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What is Clubhouse and how to make money on it


What is Clubhouse and how to make money with it? After all, social networks are commonplace. Every year, hundreds of new projects appear, from which only a few really shoot. The trend of recent months has been the hype around a new project called Clubhouse. Having an account here is considered to be a sign of elitism in society in front of users of other social networks.

But what is a Clubhouse? People are wondering why there is a lot of talk around this project, how to make money on Clubhouse, what development prospects await the application. Let’s try to deal with these and other questions in the presented article.

What is it and why is it considered elite?

So what is Clubhouse? This is a project officially opened in 2020, which began to gain popularity only at the end of last year. The founders were ex-Google employees Rogan Seth and Paul Davison, both graduates of Stanford University.

Clubhouse has a number of distinctive features over other alternative portals. At the time of preparation of the material, the social network was damp – the sudden increase in popularity in the world affected. The exit from the beta version took place in early April, but even now the project is used by hundreds of thousands of people in different countries. Social network developers position their brainchild as the first international audio social network.

The presence of videos, posts, likes and even comments is not provided here, which will seem strange to a beginner. To communicate with other people, two sections have been developed – “clubs" and “rooms”. A distinctive feature is communication with interlocutors exclusively by voice in real time. Copying and disseminating other people’s thoughts, given the mechanics of the project, is impossible. As well as the publication of processed photos in order to receive comments and likes under them. The action, again, takes place exclusively in real time.

Having figured out what Clubhouse is, a logical question arises: why is this application considered elite? The reason is the availability of use exclusively by owners of Apple mobile technology. Accordingly, you can only register from iPad and iPhone. The implementation of this approach caused surprise, alerting the community at the same time.

Did the hype help?

What is Clubhouse and how to make money on it

In practice, developers have repeatedly tried to build hype around the project, guided by the principle of elitism. In addition to the limited platform use, it is simply impossible to register here – for this you will need an invite (invitation) from another person who has already created a personal account here. According to the creators, the rule played a role in popularizing the project: with limited opportunities to get something, you want such a thing even more. The use of such a strategy in relation to Clubhouse raises a lot of doubts, but there are weighty arguments in the asset.

No other such decision, as in the case of Clubhouse, raised such a big fuss, boosted by well-known personalities in various fields. Elon Musk is already using the “closed” application, introducing his audience to the latest solutions for his own companies, as well as thoughts on further development. Musk also managed to add additional popularity to the application thanks to the invitation of Vladimir Putin to conduct a joint conversation in a closed chat.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is also registered here, already working on creating his own “answer” to the phenomenon that has arisen, and a host of other celebrities from the world of show business, music, politics and so on. In theory, having an iPad or iPhone makes signing up easy. But even here it is not so simple.

How it works?

To chat with other users, people first make an invite if for some reason the person is still not on the platform. After registration is completed, a list of ongoing interviews can be found on a special board. If the conference author gives their own consent, the invited person joins. Depending on the conference settings chosen by the author, other joiners can only listen in real time, or actively participate in the conversation using the “walkie-talkie” principle.

The person who opened a new room in the Clubhouse automatically receives the rights of a moderator. The creator can give the floor to other interlocutors, remove unnecessary people. Users who join a moderator become interlocutors. Such listeners immediately become interlocutors, having the opportunity to talk and share the virtual stage with someone else. The vast majority of the audience is those who listen by joining an existing conversation open online. Everyone who has gathered in the conference is given the opportunity to submit a request to participate in the conversation. In local slang, this is called "raise your hand."

Most of the interviews conducted are confidential. There are no records of the content of conversations on the application servers. By internal regulations, participants do not have the right to record a conversation unless at least one person from the entire conference gives their own consent. When registering with the Clubhouse, new members usually use their own first and last names. From a theoretical point of view, the presence of anonymous accounts is not approved, but in practice, such people still use the capabilities of the social network without disclosing personal data. A little later, we’ll talk about how to register with clubhouse, and what needs to be done for this.

In the Clubhouse program, you can enter and exit a conversation without greeting or forgiving. In the official provisions of the program, such an approach is welcomed. According to the developers, the formation of such a mechanism of communication contributes to the search for interesting discussions.

So what is a clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse and how to make money on it

Clubhouse is not only about holding regular discussions. In addition to the “usual” conversation on a topic that the author likes or worries about, the application becomes a platform for joint meditations, master classes, or even full-fledged concerts.

The service is under active development. The priority is to work on improving the search for interesting conversations. The level of popularity of the project, despite the specific principle of operation, has grown so much that now, while you are reading this article, tens of thousands of users around the world are simultaneously communicating in voice rooms. The task of the authors of the application is to provide each person with the opportunity to find a conversation that can satisfy user interests.

Given the global growth in content consumption with a gradual shift in communication in favor of audio messages, Clubhouse is considered a promising project with huge potential, which is still known to a few.

How to earn here?

One of the main questions that users ask comes down to how to make money on clubhouse. The prospects for earning are colossal, given the invitation-only access and real-time conversations via voice messages. Previously, developers have repeatedly reported testing ways to earn money, one of which appeared a year later – in April 2021.

Clubhouse developers have launched the function of sending donations to speakers. On the official blog of the project, the creators say that the method of earning in question is only one of many. There will also be unique options that have not previously been seen on alternative portals.

To send a payment, a Clubhouse user needs to go to the page of the author who launched the audio broadcast. If the Payments function provided by the software is connected, it is enough to click the "Send money" button at the bottom of the screen and enter the required amount. But as part of the first attempt to transfer funds, the Clubhouse platform will automatically ask you to add a credit or debit card to the application.

How to make money on clubhouse

What is Clubhouse and how to make money on it

The blog states that the entire amount of payment is transferred to the creator of the audio content. The person sending the funds must pay a small amount for the provision of acquiring services. It is received by Stripe, a partner of the company that processes payments. Clubhouse does not aim to earn on donations in the form of commissions.

Testing of the feature in question began in early 2021. To do this, the creators have formed a test group for making payments. The official launch of the feature took place in April 2021. The social network, according to the developers, should focus its own efforts on monetizing creators directly, while bypassing advertising. Sending donations is available to all users of the social network.

But even before the emergence of any official opportunity to earn their own money in the social network in question, active Internet users have formed a number of their own ways to earn money. Knowing how difficult it is to register in a clubhouse, people have already started selling invites or even entire accounts. The cost of one such offer varies from 500 to 3000 🪙. At the time of the beginning of the hype, especially when Elon Musk mentioned this social network, the minimum price for sending an invitation exceeded one thousand US dollars.

An alternative way to earn money is to create closed rooms, which require a separate fee to unlock. Users also create sponsor rooms, advertise personal resources or advertise themselves separately. Some especially enterprising people even provide a paid moderation service. To do this, an experienced person must lead the room, periodically invite interesting interlocutors and keep up the conversation, receiving an hourly monetary reward for his own work.

How to make money in a clubhouse

The Clubhouse social network has already become a platform for audio concerts, trainings and webinars. The network has repeatedly appeared offers to purchase "virtual tickets".

To monetize your own content and get real income, according to media experts, you need to adhere to the requirements that apply to alternative platforms. After receiving an invite and going through the registration procedure, you need to pay attention to the profile header. The social network has a separate field to tell about yourself, post an avatar image and leave a hyperlink to your Instagram profile. Practice shows that people who are thoroughly oriented in a certain field of activity (cooking, teaching foreign languages, business, design, and so on) can easily earn decent money here. While this possibility exists, because few people know what a clubhouse is.and how it works. Achieving this goal is possible with the simultaneous fulfillment of a number of conditions.

  1. Active use of the platform, which consists in the regular creation of rooms and communication with the target audience.
  2. Providing really interesting content, conducting a conversation about their own services, their usefulness, demand.
  3. Discuss topics in which the account owner considers himself an expert.
  4. Increasing the level of audience loyalty by frankly and honestly answering questions of interest.

As the level of popularity increases, the owners of other Clubhouse accounts will begin to switch to the Instagram account indicated in the profile, purchasing goods or ordering services. As an option, the number of donations from caring people will increase.


What is Clubhouse and how to make money on it

The main highlight of the project is the inability to use the functions of the application by simply downloading and registering. Before registering with clubhouse, you need to get an official invite from someone who is already a full-fledged user. Each person who joins the application is able to receive two invites to pass on to others.

In the case of activity, the number of invites grows. The practice of using the application in the "came, listened and left" mode for five days showed that in this way it is possible to receive no more than two or three additional invitations.

For people who want to use the features of the application, but do not yet know how to install clubhouse and register on the platform, it is really possible to reserve their own name. To do this, it is enough to indicate the desired nickname, confirm the registration by receiving an SMS message and fix the phone number.

Before downloading the clubhouse, you need to understand that the application is still available on one operating platform. But the developers do not forget about Android, announcing active work on creating a program for this operating system. In parallel, the performance of servers is being expanded. Judging by the algorithm of actions, a series of favorable factors positively influenced the popularity and desirability of registration.

  1. Closed registration.
  2. Available only on iOS, an operating system designed specifically for iPhone and iPad devices with a high default price tag.
  3. As a result of the second point – less availability of the operating system in the world.
  4. Generating demand for the app through repeated mention of the name of the social network by media personalities, including the richest man in the world – Elon Musk.

Account setup specifics

After receiving an invitation, the new user needs to enter their own name and nickname, before which the “@” symbol appears. Since we are talking about earnings, it is strongly recommended to indicate the real name or nickname by which the target audience recognizes the person. After the procedure is completed, it is allowed to change the nickname and name. But such an opportunity appears once – care should be taken.

The next step is to upload an avatar or your own photo. Here everything happens individually. Some people who want to stand out from other users manage to find ways to make their profile picture stand out. Mobile stores already have special applications that allow you to get creative when creating an avatar. For example, make a bright frame around the photo and a preview to decorate the room. The amount of content of this plan is increasing weekly.

After uploading your own image, you need to start filling out the profile. It is enough to indicate the scope of expert activity, place of work. Gurus in their fields tell in the profile what they can teach or surprise the target audience. The "BIO" section should be filled in English, increasing the efficiency of the keyword search.

The ability to attach a link to a site where your own content is published is not yet available. The only thing that is allowed is to verify the Instagram or Twitter page. In the process of filling out the profile, it is recommended to choose interesting topics in which you want to take part. This makes it easier to find speakers and rooms in general.

Is it difficult to understand Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse and how to make money on it

Despite its elitist status, Clubhouse is a surprisingly simple app with an intuitive interface. Understanding key features is easy even in the absence of Russian-language localization. The only language that Clubhouse supports is English. This raises additional surprise and the question of how people in a number of non-English speaking countries manage to use this application.

In the application itself, the functional elements are in their places. After opening, rooms are immediately available for listening to conversations, conducting communication on various topics. It is possible to create your own room by inviting random participants and your own friends.

The menu of available settings is located at the top. The first paragraph is dedicated to the account, where you can see the number of subscribers and subscriptions. Next is BIO – a brief description of the profile. At the bottom there is a hyperlink to the profile of the user who sent the invite. Some do not attach any importance to this, even without knowing the person who sent the invite. Others look for symbolism in this.

Application Sections

Near the account menu is a tab with notifications. Here periodically there are new messages about subscriptions, the appearance of friends from the contact book on the social network, as well as other useful information.

It is impossible not to notice the calendar with announcements of future broadcasts. They make it easier to find the time to log into the app. Through this section, content creators who want to make money on this social network can create an announcement by clicking on the calendar with a plus sign located in the upper right corner.

The "Mail" section contains information about the number of free or earned invites to get others into the Clubhouse. Initially, 2 of them are available, after which the formation of the number will be carried out depending on the activity.


What is Clubhouse? This is a progressive social network that uses non-standard methods of communication and promotion of its own product. The closeness of the platform, giving it a kind of "elitist" status due to its availability only on iOS increase its popularity.

If some are looking for communication in the Clubhouse, others regard the platform as a source of income. Such an opportunity not only exists, but remains relevant due to the relatively low level of competition. Moreover, it is possible to earn here both by increasing the target audience to go to the site, but also thanks to the integrated donation sending tool. Have time to grow your own audience and establish a source of income before the platform moves to Android devices.

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