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Highly paid job: where to find + on the Internet


High paying job – where to find it?

The labor market is full of vacancies, but not every one of them offers high wages. Few people agree to work for a penny, especially if they have certain skills and experience. It is worth considering which vacancies are considered the most profitable this year, and which area you should apply for if you need a job with a high salary and corresponding requirements.

What does a high paying job mean?

A well-paid job means having a profit that exceeds the minimum wage. Each country has its own income threshold, which an employee must receive without fail.

Important! If the employer offers wages below the minimum amount, this is a gross violation of the labor code, so you can safely file a complaint or refuse such an offer. 

Rating of the highest paid professions in the world

Profitable work implies an income of 100,000 dollars. In each country there is a rating of in-demand professions that do not lose their relevance. Despite the fact that the number of employees is increasing every year, it is difficult to find a professional in any of these areas. Not everyone is ready to delve into the matter and constantly develop, improving their skills.

It is worth considering the highest paid jobs in the world.


The highest paid job is neurosurgery. These are physicians who are qualified in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the peripheral and central nervous system. This profession is considered the most difficult, specialists undergo training for 10 years, after which they gain experience for years. This work requires jewelry precision, any mistake can cost the patient dearly.

The employee is required not only experience and knowledge, but also endurance, good eyesight, and precise coordination. Some operations last from 15 hours or more. That is why the profession of a neurosurgeon is paid from $400,000.


Anesthesiologists are responsible for the correct selection and administration of painkillers and anesthetics. Together with the surgeon, anesthesiologists develop the tactics of the intervention, and, based on all the nuances, select the most appropriate method of anesthesia. Physicians in this area also have a dozen additional responsibilities: help in emergencies, consult third-party doctors if necessary, monitor in the intensive care unit. Anesthesiologists are responsible for each ampoule of the drug, because they keep records. The average monthly income is from $250,000.


A doctor who diagnoses and treats various diseases through surgery. The duties of the surgeon include outpatient treatment, counseling, operations, and emergency care for patients. In addition to having a higher education, it also requires resistance to stress, endurance and a desire to constantly grow in your business, improving your skills. On average, surgeons receive about $252,000.

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Such a specialist earns a little less than a general surgeon. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializes in operations on the mouth, jaw and face. The complexity of the profession is that it stands on the verge between surgery and dentistry. A doctor needs to get education and knowledge in both areas, only after that he is allowed to work. Often, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, and traumatologists are involved in making a diagnosis and prescribing treatment. A maxillofacial surgeon earns $243,000 per month.


The fifth line in the ranking of the highest paid jobs in the world is occupied by gynecologists. Their responsibilities include the diagnosis and treatment of women’s diseases, pregnancy management, advice and recommendations on childbirth, disease prevention. Professional gynecologists in most cases work in large maternity hospitals, private gynecologies, clinics specializing in reproductive medicine. Gynecologists conduct examinations, carry out daily admission of patients, perform operations of varying complexity. A higher education is required. These workers earn $235,000.


Professions in the field of dentistry are always highly valued and generously paid. This is due to the fact that the work has a high level of responsibility and requires certain knowledge and skills. Orthodontists correct even those situations where jewelry, precise work is required. This specialist diagnoses and removes any dental anomalies associated with the jaw and teeth. This can be a bite correction, correction of uneven teeth. Becoming an orthodontist requires 9 years of training and then painstaking experience. Income is $228,000.


Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illnesses. They conduct consultations, prescribe therapy, conduct drug treatment under their own supervision. This is their main difference from similar specialists in this field – psychologists and psychotherapists do not have the right to prescribe drugs.

Psychiatrists work both in public hospitals and in private clinics. Often their presence is required in rehabilitation centers, for which psychiatrists receive an additional fee. On average, such a specialist earns $ 216,000. The higher the qualifications and experience of a psychiatrist, the higher his rate.

General doctor

Recently, the profession of a general practitioner is not very common, this function is performed by therapists and pediatricians. In America and European countries, such a physician is considered a family doctor; all family members are under his supervision. This is convenient, because the doctor will be aware of the medical history of everyone living in the house, which in some cases facilitates the diagnosis. The general practitioner can independently determine the problem, or, if necessary, refer the patient to a narrowly specialized specialist. The doctor’s income is $208,000.

Executive Director

The case when the rating includes a profession that is not included in the number of medical orientation. Executive directors perform a dozen functions in the company: they are responsible for management and employees, direct the affairs of the company, make transactions, set common goals, determine the strategy that will lead to success. On a daily basis, executive directors are responsible for most of the affairs that take place within the firm. The salary is determined depending on the country or state in which the employee works. In million-plus cities, large companies always appreciate the work of executive directors. Income is $200,000.


A periodontist is a dentist who deals with gum disease. His duties include preventive examinations, diagnosis and diagnosis, dental cleaning, gum surgery. The profession intersects with oral surgery, so the periodontist is required to have knowledge in both areas in order to successfully identify the problem and solve it. The income of such a physician is 197,000 dollars.

It immediately becomes obvious that a high level of income belongs to the field of medicine and dentistry. Professionals are required to have a long training, higher education, experience and practice. Such work is not for everyone, so it is highly valued and paid.

Rating of highly paid jobs in other areas

Highly paid job: where to find + on the Internet

Most residents in recent times and the CIS countries have wondered what is the highest paid job. Decent wages for doctors are obvious, but what about employees of other professions? It is worth considering the top highest paying jobs in 2021.

Senior managers

This position is considered the highest paid in recent times and nearby countries. However, this definition has three branches:

  • internal managers and HR directors receive from 400,000 🪙;
  • IT managers, financial directors, deputy chairmen of the bank receive from 200,000 🪙;
  • heads of innovation research, CEOs, heads of strategic marketing have an income of 160,000 🪙.

High demands are always placed on senior managers; it is impossible to get into such a position right away. Typically, this is the result of a painstaking climb up the career ladder or a meritorious appointment in the company the employee represents. It also requires a higher education, preferably economics, and work experience of at least 10 years. An additional advantage will be knowledge of two foreign languages, at least basic English.

Internal communications managers

On the shoulders of such an employee lies the responsibility for establishing contact between employees and management. They also support the general corporate spirit, monitor compliance with company policy. On average, professional internal communications managers earn between 100,000 and 200,000 🪙, depending on where they live and the size of the company. In big cities, finding a job with an income of 100,000 🪙 is easier than in small towns.

Requires experience in various types of projects from 5 years, knowledge of HR audit, experience in HR. Knowledge of foreign languages, at least English, will not be superfluous.

IT professionals

Programmers and web project managers are valued in most companies. Despite the fact that the profession is gaining popularity every year, it is difficult to find experienced and knowledgeable people.

Important! IT workers are confused with system administrators and those who fix and upgrade hardware. These are two separate areas that require different skills and, accordingly, wages differ.

A novice IT worker receives from 60,000 🪙. Experienced professionals in large companies receive from 200,000 🪙. Income depends on the size of the company and the number of duties of the employee.


The salary of accountants varies greatly, it depends on the level of the company, the number of duties, the average salary in the city or locality. Also, managers often look at education, work experience, recommendations from the previous place. Based on all the nuances, they appoint the appropriate salary. The minimum income is 40,000 🪙, the maximum is 400,000.

An accountant must have a higher specialized education in the field of economics, work experience and the absence of long breaks in work.


Practicing lawyers receive from 40,000 to 200,000 🪙 per year. The role is played by the presence of higher legal education, work experience. Competent professionals in the field of jurisdiction work in long-term companies with a high level of reputation. Lawyers receive additional income from individual consultations, which are scheduled outside of working hours.


At first glance, it seems that there is nothing difficult in promoting a product and advertising it. However, a competent marketer has the skills of analysis, the ability to compare statistics and many additional factors. The duties of this specialist also include the ability to calculate the situation several steps ahead. A marketer knows how to put together a strategy so that it gives the best result.

This profession has become widespread over the past couple of years, more and more young people are trying to master it. However, despite the abundance of personnel, it can be difficult to find competent and experienced workers in small towns. The salary of a marketer is from 30,000 to 150,000 🪙.

Sales Managers

The most important skill that every sales manager has is the ability to interest potential buyers and turn them into real ones. Also, a professional is required to retain an existing audience, the ability to interest.

Important! In some cases, a sales manager is required to have a specialized education. For example, to promote dental products, they are looking for a manager with a medical education. A person should not only be able to promote a product, but also know its nuances.

Income depends entirely on the amount of work and the number of responsibilities. On average, an employee receives 30,000-50,000 🪙. The minimum mark is 15000, the maximum is 200000 🪙.


Logisticians are responsible for the correct storage of goods and delivery. The main requirement for a logistician in large companies is work experience. Everyone can learn this area, but experience determines the ability to act quickly, accurately, and cope with a large level of work.

Such an employee knows how to draw up schedules, keep track of dates, and has attentiveness. The average salary level is 45,000 🪙. The run-up of income goes from 15,000 to 70,000 🪙. It all depends on the number of responsibilities, company and experience.

Purchasing manager

The responsibilities of the purchasing manager include searching for suppliers, analyzing pricing policy, and monitoring the quality of incoming goods. As a rule, such an employee is required to have a specialized education in the field of trade and at least minimal experience. People with an analytical mindset get to the bottom of the work faster, and accordingly, they soon receive a pay increase. The average salary is 40000-50000 🪙. The run-up is from 10,000 to 100,000, depending on the locality, the value of the employee and work experience.


The responsibilities of the auditor include competent financial reporting. In large companies, there is a practice of renting a professional of this profile. The average auditor’s income is 40,000-60,000 🪙.

Requirements: higher economic education and at least 3 years of experience in the accounting field.

How to find a high paying job

Highly paid job: where to find + on the Internet

It is easy to get confused in the stream of vacancies, therefore, in order to correctly determine the choice of a profession, it is worth evaluating several important factors:

  1. What kind of work experience do you already have?
  2. Area of ​​interest.
  3. The minimum wage required.
  4. What work schedule will be convenient for permanent service.
  5. Is there a desire to work in a team or do you need a job that does not have to cooperate with a large number of people.
  6. What goals do you want to achieve in your new location?

Even the highest paying job in 2021 will not bring success if there is not a single point of contact. Therefore, you need to choose a profession not only taking into account high income, but also based on additional factors.
The basis of career growth is interest in the chosen business.

What to look for when looking for a high paying job

There are four things that will help you get your dream job and increase your profits.


According to statistics, 70% of potential employees are frivolous about having a well-written resume. However, this factor is looked at at the beginning of acquaintance with a potential employee. At the first meeting, management does not know the personal qualities of a person, cannot offhand determine how suitable an employee will be. A resume is the first impression your boss gets.

It will not be superfluous to get advice from HR workers, they know what to focus on when writing a resume and will help with advice. If you attach a relevant photo, the chances of getting a position will increase.

Dress code compliance

Appearance in an interview matters. If you want to get into a serious position, you should not come to a meeting with a potential employer in torn pants and a T-shirt. It is not required to buy a strict office suit, wanting to impress. It will be enough to put on discreet and neat things that comply with the regulations of the company you want to get into. If there is no specific dress code at the workplace, you should wear pants, a skirt and a jumper. This will be enough to show your seriousness towards the process.

Proper Behavior

HR professionals encourage employees to prepare answers to frequently asked questions in advance. This will help you not to get lost in the interview and make the right impression on the HR employee. It is impossible to know in advance what exactly will be asked, but there are basic questions that are asked by almost every future employee.

During the dialogue, it is advisable to look into the eyes of the interlocutor, not to be nervous, to avoid obsessive movements.

Recruiters conducting the first interview do not go into the intricacies of the company’s workflow. However, they are able to subtly notice the little things in an unfamiliar person, reading the behavior of the interlocutor.

Accurate knowledge of the desired income

Do not be afraid to voice the amount of the desired salary. Before going to an interview, you should evaluate your merits: education, work experience in a particular field, additional skills, knowledge of foreign languages.

Important! Don’t underestimate your own skills and value. Employees who know what they are worth are valued more. 

It happens that an employee does not know how to evaluate himself in financial terms. Most employers take advantage of this – why pay more if the employee is content with the appointed salary. It is important to be able to clearly identify your requirements and wishes, to voice the desired salary and on what conditions the employee wants to receive it.

Finding a high-paying job is not difficult if you have experience and narrowly focused skills. But even if they don’t exist, it’s never too late to start from scratch and learn a trade. People who are passionate about their own business easily learn the basics and subtleties of the process. They become top workers than those who came to a particular area solely for the sake of money.

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