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How to make money as a programmer


Have you just graduated from university or do you want to increase your income, know programming languages ​​and know how to work with a lot of data? We talk about how to make money as a programmer – both for a beginner and an experienced professional.

First, decide in which direction you want to move in the future. This, for example, application development, system programming, data analysis, the creation of neural networks or computer games.

How to make money as a beginner programmer?

Get started freelancing by completing one-time jobs that you can search on special exchanges like Upwork. If you have little experience, at first you will spend a lot of time and earn little. However, with your professional level, the cost of your work also changes.

For example, a freelance system administrator at the beginning of his career earns about 20,000 🪙 per month. Then, in some cases, he increases the monthly profit up to 150,000 🪙. The main advantages are that you can work remotely, in a convenient schedule, independently choosing projects. Among the significant drawbacks: low payouts and the lack of mentors to help in solving complex problems.

If you are confident in your abilities, try starting your own business. It can be an Internet studio specializing in website or software development, or any other IT startup. The main thing is that he helps people solve their problems. Keep in mind that starting your own business you do not receive any guarantees of success and take responsibility for everything. Moreover, you will have to pay salaries to employees who have skills that you do not have. These are, for example, the same marketers, without whom no entrepreneur can do now.

The best option for a beginner is, nevertheless, to find a job for hire. The more famous the company, the more difficult it is to get there, but the higher the salary and the more experience you will get there. Try to get into the area that interests you. If you want to develop social networks, aspire to VKontakte, if you want to work as an SEO specialist, look for relevant vacancies. You will gain financial stability and the ability to work in a team.

How to make money as an experienced programmer

If you look at the vacancies and salaries offered to programmers, then on average it will be about 50 thousand 🪙 per month. In Moscow, the amounts are higher, already from 80 thousand 🪙, but expenses in the capital are also growing. It would seem that the sphere is not much different from the rest in terms of income, but in fact there is a difference: there are much more opportunities to earn money in IT.

So, in essence, your profit depends on four factors. This is the level of understanding of the business system, the level of knowledge of English and the ability to negotiate. With skills, everything is simple: the more specific they are, the more difficult it is to replace you, the more you get.

Now about business: there is a huge gulf between simply completing tasks and understanding what brings in the company’s money. Managers don’t always know how long tasks take, how relevant they are, or whether they can be made simpler. If you add value not only to code, but also to product development decisions, the value of your work increases.

Got it sorted out. But what about English? Many will agree if they are offered a salary in dollars or euros. However, how many of these people will be able to maintain a dialogue with a foreign team? By leaving the comfort zone and starting to speak English, people get a huge number of opportunities, including financial ones.

Finally, the skill to negotiate. It is especially important for those who think about how programmers make money on the Internet. Someone pays money to complete tasks. If you do not know how to negotiate, you can forget about good orders.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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