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Series about entrepreneurs who expand their thinking


Sometimes it is useful not only to read the biographies of successful people, but also to watch TV shows about entrepreneurs. We watched 4 series that expand thinking and recommend it to you. Watch and get inspired

Series about entrepreneurs: Mad Men

The main character is the creative director. His name is Donald Draper, and also, behind his back, he is called a master of illusions and magic, a manipulator and an intriguer. Draper is not a shirt guy. He does not talk about his past so that it does not affect his successful present. We liked this series because it realistically depicts what is “in the head" of advertisers and marketers. Namely, the origin and formation of ideas and concepts.

The series is set in 1960s New York. In the center of the plot is the everyday life of the creative director of an advertising agency. The collective image of both the agency and its leader is classic – external success, internal emptiness and, as a result, “madness”.

If you are not a fan of following storylines, you can enjoy the dynamics of the social mores of the sixties, which are reflected in the series as a relatively historically accurate background for the main line.

Series about entrepreneurs who expand their thinking

Series about entrepreneurs: Boss

The series is in the best traditions of the American Psycho – the main character leads a double life, but by no means of his own free will. Tom Kane is the Mayor of the City of Chicago and has a severe undiagnosed mental illness. Memory problems, reason fails, but Kane does not give up and continues to hide his condition not only from the residents of the city, doctors and his team. Even his wife and family are unaware that Tom is not always himself.

But we liked this series not at all by the torment of the protagonist. We admired his ability to continue to do his job in such a difficult environment: to think strategically and stay at the helm. Not every mentally healthy manager is able to cope with their tasks in such a way.

Series about entrepreneurs who expand their thinking

Series about entrepreneurs: House of Cards

Flexible strategic thinking and management are perfectly combined in one person – Congressman Frank Underwood. He went from the modest speaker’s chair to the Oval Office in the White House. The genre of this series is a political thriller. At the head of the plot is revenge. This is not the most decent motivator, but one of the strongest. And, of course, on the path that the thirst for revenge opens up, there are a lot of temptations that bury the heroes even deeper, who look positive in the first episodes of the first season, but by the end of the season the lines are erased …

Series about entrepreneurs who expand their thinking

Series about entrepreneurs: Game of Thrones

We recommend it to you. Yes. We all understand. The noise has finally subsided. But now there is an opportunity to look at the storyline by changing the viewing angle. Watch it again and focus on the distribution of resources, the strategic thinking of the characters, their ways of partnering. Look at emotional decisions in a different way: do not get involved, but follow the storyline of what emotions are worth to leaders.

Series about entrepreneurs who expand their thinking

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