goods and services.

Within a creative economy, the market is controlled by the creative, not the producer of goods or services, and accordingly, he can dictate the terms. Accordingly, the task of businessmen of other formations is to organize their business in such a way that it meets the requirements of the creative. If this condition is met, there are good chances for symbiosis.

Creative economy as a reality

Creative economy and its new opportunities

Symbiosis is beneficial to both parties. Creatives benefit from symbiosis in that they do not have to create and maintain the infrastructure to organize the production of goods or the provision of services for their markets. Symbiosis is beneficial for industrialists and representatives of other economic formations in that they receive guaranteed sales of their goods and services.

Outsourcing is one way to establish symbiosis.

There are already examples of symbiosis between creatives and businessmen from other formations. One way to establish symbiosis is outsourcing. Especially often, creatives enter into symbiosis with Chinese industrialists, who can offer very good conditions for cooperation. In fact, China has relied on symbiosis with creatives. 

The symbiosis in this case is that creatives introduce new ideas, create new markets on their basis and manage them, and Chinese companies produce goods that correspond to certain ideas, and therefore to certain needs and requirements. Chinese companies do very well, which is why many creatives choose them. 

Creative economy as a way to get rich

Creative economy and its new opportunities

Companies from other countries can also enter into a symbiosis with creatives in order to have good earnings. However, they need to try very hard in order to offer conditions, if not the best, then at least the same as those of Chinese companies. In order to better understand creatives, their requirements and needs, it is worth learning to speak their language.

Creative economy uses noomarketing as a basic tool

The main product of the creative economy is a new idea. Marketing is used to promote products, but it is no longer suitable for promoting ideas. Only noomarketing is suitable for promoting ideas. Creative economy uses noomarketing as a basic tool. All processes of the creative economy are built on noomarketing algorithms.

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