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How to make money as a fashion designer


Since ancient times, clothes have told a lot about a person: his status, hobbies, work and even relationships. Tailoring is still a prestigious occupation, just not everyone knows how to make money as a fashion designer. This will be discussed in the article.

What does a fashion designer do?

A fashion designer is a tailor who is responsible for the entire process. Firstly, he generates ideas, creates a design, selects material, knows how to cut and sew a thing himself. Secondly, he follows trends, draws sketches. Thirdly, he selects colors and decor elements, looks for suitable accessories. In addition, he creates samples, organizes shows, exhibitions and filming. A fashion designer must have an excellent artistic education, know the history of fashion, be able to competently manage a team and understand the needs of the target audience, current trends.

The fashion designer has different areas of work: some are engaged in the creation of costumes, others are in the study of general technologies, and others are in the design of clothes. However, every specialist must know how

  • make sketches and draw sketches of future clothes;
  • create patterns, patterns and other materials needed for production;
  • sew products or supervise tailoring;
  • check the quality of things;
  • try on and customize things to order;
  • present your products;
  • advertise finished products;
  • apply each skill in production of any scale.

The fashion designer participates in competitions, presents his clothes in the media, at conferences, etc. Experienced specialists teach at schools, universities, give individual lessons.

How to make money as a fashion designer: ways

How to make money as a fashion designer

Get a job in a fashion house or business

On the one hand, you will be able to gain experience, see the kitchen from the inside and find something that you can apply in the future. Like any employment, it teaches you how to deal with different situations and allows you to practice. In addition, fashion designers manage to gain a good portfolio and make several business acquaintances in six months or a year, which will affect the further development of their careers.

The main disadvantages are that it is very difficult to get into a prestigious company without ready-made cases or a name, and also that it is, nevertheless, an assembly line job. Usually your opinion when making decisions is not decisive, and you have to work on what the manager wants.

Work as a stylist

Musicians, actors, politicians, journalists – most of them choose images not on their own, but with the help of a stylist. This is a person who helps the client to create the desired image. Based on external data, hobbies, professional activities, the specialist draws up a basic wardrobe, gives recommendations on hairstyle and makeup. Moreover, this is a person who is responsible for the image. Therefore, the average cost of a consultation with a professional is around 6000 🪙.

Own atelier

If you’ve dreamed of launching your own clothing collection, do it! Open an atelier: it will constantly bring money. First, people need to repair things. Secondly, they need business suits, evening and wedding dresses. There are girls of very short stature, and there are very tall ones – it is difficult for both of them to find suitable jeans, shorts, shirts, etc., so they turn to the atelier. Creative collections are sold less often, but more expensive, so you can also earn money on them.

Tailoring of costumes for films and theaters

First of all, this is an idea for those who have always wanted to work behind the scenes. Here you can let your imagination run wild: dresses from the 19th century or futuristic space overalls, clothes for a modern Alice from Wonderland or a headdress for a hatter … All this can be created!


Finally, create your online course on the topic you are best at. This can be, for example, color science, tailoring or working with accessories. Accordingly, tell others how to create your style. For example, what catches the eye, what makes it stand out from the rest, what emphasizes the dignity? This option will allow you to earn passive income.

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