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How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways


Today, disability is not a sentence. Omitting the issue of health and social life, this expression focuses on the topic of financial security. How can a disabled person make money?

A person who has one or another disability group can find a job for himself if he wants. Moreover, the work can be of a primary or additional nature – it depends on the needs and capabilities of the individual.

Why is it now easier for people with disabilities to find work? The initial explanation for this is the emergence of the Internet and its subsequent introduction into the daily life of a person. By connecting to the global network, users have considerable opportunities for earning. The main thing is desire, aspiration and perseverance. How to earn money for a disabled person is discussed in detail below.

Features of disability

A person should choose a job for himself depending on the category of disability characteristic of him and his general state of health. It is clear that home work for the disabled has a number of restrictions, but with a strong desire, you can find various sources of income for these people.

If a person is limited in the functioning of the lower or upper limbs, then the horizon of his possibilities greatly expands. He can work as a copywriter, make various crafts and sell them via the Internet, open his own business, create websites and much more.

Thus, when choosing a job for a person with disabilities, it is important to take into account such a factor as the group of disability.

Type of earnings

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

The type of income is the second important factor that should be considered when choosing the type of activity for yourself.

Additional income

If a disabled person receives an appropriate allowance and loses it during official employment, then it makes sense for him to secure additional unofficial income. It will not be taken into account when applying for benefits and will serve as a good "plus" to the existing budget.

Basic income

However, if a person with a disability is determined and wants to find a main source of income for himself, constantly increasing its size, then it is worth considering the most common and profitable options. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the chosen activity is permanent and not temporary. In the second case, it will not be easy to reach a decent monthly salary.

The most common ways to earn money for a disabled person at home

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

The most acceptable and common will be the following ideas for any disabled person :

  1. Internet:
    • content compilation;
    • maintaining your own blog on topics in which the user is well versed;
    • copywriting;
    • maintaining groups, pages in social networks;
    • resale of goods;
    • creation of websites to order;
    • other.

Copywriting is the writing of texts according to technical specifications in a timely manner. Having gained a high rating on the exchange, you can take expensive orders. This will increase the monthly wage.

  1. Handmade. If a person has an interest in creating something interesting with his own hands and a desire to act, then author’s works can be sold through social networks, your own website or special ad platforms. For example, items made of chipboard, embroidery, jewelry weaving, tailoring and more.
  2. Tutoring. It is quite affordable earnings for people with disabilities who have received the appropriate education. In addition, there are currently many different courses, webinars and marathons behind which are the same ordinary people who want to share their own experience for money. This is worth paying attention to.
  3. Growing and breeding plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries. By the way, food products can also be sold via the Internet. Today, this will surprise no one. Increasingly, information began to flash about how convenient the service of ordering a grocery basket through home delivery sites. If you work out this idea well and attract people interested in generating income, you can create your own business.

The above categories are basic and should be considered at the very beginning of your job search. This is due to weighty reasons – the ability to work remotely and the lack of financial investments.

The first steps

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

"Where to begin?" – this question is the first among all that bother a person with a disability who is determined to look for a job. Preliminary preparation for finding a suitable vacancy will increase the applicant’s chances by several times.

So, step-by-step instructions for preparing for the search for the desired vacancy:

  1. Determine your interests and abilities. To do this, a blank sheet must be divided in half – on the first part, write what is given with considerable effort, on the second, what, on the contrary, is easy, talented and fast. Here it is important to write everything that comes to mind at this moment. Perhaps the most unexpected options will be the most effective and profitable. In addition, this method will help you find a job "to your liking", for which time flies unnoticed.
  2. Set the ultimate goal – the amount of wages, the possibility of career growth and more.
  3. Compose a resume in accordance with the established template (you can peep it on the Internet). If available, please attach a portfolio.
  4. Create your own blog or start a page on a social network. Here it will be right to share your own work, interests, useful information “on your own". When responding to a particular vacancy, a link to the blog will become a weighty argument in your favor, as it will demonstrate the applicant’s preparedness, his responsibility and seriousness of intentions. According to statistics, employers pay attention to such nuances and more often respond to profiles that differ in them.

Following the simple steps described above, you can quickly find the desired job and reach a permanent or additional income.

Where to look for potential employers or customers?

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

There are currently a lot of options for searching for customers and employers on the Internet, and every day there are more and more of them. The most common are the following methods:

  1. Freelance exchanges. You should write a response to the order you like, and it is important to try to attract the attention of the employer in a good way. The principle of choosing a contractor is based on the analysis of the content of the comment to the order. The more correct, professional and interesting it is written, the more likely it is to receive an order.
  2. Platforms for announcements. The most popular are HeadHunter, Avito. Everything is very clear here – one or another query is entered into the search line and the results are analyzed. Among the selected job options, there may well be one that will be suitable.
  3. profile sites. Here, queries need to be entered more precisely.
  4. Word of mouth can also be useful in finding jobs, customers, or orders. There is no need to be shy about talking about your skills to your significant neighbors. Dedicate a page on social networks or a personal website to this (if you have additional funds for its creation and subsequent promotion), shoot videos on YouTube and the customer himself will contact the employee he is interested in.

Depending on the chosen activity, customers and clients can be searched by monitoring various user comments in thematic groups, composing and sending messages to users with information about themselves in the context of a working person considering various options for how to really make money on the Internet for a disabled person.

TOP ideas for making money on the Internet for people with disabilities

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

Below is a rating of the most popular and working ideas for earning money for people with disabilities in various niches. For the convenience of analysis, the qualities and skills that a job seeker must possess without fail, the principle of work and what may be required in order to start are determined.

Work on the Internet

Disabled people who have the ability to work with their hands and do not suffer from vision problems can pay attention to working on the Internet. Because there are many options for earning money. And it will be easy to find the right one for you.

Directions for this category of earnings:

  1. Copywriting, editing, rewriting.
  2. Maintaining pages in social networks or blog of the customer.
  3. Filling the site, groups with content.
  4. Website development.

But these are only the main areas of employment available to people with disabilities. They perform very well in practice. Because there are constant orders.

  • What you need: PC or laptop for work, free time, internet.
  • What abilities are required: literacy, knowledge of spelling rules, punctuation, basic knowledge of a PC and Internet user, specialized knowledge of creating a site (if the work is directly related to the creation of sites), the ability to search for necessary and suitable information among the available abundance.
  • What qualities a person should have: creative thinking, responsibility, punctuality (on the Internet, meeting deadlines is the most important condition), a desire to develop, learn new things.

But the main advantage of working in this area is career growth, which depends directly on the employee. Namely, the quality of the work performed by him, the deadlines for delivery and the volume of orders. Because after some time of fruitful work, a person has not only his own accumulated experience. But orders at higher rates.

This means that such an employee can, if desired, transfer his orders to people who are only working on their own rating and are ready to complete tasks at low prices. Because the difference falls into the pocket of the intermediary now. But according to this scheme, you can go up to creating your own business for a disabled person to provide services of this nature on the Internet.

Earnings in the field of hand-made

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

Today it is not necessary to invent something of your own. After all, you can learn everything interesting and useful on the Internet. Buying the necessary materials has become convenient, affordable and fast. Now you do not need to invent a wheel to sell original gizmos, interior items, jewelry and so on. Now there is no need to visit all kinds of fairs or festivals dedicated to hand-made. Especially if it is a person with a disability.

Options for disabled women:

  • knitting;
  • embroidery – today it is in demand;
  • Painting;
  • creation of jewelry;
  • tailoring, toys;
  • weaving from beads;
  • soap making;
  • scrapbooking.

Options for disabled men:

  • woodcarving (caskets, photo frames, souvenir kitchen utensils);
  • burning out;
  • Painting;
  • clay crafting.

But the cost of author’s works depends on the complexity of their implementation, materials and time spent on their creation.

  • What you need: relevant materials depending on the field of employment, free time, Internet.
  • What abilities are required: creative thinking, desire to learn, accuracy, attentiveness.
  • What qualities a person should have: responsibility, diligence, original thinking, energy, initiative.

How to make money for a disabled person – Blogging

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

YouTube or Instagram is the right platform for blogging beginners. Because a person with a disability is unlimited in the directions of creating his blog. Beauty theme, issues of child psychology and upbringing, personal development, financial literacy, the “Do it yourself” section, recipes for cooking PP and non-PP dishes. But the number of topics is not limited to this. Because on YouTube you can choose any topic that interests you.

After delving into the history of the origin of blogging and its development, many interesting stories are revealed where disabled people became TOP bloggers.

  • What you need: smartphone, internet, free time.
  • What abilities are required: communication skills, a positive outlook on life, sociability, creativity and mobility, eloquence.
  • What qualities should a person have: charm, initiative, neatness, honesty, stress resistance.

Work as a translator of texts

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

If a person has knowledge of any language, then working at home for the disabled as an interpreter should definitely be considered among the possible options. But the vacancy does not provide for an ideal knowledge of a foreign language. Because the main thing is perseverance, attentiveness and perseverance. Proficiency in the topic of translations will be a plus. After all, this significantly reduces the time for technical translation of the text and, accordingly, increases the salary.

  • What you need: PC, Internet, free time.
  • What abilities are required: basic knowledge of a foreign language, attentiveness, speed of working with texts, literacy.
  • What qualities a person should have: responsibility, diligence, ability to work with a large amount of information, good memory.

Work for disabled people without experience and knowledge

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

Work on the Internet for any disabled people is offered not only to people with a certain amount of knowledge and experience. Because here you can find something to do for those who do not have the mentioned qualities. But, of course, such work is not paid at high rates. However, you can get a stable part-time job.

If there is no work experience and professional skills:

  • passing paid surveys;
  • clicks for money;
  • work with mail – reading, sending letters, mailing lists;
  • simple tasks in social networks – reposts of records, comments, likes, subscription;
  • decoding audio format files into texts or transcription – after listening to the audio file, the information is recorded in text form (payment from 15🪙/1 minute).

On such tasks, they earn from 100 to 300 🪙 per day, which is already considered a side job, given the quality of the employee.

Work for the blind at home

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

Visual impairment greatly complicates a person’s life. Because this or that any work requires visual control of actions. And it will not be easy for a blind person to find a suitable vacancy. It will take a lot of patience, perseverance and character. But if you firmly decide to do something, then everything will definitely work out.

Job options for blind people:

  1. Call center operator. Need to answer phone calls and provide information to users or customers. The work is simple, but there are some nuances. Because during calls, complete silence must be observed. Otherwise, fines are provided for poor-quality customer service. In addition, the conversation must follow the established pattern. But minor deviations are also allowed. After all, this is directly affected by the client.
  2. Gluing paper bags. Work is carried out according to the instructions that are issued along with the materials. But at first it will not turn out as quickly as we would like. However, over time, the hand is stuffed, and the matter is moving forward much more vigorously.
  3. Assembly of handles. The lesson is similar to the previous one. But in recent years, such proposals are less and less. Because it’s been automated.
  4. Assembler of various parts, simple devices (for example, a socket, a switch). Preliminary training is provided, the development of movement techniques for a blind person. But the prospect is still there.

Interestingly, blind people are offered to purchase special convex keyboard overlays for work. Thanks to them, you can type texts from audio files, reply to messages. But it is hoped that, over time, improved devices or equipment will be developed for the visually handicapped to make their lives easier. Because today the development of technology is given a lot of attention. And convex overlays for the keyboard – this is far from the limit.

How to protect yourself from scammers?

How to make money for a disabled person: at home + on the Internet + ideas + ways

There is nowhere to hide from scammers – they are everywhere and even on the Internet. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you can protect yourself from their fraud.

What rules will help to identify a scammer:

  1. Do not believe loud promises of big earnings in the shortest possible time. Because that doesn’t happen. But this is the very first sign that they are trying to deceive you.
  2. Do not make any contributions that may be required for employment. After all, scammers explain this by the need for additional costs for sending materials, a guaranteed fee for the materials received for work. But this is a real deception.
  3. Determine the benefits for the potential employer. But if the benefit is not obvious, this should make you think about the decency of the customer.
  4. Do not believe the unbelievably high wages for one hour or a day of work. Because this is not true and most likely you will be deceived without paying a penny.
  5. Do not believe announcements and invitations to participate in some virtual game with real money withdrawal. Because this is most likely just to attract customers.
  6. Remember the main rule: "Easy money is only in a mousetrap!". Because the days of free cheese are over, but they still want to make money on you.

By adhering to these rules, you will protect yourself from the unclean activities of deceivers who want to get rich on your inexperience and ignorance. And in general, increase your chances of success. Forewarned is forearmed.

How to make money for a disabled person – Conclusion

Having touched on the topic of how to make money for a disabled person in the current realities of our world, the main ideas for people in this category were considered. This is:

  • employment in the direction of copywriting, rewriting. It will take a little time to learn how to write texts, to comply with the established technical requirements;
  • in the direction of hand-made. Because it has become possible to make money on your hobby or passion without leaving your home;
  • employment in the direction of customer service (for example, call centers). Because they are suitable for people with visual impairments;
  • towards technical translations. Because people who have graduated from universities, who have received disability under various conditions and are not able to work in their specialty in educational institutions, can earn money on this at home;
  • employment in the direction of personal advancement. Because successful bloggers today earn from 7 thousand rubles. and above, so it makes sense to pay attention to this niche of activity.

As noted at the outset, disability is not a death sentence. People with this get used to live and even work, providing themselves with a decent and comfortable life. The main thing is the desire and access to the Internet.

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