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How to create your blog


You spend several hours a day on social media, launch your business, or think about how to earn passive income. Then you are most likely thinking about how to create your own blog. In this article, we will talk about the types of blogs, the details of the work, the advantages and disadvantages of your site on the Internet.

Some of you may be thinking about whether to start now or whether the train has left long ago. It’s hard to say for sure, because all answers will be subjective. A blog can be your passion, an advertising platform, or a way to make money. If everything is more or less obvious with the first two options, then doubts creep in about the third.

Indeed, competition has increased during this time, and users have become more selective. Now they check the accuracy of the information, pay attention to the convenience of sites and visual components. It is still possible to become popular, but it will be more difficult: you will have to devote more time and effort to creating high-quality content. Modern bloggers are constantly looking for new tools and platforms: they work with IGTV, mailing lists in messengers, often appear on Tik-Tok.

Effort, of course, pays off: brands work closely with popular bloggers. They are willing to pay for advertising because they know it will be effective. Corporate blogs also make money, but in indirect ways. They increase customer loyalty, catch the attention of a new audience, push people to buy.

So, if you are not afraid of difficulties, but are attracted by new opportunities, let’s talk about the types of blogs and sites.

Blog Types

There are personal, business, professional blogs, as well as:

  • niche blogs: for example, about lifestyle, parenting, photography, etc.;
  • reverse blogs, where 90% of the content is user-generated;
  • affiliate blogs, in which the author talks about other people’s products and gives links to them;

In addition, you can classify blogs according to the sites where the author posts information.


This social network is changing as quickly as possible in accordance with trends, copying new chips and using them. Periscope became popular – live broadcasts appeared, the popularity of videos in Tik-Tok was noticed – Reels added. Instagram adds opportunities, expands the audience and tries to keep its attention in every way. Now half of the audience there is advertising, that is, they can potentially buy something. Women under 35 with an average income predominate. Instagram is the best platform to tell about the personality and break down the fourth wall between the company and the consumer. This is a simple, and most importantly, free way to create your own blog on the Internet for those who want to create a company image.

In contact with

The most popular social network among many users: everyone, or almost everyone, probably has an account. Here people spend at least several hours every day: listening to music, texting, reading articles or just watching memes. One of the advantages is relatively cheap advertising.

Suitable for anyone who wants to run a personal blog or is focused on a mass audience. Not very suitable for luxury brands and those who sell expensive things. Partly due to the specifics of the audience, partly due to the mass nature of the platform. Bonus: many different promotion tools. You can write articles, shoot videos, broadcast live and more.


This is a video hosting that has not lost popularity over the years. The audience consists more of men who watch videos about technology, cars, scientific developments, computer games, etc.

Suitable for those who want to create their own video blog. Especially recommended for those who promote something related to the above topics. Keep in mind that the main types of content on You Tube are educational and entertaining. It is also interesting that, according to statistics, people in 90% of cases learn information about a product by watching a video on YouTube. It makes sense to create a channel there, at least with a demonstration of your products and other light content.


Here is a younger audience, actively responding to trends. This social network has long ceased to be a platform for teenagers, broke the record for downloads and became a promising tool for business promotion. Now the video here is watched by people from 25 to 45 years old, with an average income. Think about whether your customers are here, and if so, how you can communicate with them. So Pyaterochka launched a dance flash mob on the social network, and Yandex launched a music challenge to promote a subscription to Yandex.Plus.


Messengers are popular due to their simplicity and conciseness. Almost everyone uses them, and the channel here will be a good tool for transmitting the author’s information to all subscribers. Unlike a group in social networks, only the channel administrator can publish posts, but now users can comment on data in separate chats.

Such a platform is used both by journalists who just want to share useful information, and by startups with their own business strategy. The main tasks of such channels are: branding, increasing customer loyalty, selling advertising.

Your site

The most difficult, but quite profitable option. You can earn not only by selling your product, but also by advertising that search engines will place on your site. Cons: you need to pay for hosting and a domain name, work constantly for at least a year to get tangible results.

You will have to master skills such as SEO promotion, or hire specialists. The advantage is that the site will close several of your tasks at once and will generate profit through various tools. In addition, sites are still an indicator of prestige and quality, especially in some areas: real estate, advertising, automotive business, etc.

How to create your blog

First, decide on your goals: will it be a commercial blog or a personal one? Most often, as personal blogs grow in popularity, they become commercial and monetized through advertising. Then determine the topics and ways of presenting information. The topic should not be too narrow, but not too well-known, or you will have to figure out how to become better than hundreds of other authors.

Choose a platform based on your topic, audience, objectives, and content features. For example, a photographer is best suited for Instagram, and for a writer who creates longreads, his website or Yandex.Zen. After answering all the important questions for yourself, get down to business.

Checklists for Creating Blogs: Examples

How to create your blog

How to create a blog on instagram

  1. Analyze your target audience, find out its age, hobbies, etc.;
  2. Find out the features and disadvantages of competitors, think about what advantages you have;
  3. Make a content plan and write the first 15 posts: choose pictures for them, think over hashtags;
  4. Transfer the profile to a business account through the "settings" tab;
  5. Order ads from other bloggers or set up a target.

How to create a blog in Telegram

  1. Study your niche and draw up a content plan;
  2. Download the public Telegram channel, access to which will be available to all users. Please note that the length of the title and description cannot exceed 255 characters, and the published content can only be edited within 2 days from the date of publication. To create a channel, in the application you need to click on the ellipsis, and then the button "New channel";
  3. Make content that people want to share

How to create a blog site

  1. Choose a CRM: for example, WordPress. Buy a hosting space, come up with a domain name and find a ready-made template.
  2. Install useful plugins to help optimize your site. Among them are plugins responsible for caching, security, error handling and analytics.
  3. Find out the top keywords your topic is being searched for: this can be done using Wordstat. Write a content plan.
    Start writing helpful articles. Pay special attention to their uniqueness and readability.

The main modern trends are cross-media and cross-platform. This means that you can create several blogs on the same topic, but on different sites. So you can attract an audience with each of them. Thus, you increase the reach of the audience, the number of views, the popularity of the content, and hence the number of potential advertisers.

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