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How to publish your book – expert advice


Any business is better to entrust to professionals – this is an axiom. But when publishers are only interested in named authors, alternative solutions have to be found. And independently think about how to publish your book.

How does an author write a book?

We will not describe the process of plot implementation here. Because this is a topic for a separate large article. Therefore, let us assume that you have already "performed the work bequeathed by God." But what to do next?

Remember: no company currently accepts handwritten work. Therefore, the last version of the text must be printed. And any version of Word above W-2000 is suitable for this. After the end of typing, it is recommended to check the text with the built-in auto-corrector and pass it through auto-editors. Suitable, for example, "Glavred" or "Spelling". This will remove errors and repetitions. But you are not obliged to obey absolutely every advice – the author has his own style.

Formatting is important

In addition, the book should be minimally formatted: no manual hyphenation, chapter-by-chapter layout, table of contents, etc.

Optimally – if the professionals hired by you will work on the book. For example, editor, proofreader, graph. And you yourself will find a suitable image and write a small ad unit (3-4 sentences) for the last cover page. Because few people are able to do all these works at the proper level.

How to get a book published?

If you’re an optimist, search the Internet, or extract from the imprint of other books, the email addresses of firms. And send the manuscript to several places at once, be sure to indicate your data (email, phone, etc.) on the first sheet. Because you might be noticed. This is the only way to publish your book for free. And maybe get paid for your work.

How to publish your book – the main ways

They didn’t appreciate me!" And so it happens too. Because now there are very, very few state publishing houses. And the private ones are overloaded and interested in those books that will make a profit. And if this is your first work, most likely you will not even be answered. Because it is more profitable to work with already promoted writers. But let’s look for alternative ways. Where to start?

  1. Submit part of the manuscript to a literary magazine. Or become a member of lit. an association that periodically publishes materials from beginners. In terms of effectiveness, both ideas are about the same.
  2. Participate in competitions, various publishers and funds. Once a month, ask a query on the Internet: "New literary competitions." And this will allow you to quickly respond to requests and send manuscripts to the right addresses.
  3. Find sites on the Internet where each person can publish their work. Feedback from readers helps a lot to improve the style and increase the originality of the plot.
  4. Get a quote from publishers (like Cartouche) that publish one or more proof copies of the book. So publishing a book on your own is quite realistic. And at the same time, the publisher places excerpts from the works on its website. Therefore, if readers show interest in the book, they will tell you what circulation should be printed. Mandatory classifiers and codes (ISBN, LBC and others) for the book will be given to the publishing house.
  5. Familiarize yourself with formatting programs. And try to publish the book in an electronic version. Then it can be put up for auction, sold through large networks like Amazon, etc.
  6. Find an inexpensive print shop and publish a small print run at your own expense. But with all the formalities so that it can be offered to bookselling organizations.

Pro tip: never accept the first offer. Get a price – and contact two or three more printing houses, already operating with specific numbers. “Let’s recalculate the price again, think about how to reduce it. Because I was told a lower price elsewhere.”

How to sell your book

Experienced authors and publishers say: “Writing is not a problem, publishing is not a question, but you try to sell!” Modern media, as well as audiobooks, are robbing us of the reader. Of course, this is convenient: you are driving, the road is long – and a professional artist reads a book to you aloud in a trained voice. But a true book lover treats "reading sticks" with some disdain, it is more familiar and comfortable for him to read paper books – compact, requiring no adjustment, affecting all the senses.

There are quite a few firms specializing in the sale of books (for a certain percentage). These are not book agencies, but a sales network where both books and shoes are sold in approximately the same way. Have you contacted them and agree to cooperate with you? Agree, especially if this is your first literary work. Such firms publish catalogs with annotations, participate in book fairs in different regions of the country (including those where it is unprofitable for you to go on your own). Ask how much they charge for the commission (usually at least 50%) and sign the contract. After all, it is important for you at this stage not to earn a lot of money, but to make your name recognizable.

Copies of books can be sent to specialized newspapers, magazines, city publications. It is better if you write a review of your work yourself (size – no more than 2000 characters), so there are more chances that it will be published.

You yourself can participate in book fairs or themed evenings, especially if you are a member of some kind of lit. association. A very productive way is to organize meetings with readers in cultural institutions, company stores, schools, etc. The writer’s lively speech, his ability to choose the most exciting passages from the book make you want to buy a copy and read it in full.

You can carry a certain number of copies to private bookstores. They are interested in implementation – and the chance that your book will be offered to the reader increases.

Have we disappointed you? Would you like to know how an author can publish his book for free? It will all come. But not at once. First you work to create a literary name, then it will start working for you.

Believe in yourself, work – and luck will come.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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