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How to make money as a teacher


Officially, the average salary of a teacher in recent years is about 35 thousand 🪙. In the capital, this figure is higher, but in remote regions, even 20,000 is considered a normal income. This makes many think about how to make money as a teacher. How can you get more?

There are options. The first, most obvious and irrational, is simply to work harder. Not as usual 18 academic hours, but to take additional rates. It would seem that even two rates are less than those of the same office employee. However, when planning, many do not take into account the need to prepare new materials for the lessons, check homework and grow as a professional. This often leads to fatigue and burnout.

The second way is to take on additional responsibilities. You can become a class teacher, head teacher, creator of a video studio or a hobby group. In addition, if you qualify, you may be eligible for compensation payments.

Two Profitable Methods

Firstly, you can work as a tutor and conduct classes both offline and online. So, for example, the cost of one academic hour in a million-plus city now varies from 1200 to 2500. In the regions, of course, this is less, but often still more profitable than working at school.

In addition, you can launch a group format, increase the number of students or expand the range of services. For example, to prepare not only for the exam in English, but also for admission abroad. To do this, you yourself may have to study a little.

Another option is to talk about your experience for money. When people think about how to make money as a teacher, they forget about some of the opportunities. Give lectures, write scientific papers and teaching aids, or apply for grants. This is an unstable job, but it can give you new perspectives.

For example, if you manage to get a grant, you can start new research, make a film, or even organize an expedition. Scientific work can not only bring fame, but also increase the check for your services.

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