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How to make money on Tik-Tok


If some people think of social networks as a way to waste time, then others find ways and talk about how to make money on Tik-Tok. A relatively new site brings a good income to those who know about some of the tools.

How to make money on Tik-Tok

At first, Tik-Tok was perceived as entertainment for children and teenagers, where there are only cute videos about kittens and quarantine challenges. In five years, the application has gathered an audience of more than 800 million people, and the number of users is growing.

Now people of different ages, with different income levels, from different countries are watching videos and talking about their lives here. Already in 2020, many began to make money on content: for example, Rakhim Abramov, at the age of 22, received an income of more than 10 million 🪙.

It would seem that it was two years ago, the train had already left. In fact, making money from your work is still real, although a little more difficult than before. If you make money on advertising, it is important to get to the top: the cost of posts from such bloggers is constantly growing, and for some it already exceeds a million 🪙.

There are other options, which we will discuss below. In any case, the most important element will be the content. To create "viral" videos, decide on a direction. What do you want to share: learning tricks, humor, life hacks? Work on the quality of the picture and sound and make a profile, get the first subscribers. After that, you can think about ways to monetize your profile: advertising integrations, broadcasts, etc.

How to make money on tik-tok: ways

How to make money on Tik-Tok

1 Advertise other people’s profiles

The main source of income for well-known bloggers is advertising: they shoot videos in which they mention the advertiser and receive money for posting on the profile. Advertisers get a new audience and orders, a blogger becomes more in demand and raises prices for his services. .

Most often, bloggers get their first customers almost by accident. Someone notices their profile, sees that the audience is large and decides to buy the integration. In addition, they are looking for customers and contractors on exchanges such as tiktok-birzha.ru or advizer.me. There are a huge number of offers, accurate statistics on the activity of subscribers. Anyone can place an ad here, prices for beginners vary between 500-600 🪙. The more interesting the content, the more they will pay for advertising: the cost of some works reaches 300,000 🪙.

You can advertise an unlimited number of profiles as many times as you like, but we advise you not to overdo it – the audience does not like it.

2 Maintain other people’s profiles

Some bloggers run several businesses, some run several social networks at once. Keeping Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and so on at the same time is almost impossible, so they hire an employee and delegate tasks to him. They are looking for specialists who can write interesting scripts, shoot and edit videos, and look for new promotion channels.

There are two forms of such cooperation. Firstly, you can become a content manager and only do what is related to video. Secondly, you can take on the role of an administrator and do all the work for the blogger: respond to comments, communicate with partners and advertisers, etc.

You can earn from this from 15 to 100 thousand 🪙 per month, depending on the popularity of the blogger. The more responsibility you take on, the higher your income.

3 Earn on music and live broadcasts

If you remember, Tik-Tok was originally created for creative youth, which includes musicians. You can shoot videos for your own or other people’s songs, advertising other musicians. A well-shot video attracts attention and invites you to listen to the whole song, and then go to the site or another social network. Unknown or little-known groups pay around 500 🪙 for videos. The cost varies depending on the size of the blogger’s audience.

If we talk about other options, then this is the launch of broadcasts. The method is suitable for accounts with more than 1000 subscribers. You can earn on live broadcasts by advertising any products or services or donations from subscribers. In the first case, you are promoting advertisers’ offers or products: integrations should be natural, unobtrusive, sincere and open. Ordering a product should be easy, the product itself should be of high quality.

In the second case, you need to make high-quality informational or entertaining content. It should be so good that people will agree to pay for it. If the audience likes what you do, they will watch the broadcasts and transfer money to you, encouraging creativity. The peculiarity of this option is that the audience must be real: cheated subscribers will not pay.

4 Happy Holidays

It happens that you want to pleasantly surprise your loved one with an unusual congratulation, and he lives in another city. Then people order creative greetings from bloggers, allowing them to earn money on Tik-Tok.

If you have a more or less well-known, high-quality profile, place hashtags like #congratulations to a friend under thematic videos, and then start accepting applications. Then you will need to discuss the details with the client, shoot a video and publish it. In some cases, the profile of the birthday person is noted. The minimum cost of one video is 500 🪙.

Collect a portfolio of videos with personal songs, like, for example, Semyon Slepakov, jokes, poems. Find your unique style or, for starters, peep it from others. Do not plagiarize, but be inspired, think about what and how you can improve and refine.

How to make money on Tik-Tok

5 Integrate your business and increase website traffic

Promote your business through Tik-Tok. For example, the photographer’s website will have a portfolio, description of services and prices, and he will show funny moments from the shooting on the social network. Users will go to the profile, find a link to other sites and visit them already. There are several downsides to this move. First, the business must be geo-independent, as there are no tags in Tik-Tok. Secondly, if you work in the luxury segment, it is better to look for a less massive platform.

On the other hand, use cross-platform planning: drive additional traffic to your website or Instagram. These will not always be potential customers, but due to the low cost of advertising, investments will still be recouped.

6 Earn on promotion

If you are familiar with the basics of targeting and know well how it works in other social networks, explore a new niche and become a targetologist. On Tik-Tok, just like on Instagram, you can set up a company, but few people use it, because few people know how to do it. Analyze the target audience, set the necessary parameters, analyze the results and get from 20 thousand 🪙 per project. You can take 5-7 projects and manage them without much difficulty.

There is another profession in this area – an SMM manager who promotes an account in all available ways. He comes up with ideas, writes content plans, gives tasks to operators, reveals the characteristics and tastes of the audience. In addition, he thinks over marketing strategies, looking for bloggers for advertising, etc. They agree on tasks, however, with each customer individually. Services can be sold individually or as a complete package. In the second case, the minimum salary is 30,000 🪙 per project.

Another option, albeit dishonest, but still working, is cheating subscribers. To start your service, you need time and programming skills.

To work through closed chats, you only need time: you create an activity chat, entry into which will be paid, and send out invitations to everyone. Those who are interested pay the entrance fee to gain access. These users raise activity on each other’s pages: they watch new videos, leave comments.

7 Create a video

Become an operator or editor. Usually they are used by those who have little time or who need higher quality content. Equipment requirements vary: for some it doesn’t matter, but someone wants drone footage in the video. Prices, respectively, will differ depending on your skills and technical equipment.

The installation is almost the same. True, many people think that a powerful computer is needed for work, but now this is not so: even applications on the phone are suitable for simple tasks. For one video you get from 200 to 2000 🪙.

If you are thinking about what social networks to make money in, be sure to pay attention to Tik-Tok: the short video format will remain popular for a long time to come.

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