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Monetizing Your Blog: 7 Working Strategies


There are many delicious articles on the Internet about how wonderful it is to be a blogger. But newcomers at the first stages of immersion in blogging are disappointed in the field, not having time to understand it. To avoid this, decide on a monetization strategy. Because blog monetization is very important.

For this article, we have chosen its most common methods. 

The content of the article:

  1. Selling Online Courses
  2. Blog monetization with e-books
  3. affiliate marketing
  4. Monetize your blog with Google Ads
  5. Monetize your blog through sponsorship
  6. Monetization through consultations
  7. Monetize your talents by writing for other platforms

1 Selling online courses

Selling online courses is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to make money. After all, you can earn income even with a few thousand readers by selling online courses. Just make sure your readers don’t find your information in a Google search.

But if you know some of the things your audience is willing to pay for, use the right tools. For example, Teachable or Udemy. They help create and sell your course.

And the idea here is to get to know your audience and create a course. But he must take into account their special needs. People will pay for good online advice! Therefore, do not underestimate yourself by thinking that you are not an expert. The advantage of bloggers is that their readers see them as thinkers.

2 Monetize with eBooks

Many of the tactics above will help you monetize your blog with eBooks.

As with selling online courses, you need to write about what you know best. You have to make it graphically pleasing. Therefore, it is worth considering creating some kind of infographic in Piktochart.

Assemble the entire book in the tool. For example, in Apple’s Keynote, a private Google document. Or in any other format you like. But you can also use your own e-book software. They are easily found on google. But we can recommend Canva.

3 Affiliate marketing

This has proven to be the most popular way to monetize a blog. And definitely one of the most profitable.

You can earn several hundred dollars a year. But if you happen to be a large NerdWallet affiliate marketing company, then expect more than 100 million.

If you monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, you are promoting certain products. Or, of course, the company’s services in exchange for a portion of every sale to that company.

If you purchased a plane ticket from Expedia or Kayak.com, you have entered into a transaction with an affiliate. Expedia and Kayak don’t fly your plane, of course. But they sell you a ticket. And they take a percentage of every sale.

Affiliate marketing works for a variety of blogging verticals:

  • Fashion bloggers who sell shoes or bags to their readers with affiliate links.
  • Tech bloggers who get a cut of every gadget their audience purchases through their links.
  • Industry bloggers who promote reliable software tools.
  • Finance bloggers who recommend certain credit cards.

How to become an affiliate partner:

  1. Get to know companies in your niche. And create a one-time partnership
    Many companies will have a link somewhere on their website to an affiliate page. And there you can register.
  2. Subscribe to sites like Commission Junction. And see all the products you can sell.
  3. Subscribe to AmazonAssociates. Then sell any Amazon product and earn a 4%-10% commission on every sale.

If you are interested in an affiliate program, we recommend reading "The Secret Growth of Growth" by Hiley Friedman.

4 Monetize your blog with Google Ads

Google Adsense is critical to many monetization strategies. You can still make good money from your blog. But you should be aware that you need a lot of traffic in order for Adsense to actually pay.

When you monetize your blog with Adsense, you are basically selling ad space on your website. To run Google Adsense, install a small script. You can copy this into your blog code to determine where the ad will appear.

But you won’t have much control over which ads appear on your blog. In fact, these ads are mostly in sync with what the client was looking for on the web.
But it is important to note that advertising only generates good income after 5,000 visitors a day.

Therefore, sponsored advertising is most suitable for blogs that receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis.

Google Adsense pays you per click. Your users browse the blog and click on ads, you earn money. Because this is how you attract people to the right web pages.

You can usually get around 30 cents per click. 1% of all the time that people spend on your page, they click on ads. Therefore, the profit figures are not very attractive.

5 Blog monetization through sponsorship

In the sponsorship model, bloggers charge larger affiliates for various things.

  • Authorized Product/Service Review: You will simply write a review of your experience with the product to share with your audience
  • Banner Ad: Special banner for an affiliate (similar to Adsense, but you choose what happens there, not Google)
  • Guest Blog Post: They will write a blog post to live on your blog
  • Dedicated Email Hacking: If you have an email address following from your blog, you can use it to monetize your blog by promoting a product you like

As with affiliates, the blogger must find relationships with partners in the industry. You will need to prove to them that your blog is worth collaborating on.

Authority, reputation and the number of visitors to your blog are important here.

The more visitors that come to your blog every day and the more they engage, the more an advertiser will be interested in buying the real estate or mind of your blog.

Often a blogger turns to a partner or vice versa. Partnerships can often be mutually beneficial, so it’s easy to hit the right partner.

6 Blog monetization through consultations

We mentioned above that when you start a niche blog; you are the thinker of this topic for your readers.

Most bloggers end up thinking their readers want more! If your readers write to you looking for your advice, you can monetize your advice.

In this particular model, you will charge a certain amount from your users for a private session with them using an online messaging service.

This could be Skype or Hangouts, which you can use to video chat with them about a specific topic. Believe it or not, you can earn a lot with this monetizing method.

Here is a snapshot of a blog called The Nerdy Me where you can see the author offering different packages to his readers to browse his blogs and help them in their blogging career.

7 Talent monetization

You can use your talent as a content creator by creating content for other platforms. But it doesn’t quite monetize your blog.

It’s using the trust you’ve built in the space and charging for guest accommodation.

Your blog is the place where you show the power of your word and thought.

If you can attract enough subscribers, you may be able to use this feature to write a job.

If you’re blogging to hire as a staff writer, do a few things:

Create a website to complement your blog.

  • Put only quality content on your blog. Pick a niche you love the most and write in that niche to get noticed.
  • Visit popular blogs and comment on them. Try to keep your comments as natural as possible. 
  • Visit online message boards. You will see dozens of companies looking for people to write their blogs. Sometimes they will pay you hourly and sometimes per blog post. 

But don’t make these mistakes.

Blogging is not easy. If you are going to start monetizing your blog, don’t make these mistakes:

  • Don’t expect any overnight and quick returns. It can take up to a year before you see any significant response from visitors.
  • Don’t write a book or start selling one-on-one sessions from day one – that would be a huge fail. You don’t even know what kind of content your audience wants to pay!
  • Don’t keep posting. Engaging with your blog visitors is extremely important for positioning your blog and personal brand in the beginning.

Final words

Don’t forget that your blog readers will only give you their money when you offer them some value. Create great content and get readers…then figure out how to monetize your blog.

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