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How to start living in the present, and why responsibility is a gift


Today, many people are stuck in the past and worried about the future, but how to start living in the present? Why do we need self-development, what is personal efficiency and responsibility? We received a letter from a subscriber, and in addition to a personal reply, the idea came up to write another answer to the blog. As a reminder to all those who stopped believing in personal strength and focused on beriberi, other people’s income and their own failures.

A regular reader wrote to us. A person who is interested in immigration, business and periodically asks questions on these topics. But this time we received not questions, but rather a letter of complaint. The complaint was not directed at anyone in particular. The letter contains rather a general dissatisfaction with life.
We would like the whole team to remind our regular reader that life has many more sides than "plus" and "minus". If you have not finished your morning coffee, then the glass is half full as well as empty, well, and so on.

How to start living in the present when there are so many distractions

There are many articles on the Internet about those who do not appreciate life and the opportunities that it gives. Exactly the same number of publications can be found about a positive attitude towards the world and oneself.
Someone measures happiness by the level of hormones and reads everything about dopamine and serotonin. For others, happiness lies in eating hot meals on time. For someone, the hormones of happiness are produced only from the receipt of large sums of money into the account. And it is enough for someone to know that military operations are something far away and probably not existing at all.
And if you feel a breakdown, this does not mean that you have an emotional burnout. Maybe the day of powerlessness fell on the waning moon, or, on the contrary, on the first lunar day.
A nutritionist will ask what you eat and will find at least five foods in your diet that do not combine with each other and take energy from you rather than nourish and give vigor. Tracking where your life energy goes and where it comes from right away is almost impossible on your own. Therefore, start loving life with a simple thing – with thoughts.

We used to think so too

It is important to understand that there are very few people who are born with a Stephen Covey book in their hands . And we don’t care about them either. And ordinary people tend not to believe in themselves and blame others. But this is curable and for this you don’t even need to register with a psychotherapist.

At one time or another, we all thought like this. What made us change the way we think? In the life of each of us, nothing happened, did not seriously change – we each slipped in our own rut. And then somehow life brought us all to the moment when everyone’s track dried up, and different paths converged into one road.

How to start living in the present, and why responsibility is a gift

What did he write there?

We will not give names here and quote the text verbatim, but in general terms, at the very beginning of the letter there were questions about emigration, namely the costs that accompany this process. Then comes the business idea. Well, then the most uninteresting begins. Our old friend gives examples from business and points out that these owners have income, because all successful businesses are made by "moneybags", and "ordinary people" have no chance. Then, there are arguments about tax collections abroad and about 🪙, which has fallen again.

It would seem that nothing special – an ordinary letter

We answered specific questions in a response letter. But we would like to remind both our regular reader and our other friends that between the lines of such reasoning is not only the lunar calendar and poor nutrition.
There is one very serious symptom in such reasoning – this is the unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s life. And shifting responsibility for everything that happens to someone else is the very rut in which you can slip for a long time, digging deeper and deeper.

How to start living in the present and not fall into the trap of delusions

  • Stop comparing yourself to other people.
  • If you take into account when considering the situation only the influence of external circumstances and forget about internal (personal attitude), then you are caught.

If you think that circumstances are the main factor, then it turns out that it is not possible to influence them. Just like if you think only about how others act in this situation, although you do not take into account that you have different resources and circumstances. And also, different thoughts in my head.

How to live in the present and still be happy

How to start living in the present, and why responsibility is a gift

Responsibility is a gift

Look at accepting responsibility as a source of opportunity. When you make commitments, you also have authority.
This is an opportunity to create, change and create your own life the way you want it to be.

Are you satisfied with the picture of the surrounding life? If you don’t like something, then you need to start exclusively with yourself. Changes come from internal to external. Didn’t notice? Then check.

A person’s thoughts are the most important thing. Luck is mainly a consequence of your work with a result mindset. And yet, luck smiles on those who are ready for it. You are ready?

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