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Skype interview: how to pass an interview for 5+


Skype communication has become indispensable when interviewing for positions in other cities and even countries. You no longer need to spend fabulous sums on the road. It is enough to turn on the laptop in your own apartment. This option also helps with remote work. But here lies a trick. First, the new form of dialogue leads to new rules of communication. Secondly, Skype interviews are entirely technical.

Listen to the advice of the cute girl in the video. They are very important and practical. We, in turn, offer you to systematize the preparation. We follow the rule of three "B": we prepare B for the idea, for the appearance and for the polls.


We care about the quality of communication. The employer will not be happy if the picture disappears at the most crucial moment. Or (horror!) you will hang with a funny expression on your face. To avoid these incidents, check the technique in advance. Make sure the camera works well and the image quality is high. Because if Skype is chosen for communication, and not a phone, they definitely want to see you. In this case, pixel squares instead of a face are unlikely to add points. Position yourself so that wi-fi access is uninterrupted. At the same time, check the money on your personal account: it’s a shame if the Internet is suddenly turned off.

Testing sound. Even the best speech is wasted when it is not heard. The microphone must work perfectly. Experienced recruiters advise job seekers to use a headset, because it makes speech clearer. And this, in turn, affects the overall impression of the conversation. The Skype interview will go smoothly if you don’t have to clarify every word.

We make a test call. The best way to test your readiness is to call someone. Not on Monday and not a week before the interview. Even if everything worked perfectly, it’s not a fact that it will work at the right time. Arrange with a friend and dial him an hour before the digital meeting. At the same time, ask him to evaluate you from the outside. Let him look at the picture and say if everything is fine.

And further. Never use your smartphone to make a video call! Believe me, it is noticeable and looks frivolous.

Skype interview: how to pass an interview for 5+


Let’s get ourselves in order. Even if the interview takes place via Skype, you must look respectable. Make sure that the hair does not cover the face, and too red lips do not draw attention. Home T-shirt, pajamas or bathrobe are inappropriate. Dress in business style. Choose monophonic things: excessive patterns will begin to jump in front of the interlocutor’s eyes. Do not be too lazy to collect a complete set of clothes for yourself. You don’t have to wear boots, but pants are a must-have. Of course, only the shirt and jacket are visible in the frame. However, force majeure happens. Believe me, the recruiting team is already familiar with the underwear of some candidates. Don’t rush to join them.

We create a business environment. Carefully inspect the apartment and choose the most neutral place. One where there will be no colorful wallpaper and the unfolded sofa or stove with a saucepan will not fall into the frame. Put things in order. At the same time, try to depersonalize the space as much as possible. Temporarily remove funny souvenirs, personal items, and other inappropriate items. Of course, it’s cool if you and your future boss have the same sense of humor. However, if he is not such a merry fellow, and a vulgar inscription or a ridiculous figure gets into the frame … It is better to play it safe.

We provide silence. Ask the grandmothers of the parents of the neighbors not to distract you during the required time. Beloved cat is better to wait outside the door. Even if now she is sleeping peacefully on the couch, nothing will stop her from jumping on the keyboard at the most crucial moment. Mute notifications on your mobile phone. If the apartment is not conducive to business communication, find a suitable place in advance. Cafes are an attractive but dangerous option. Music and noisy visitors can seriously interfere. Skype interviews are best done in a co-working space.

Skype interview: how to pass an interview for 5+


Looking for information. Skype interviews should be extremely informative. Think beyond what you want to say yourself. Research the company and job requirements in advance. Make a list of questions for the recruiter. Let it lie next to the laptop so as not to forget important points. Please clarify if something is not clear. Interest in the job and attention to detail will put you in a favorable light.

We prepare materials. Perhaps one story about yourself will not be enough. Check that the links to your portfolio are at hand and work properly. Even if they are on the resume, be prepared to send materials to correspondence on demand. Thanks to such a responsible approach, you can count on a good result.

Funny detail. The direction of gaze in Skype is easily determined. Try not to look at the window with your picture. A Skype interview is first and foremost a dialogue. In a real meeting, no one will look in the mirror every minute. So here too. A fixed look at your loved one will confuse any recruiter.

We rehearse the speech. Think about what you want to say about yourself. A remote interview is usually shorter than an in-person one. Therefore, there will be less time for self-presentation. Focus on what’s important, don’t get sidetracked when answering. The way you speak also matters. Rehearse your speech, see how your facial expressions and gestures look on camera. Don’t make too sudden movements. This will blur the picture even with a good connection. And do not freeze in front of the interviewer, like an idol. The interlocutor wants to see a real person, not a talking mannequin.

Remember! There are real people on the other side of the screen. And they constantly evaluate you. So get together and show your best side.

Skype interview: how to pass an interview for 5+

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