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How to make money in a cafe


There will always be people who want to have a good time and eat delicious food. In the cafe we ​​come to relax with friends, meet with business partners or just take a coffee break. Many people think about how to make money on a cafe – we tell in this article.

How to make money in a cafe

To begin with, you will need to choose a niche. It can be a restaurant with an Asian, European, Scandinavian menu. Or, for example, it will be a coffee shop, confectionery or fast food. Perhaps you decide to specialize in specific dishes and open a pancake or fish restaurant.

It might be a good idea to try to combine several formats. It can be a restaurant-club, a coffee shop with a bunch of events, or a bakery with a chamber cinema. Based on the tasks, choose a room.

The location plays an extremely important role: there should be high ceilings, large windows with a good view. Pay attention to whether it is possible to create a terrace. The premises should be located at the intersection of streets, on the first floor. In short, in passable places.

Next, you need to collect a package of documents. Among them are data on a legal entity, a certificate of registration, certificates of the SES and fire inspection, a license to sell alcohol. In addition, you will have to purchase a cash register, register with the tax authorities. All this will require time, knowledge and finances.

When opening a cafe or restaurant, you need to budget money for equipment, staff salaries, health books and medical examinations of employees. Furniture and utensils alone can take up to 500,000 🪙, and the overall cost will be at least 2 million.

To make money on a cafe, you need to reduce the cost of entering the market, create a product that is understandable to the majority, and most importantly, choose a convenient place.

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