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AWS Blockchain Templates: DIY Application


AWS Blockchain templates are currently only available for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. If these words are not familiar to you, read the article. In fact, everything is simple. Blockchain Framework is an environment, AWS is a cloud platform. AWS Blockchain templates are designed to simplify business solutions that require public and private launch. This can be done in two networks, Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. Reading the article will take no more than three minutes.

The time has come when developers no longer need to manually configure the network and can simply develop applications.

And yet, we recall how it all began and who is now interested in it.

When it all happened

Last week, Thursday, April 19, cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced its Blockchain framework for the Ethereum (ETH) crypto platform. The Ethereum platform is designed to create decentralized online services based on the blockchain.

The environment of the new software is also adapted for the Hyperledger Fabric software, which is used to develop applications and specialized business solutions, also only based on the blockchain.

“What is all this anyway?"

In 2014, the Ethereum network was launched by Vitaly Buterin and became one of the most popular. As you know, he is stronger and has fewer bugs, and who is inclined to pool efforts and resources.

The AWS Cloud Platform enables users to build decentralized applications using AWS Blockchain templates based on decentralized principles (DApps).

Yes. The world continues to conquer patterns. Does it make the world a better place? Complex issue. But it definitely becomes easier and more accessible. We are talking about the world of the Internet.

“Why do we need decentralized applications as well? My smartphone has nowhere to download new software”

Users will be able to create Blockchain applications using AWS CloudFormation Templates to avoid the time-consuming manual configuration of their Blockchain network. So very much needed. After all, development saves valuable time for users and optimizes complex processes. But the launch of this product might not have happened.

At least there were rumors.

But they weren’t confirmed.

“What are those rumors?”

On December 6, 2017, AWS announced a partnership with the R3 DLT Consortium, despite information that AWS has no plans to launch Blockchain-related services. This led to Corda’s platform being the first Blockchain solution on AWS.

“What is the platform?”

It’s good to know that the Corda platform is designed for building new applications. Useful… if you need new applications.

Whatever it was – know. Now users are given the opportunity to make decentralized applications (DApps) on the AWS cloud platform. It should be convenient and simple.

We do not claim that working with the system will be “intuitive” to anyone, because this is not an advertising text, and also because the phrase “Intuitive interface” generates more questions and memes than answers and useful recommendations. But the world of applications will start to change in the near future. And that in itself is interesting.

How it all began

In July 2017, the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Blockchain Company, founded in 2015, released its first Blockchain production code, Fabric 1.0. Hyperledger DLT products have become widespread and are now used by companies that are implementing, mastering or long-term use of Blockchain solutions in their business to improve service.

By the way, have you tried it? At least mentally imagine how your business can change with the introduction of this technology?

On Tuesday, April 17, Hyperledger announced a new “feature” – the Chinese tool Huawei Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). It is implemented in Huawei’s Cloudchain cloud service.

On April 9, Cointelegraph, one of the leading online publications about cryptocurrencies, reported that IBM Switzerland and Proxeus had introduced a faster and more efficient way to register. This is possible if you implement Hyperledger Blockchain and smart contracts.

If you still have no idea who uses decentralized cloud technologies, here are some examples – whales, to build up the imagination:

Clouds in space

No, it’s not the name of a milkshake. This is literally what it is. The Amazon Web Services cloud platform is the basis for creating applications and is actively studied by software developers for flights beyond the Earth’s orbit. On April 19, NASA shared information that they are developing an autonomous spacecraft that can make decisions without human intervention. This was made possible through the use of Ethereum Blockchain technology.

And this is not the only area of ​​application of this technology. The Amazon Web Services platform has the potential to facilitate and improve the security performance of an entire country, albeit a small one.

Blockchain in Chile

Recently, Chile’s National Energy Commission announced the launch of the Ethereum Blockchain system to ensure the security, accuracy, transparency and availability of data in the country’s energy sector.

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