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How to earn respect: simple but effective tips


Respect in our society is still one of the main social priorities. And this despite the change of generations and the simplification of relations. “Respected person" is a status that everyone subconsciously aspires to. Regardless of age, education and material wealth. But how do you earn respect?

Because it is impossible to achieve a result without spending any effort. And yet, how to do it? We are looking for the answer to the question in this article.

How to earn respect – Why do we strive to be respected?

The term "respect" hides the positive attitude of one person to another. Supported by the recognition of the merits of his personality. But such an assessment, as a rule, is formed under the influence of certain circumstances. And in general – can become the basis of a long friendship or good relationship.

Respect is one of the basic human rights. Therefore, it is a very important component for personal identity. But it also affects the relationship between different personalities not weakly.

This is the basis that neither fashion trends nor style changes can shift. It is the link between spirituality and culture. Because everyone wants to feel like a person, to receive recognition. After all, respect is authority, a certain influence in society. And respected people feel much more confident than those who do not have special merit.

How to earn the respect of others?

Respect is a double sided medal. If you want to earn respect for yourself, you must learn to behave in a similar way with other people. Do you want to achieve the desired result as soon as possible? Here are the TOP 10 tips for gaining respect:

  • Strive to improve your self-esteem. Start respecting yourself. And those around you will definitely notice.
  • Find out what useful traits in your character are underdeveloped. And try to fix it.
  • Be honest with people and always keep your promises.
  • Respect others and celebrate their successes. Learn to listen to the interlocutor.
  • Don’t pretend, be natural.
  • Be polite, tactful, and respectful to everyone around you.
  • Be patient with people, do not humiliate them;
  • Be respectful of other people’s personal space. And be sure to respect their freedom.
  • Be more positive, open and friendly.
  • Complain less.

What should not be forgotten?

As you work on yourself, remember that you cannot do anything to the detriment of your happiness and well-being. It is unacceptable to push personal interests completely into the background.

Because if this happens, no one will be able to appreciate and respect you. Learn to disagree with people. There will always be individuals who will be unhappy with your behavior. Or those who can not put up with the fact that you are luckier in life than they are. But you don’t have to bend under them, trying to earn their respect. Disagreements are natural. And you shouldn’t worry about it.

How to earn the respect of colleagues?

Becoming respected in the team is also very important. Because work is where we spend most of our time. And communicate with a lot of people, as well as their professional qualities. Both a leader with many years of experience and a trainee can deserve a high rating. But the best way to get recognition is to follow the recommendations developed by psychologists.

  • Be competent in the field in which you work. This applies even to those who are just starting their careers.
  • Love yourself. But if this quality is not sufficiently developed for you, form it.
  • Accept criticism with dignity, do not close yourself from it.
  • Respect others. Including even those who are disrespectful to you.
  • Never talk about another employee behind their back. And don’t gossip.
  • Express your point of view, justify and defend it.
  • Follow the code of conduct.

And do not forget that we are still greeted by clothes. Therefore, you need to dress at work in accordance with the dress code. And it is desirable to ensure that your appearance is always impeccable.

How to get the respect of subordinates?

The performance of any company depends on many factors. Including from relationships within the team. But some managers have to gain credibility among employees for years. Although there are those who manage to immediately establish contact with people. Psychologists advise to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • Maintain subordination. A subordinate is, first of all, a colleague. And only then a good friend or enemy.
  • It is important to have an excellent understanding of the work of the organization, and be able to apply knowledge in practice.
  • Don’t strive to be perfect.
  • All criticism of employees should be made in private.
  • Learn to admit your mistakes to your colleagues.
  • Study well the people who are under your command. This will allow you to understand how, in addition to bonuses, you can encourage the team to act.
  • Non-fulfillment of work duties must be stopped. And if praise is appropriate, praise. This will additionally force the staff to work well.

The work of the chief is interesting, but difficult and responsible. Because it is not easy to find the golden mean between excess of power and weak character. Therefore, the leader must use clear language and express himself in such a way that it is impossible to interpret the phrase in a wrong way.

How to Earn Respect – Conclusion

How to earn credibility? The main thing is to really want it. Because authority is earned not by words, but by deeds. Do not forget that at first you work for authority. And only then – he is on you.

Do you want to become respected among your surroundings? Prove to people that you deserve it! Be punctual and meticulous. And always keep your promises.

Set goals and strive to achieve them. Admit your mistakes and try to learn from each mistake. Always sincerely thank the people who support you. Be kind to others, follow the rules of ethics. And you will definitely succeed!

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