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How to make money on 3D printing


This technology appeared in 1986 and has already managed to change the world. It is available for start-up entrepreneurs, because it does not require large investments, while it also gives everyone the opportunity to create useful things and earn income. We talk about how to make money on 3D printing and what you need to start.

How 3D printing was invented

In 1980, Japanese researcher Hideo Kodama applied for a patent on equipment that used UV light to create layered objects from photopolymer resin. He described the idea that is being used now, but in a year he could not collect all the documents needed for registration.

The Japanese scientist abandoned the idea, but after 3 years, French engineers Alain Le Meho, Jean-Claude Andre and Olivier de Witt use a monomer to create three-dimensional objects, which is converted into a polymer under the influence of a laser. The first thing they created with the device was a spiral staircase. They apply for a patent, which is approved for three whole years. At the same time, they did not begin to introduce the technology anywhere – they did not understand why.

Around the same time, the American Chuck Hull worked in the furniture industry. Prototyping plastic products took a lot of time, so he decided to combine UV technology and plastic layering. Using photopolymers, he printed the first design and applied for a patent in 1984, which was approved 2 years later. After founding 3D Systems, Chuck created a commercial printer in 1988.

How to make money with a 3D printer

So, what now patented technologies, of which there are many now, allow you to do? Here are some ideas:

  1. Toys, souvenirs, collectible figurines. Accordingly, the target audience is parents, museums and tourist shops, as well as people who are passionate about popular culture. You can print constructors, puzzles, house models, corporate symbols, etc.
  2. What is connected with medicine: prostheses, orthopedic insoles, corsets, exoskeletons. It is more difficult to work in this segment, the audience is narrower, but the prices and, accordingly, the profit are higher.
  3. Food products: cake decor, shaped chocolate, caramel, etc. All this is in demand among confectioners, pastry shops and bakeries.

These are just examples. In addition, you can print architectural models, interior details, accessories, and more. The main thing is to know the consumers who will buy it and estimate the size of the investment.

The initial investment depends on how much the 3D printer will cost. This will be an amount in the range from 40,000 to 120,000 🪙. In addition, you will need a 3D scanner costing from 40,000 to 150,000 🪙, consumables. Also keep in mind that the business will need to be registered and constantly advertised, which is about 50,000 🪙 extra. Thanks to low competition and growing demand, however, these investments pay off quickly.

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