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Top profitable businesses


Financial stability is a new trend. And people are in constant search of profitable businesses. But they want to use only minimal costs.

Many are ready to engage not only in ordinary projects. But also to develop new branches of commerce. But to create a profitable business, you need to choose a niche that is in demand. And analyze the level of supply and demand. And then calculate the potential profit of the enterprise. And take into account possible financial risks.

Therefore, with a competent organization, you can develop any business idea. So let’s look at the most popular ones.

Car service aggregator

This business idea is presented only in a few large cities recently. And, therefore, with it, the merchant will have a minimum of competitors.

The essence of the business is that:

  • the merchant draws up an agreement with urban/rural service stations;
  • then he creates an author’s Internet portal. And it places a list of car services;
  • the network user finds the optimal car repair shop for different qualities.

Entrepreneur earnings are based on commission. And it is charged for intermediary services between the owner of the car and the service station.

 C costs Amount (thousand rubles)
Registration actions ten
Website / application development 50 – 80
Advertising 15 – 20
Total: 75 – 100

The monthly income of this method varies from 70 to 150 thousand.🪙

Fruit chips production

Providing consumers with an unusual treat can bring in money. Chips from apples, pears, apricots are a low-calorie product. And it is rich in vitamins. Therefore, it will always be in demand for those who follow their own figure.

And it should be attributed to the top 5 profitable businesses. And to spend less, register an IP for yourself. And choose a simplified taxation format. And you can save on staff. Because for the production of chips, the efforts of one person are enough. And the purchase of fruits should be carried out at a vegetable base at wholesale prices.

Expenses Amount (thousand rubles)
Registration actions ten
Premises for rent 20
Equipment (fruit cutting unit, electric dryer) 60
Packaging materials fifteen
Kitchen tools (knives, cutting boards, etc.) 5
Total: 110

The project will bring profit from 35 to 50 thousand 🪙 per month.

Point of issue of orders

Many people shop online. That is why the opening of the center for issuing orders is a promising business.

And a store on the Internet is profitable to enter into partnership agreements with points of issue of orders. Because the process of delivering goods in is greatly simplified. But when organizing a commercial project, the issue of transportation is acute. And it is solved in several ways:

  • the online store delivers the goods to the point of issue by the transport company;
  • the online store independently delivers the goods to the point of issue;
  • employees of the point of issue themselves pick up the goods from the warehouse of the online store.

Income is derived not only by delivery, but also by storage. Or packing and exchange. But each additional service involves a commission. And its size varies from 150 to 300🪙

Expenses Amount (thousand rubles)
Registration actions ten
Premises for rent 20
Equipment 80
Advertising 20 – 30
Total: 130 – 140

The payback period of the project is from 6 to 9 months. Depending on the number of inhabitants in the village.

Garra Rufa fish peeling

Many people think that there is a profitable business idea for them from scratch. But any business requires investment. Therefore, the primary task of the entrepreneur is to reduce them. Garra Rufa fish business does not require serious investments. And with proper organization of the business, you can count on a solid income.

You need to draw up an agreement with a spa-salon, beauty studio or sauna. And already there to provide services for the treatment of skin diseases. These fish relieve dermatitis, eczema and lichen. And, gently pinching the skin, help a person to relax. But you can expand the list of services. For example, due to massage or pedicure.

The service of peeling legs / hands for 20 minutes costs about 500–600 🪙

Expenses Amount (thousand rubles)
Registration actions ten
Premises for rent ten
Equipment (fish, aquariums, water vacuum cleaner, special chairs, food, consumables – napkins, towels, coffee / tea, etc.) 130
Advertising 20
Total: 170

Daily revenue can vary from 5 to 10 thousand.🪙

Advertising on the stairs

The idea for a business without investments – 2019 may seem promising. But do not forget about the potential financial risks. And it is important to look for non-standard approaches in the implementation of the project.

This criterion is met by the business of advertising on the steps. Because ads on banner boards and a running line are the last century. But commercial information “underfoot" is creative and well remembered.

So you’re an entrepreneur running a profitable small advertising business. And you need to enter into a partnership agreement with the owner of the mall. Although the owners of a supermarket or office will do. Yes, and you can rent a site in any crowded place (station, airport, metro).

Potential customers can even be individuals. Those who wish can order an original congratulation on the steps for relatives and friends.

Expenses Amount (thousand rubles)
Registration actions ten
Platform branding 20 – 200
Stickers, paint 20 – 50
Total: 50 – 260

Monthly income can reach 50 thousand🪙


A business with minimal investment in 2019 is associated with a high level of competition. It is hardly possible to find a niche that has not yet been touched. And there is no guarantee that in a month the idea will not be copied by someone else. But you can get high income in a competitive environment. And the main thing is to provide quality services. And improve customer service.

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