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Small Business Ideas


What is the best business for a beginner entrepreneur? We tell ideas for small business, their advantages, disadvantages, payback periods and expected profit.

Millions of residents have recently been living outside the capitals, in small towns, where, however, small businesses can successfully grow. At the same time, the demand for a niche does not even depend on the population, but on the size of the target audience. Before you take action, analyze potential customers. What do these people need, what problems can you solve?

In addition, when choosing a niche, pay attention to several other factors. First, the number of competitors and their location. If you’re renting a space, position yourself away from them, but at the same time where your audience will be.

Secondly, provide more benefits, become better than the rest. Come up with your chips, promotions, organize a good service, a bonus program, ensure high quality. It can be a bonus program, for example, “Order a dessert and get coffee as a gift." Find a square with a good location and open a cafe with beautiful views from the windows. If you have competitors, this is good, because you can study the niche and demand even before you start.

The main criterion for starting and developing is the needs of the people. What do the locals want, what is in demand, but what is not on the market? Pay attention to those options that you yourself like, in which you understand. So, we share interesting small business ideas.

Starting a Small Business: Ideas

Small Business Ideas

Goods for a healthy diet

The sphere is still relatively free, there are few competitors in it. Prepare healthy home-delivered meals, bake low-carb desserts, or make protein bars and cookies. Large companies have set high prices for them, demand for them continues to grow, and there are not enough offers on the market. You will need to invest about 40,000 🪙, and you can earn from 50,000 🪙 per month. Such a thing pays off in a few months, and you can start production in your kitchen: there is already an oven, a refrigerator and a blender, it remains to buy molds.

Please note that the lion’s share of the budget will go to advertising, which must be launched immediately.

Tea, coffee and gifts

The most budgetary project is the creation of gift sets. You need about 40,000 🪙 starting capital, and the investment will pay off presumably in 2 months. People give gifts: on February 14, New Year, March 8, Birthday and so on. And every time many suffer, running around the shops and not knowing what to choose.

If you are well versed in different types of people and their hobbies, you know how to anticipate their desires, then you will earn on gifts. Find your direction: for example, order unusual things from abroad or make gift sets only for a certain segment of people. For children, for example. If you run a good ad, you can earn about 40,000 🪙 per month.

The tea business is more expensive – you need to invest about 125,000 🪙, but the monthly net profit will be about 30,000 🪙. Many people who love tea no longer go to supermarkets for it – they look for specialized stores. One of the main advantages of this idea is that once you get a good customer base, you get regular customers who will come back to you over and over again.

Another option is for coffee lovers. You can start roasting beans and open your own coffee shop, but it will take about 300 thousand 🪙.

photo studio

What do people need constantly, every few years and more often? Photos for documents. Find a small space in a good location, for example, near the visa application center, buy a printer and hire a photographer. This is a relevant option for those who know how to shoot themselves, because this way you can earn extra money by spending a small amount of time.

Thus, the minimum investment for a photographer is about 30,000 🪙. Income from personnel for documents – 50,000 monthly. But that’s not all: make up and print photobooks! For one you will get a profit of 3000 🪙, that is, by selling 20 you will earn 60,000 🪙.

Photobooks are needed by newlyweds, parents, travel agencies, schools and kindergartens. Collaborate with photo studios (or start your own), educational institutions and individuals. By the way, you can start even at home and without a printer, doing only layout. When you earn the first money, invest it in equipment.


The minimum investment will be about half a million 🪙 and will pay off in six months. There is an interesting example in Yekaterinburg – the Non-Museum of Garbage. Entrepreneurs rented a building in the city center and set up a waste collection point there. In addition, it is a store with eco-friendly goods and a platform for education.

Due to low competition, even a beginner has a high chance of making money in this area. Try to solve several problems with one business. For example, the main store is a store where you sell natural cosmetics and products. Open a vegetarian cafe with healthy desserts on its basis or implement another small business idea: the production of eco-clothing. So you can attract more traffic, reach a wider audience.

Small Business Ideas

Beauty saloon

You will have to invest about 2 million 🪙, while making a profit of 200,000 🪙 monthly, the salon will pay off after six months or a year. There is a lot of work to be done that requires management and marketing skills. It is important that you know the industry. What do good hairdressers do, where to look for cool makeup artists, what tools does a beautician need?

For a beauty salon to become popular, you need to know the industry from the inside and provide services that are in demand, but that competitors do not have. Start by developing an idea, finding premises, equipment and craftsmen, and then start building your personal brand.

If you want an option with less investment of both money and time, open your own nail studio. You can work from home, so you need about 40,000 🪙 for training and tools. Already at the start, you need scissors, tweezers, a UV lamp, disinfectants, varnishes and decorative items.

Then it will be possible to rent a room and hire specialists, growing up to a full-fledged salon. By the way, if you have your own salon, you can earn not only on the services of specialists. Rent out jobs!

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