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Anthony Robbins: 7 Energy Sources You’ve Always Had for Success


A world-famous life hacker, Anthony Robbins formulated 7 personal properties that are inherent in every person and are energy locomotives on the path to success. Find the key to them within yourself and you can achieve any goal you set.

Anthony Robbins often repeats in training that you have it all: passion, faith, strategy, principles, energy, communication skills, and useful connections. If you think that this is not so, then you simply do not know yourself well.

Anthony Robbins advises to be passionate

Anthony Robbins: 7 Energy Sources You've Always Had for Success

What does Anthony Robbins mean when he suggests that you use passion as an energy battery? If a person knows how to awaken in himself an extreme passion for the business he is engaged in, nothing will stop him on the way to the goal. Unleash your inner potential – it is dangerous to leave it inside. If you suppress impulses and desires to move forward, you increase the likelihood of various diseases, both on a physical and mental level. But at the same time, you need to understand what you will do with your passion when it goes out into the outside world.

It is one thing to awaken passion, and quite another to direct it in the right direction. An emotional rodeo is not what you need on your road to success. If you do not have the skill to control feelings and emotions (or think you have, in fact, suppress them) – it’s time to find a way for yourself to learn this skill. Otherwise, passion will simply destroy you and everything around you. This is a really powerful energy locomotive. First, “pass on the right", and then get behind the wheel.

Anthony Robbins advises – to believe

Anthony Robbins: 7 Energy Sources You've Always Had for Success

Successful people believe. First of all, in yourself. Therefore, they find the strength to solve problems that seem fantastic to the inhabitants. Faith is a determining factor in how far you are willing to go on the path to realizing your dreams. Anthony Robbins believes, and this is what shapes his reality. And he is not alone. Faith gives you a clear vision of your opportunities for growth. If you want to succeed, passion is a flash. Faith is what stabilizes the outbreak and keeps it from burning out prematurely. Faith also preserves the flame of passion when it barely shines when difficult situations arise, when obstacles on the way can slow down your progress towards the successful realization of your cherished goal.

Anthony Robbins advises to develop strategic thinking

Anthony Robbins: 7 Energy Sources You've Always Had for Success

You are probably familiar with this expression, “promising young specialist”. We all have the inner resources to succeed. Whatever they were specifically meant for everyone. But without a strategy, your resources feel the same way as flowers without water or muscles without exercise: they thin out over the years, lose mass and strength, and then disappear altogether.

Resources require strategic organization. If you do not quite understand what we mean by resources, read the first two paragraphs of this article again. This time, please be careful.

Passion and faith are your basic resources. But if you don’t know how to organize them, they will either never appear or they will destroy you. Strategy, as such, has one important quality – it is a guiding variable that distributes your energy and resources as efficiently as possible.

Anthony Robbins advises – to rely on values ​​and principles in life

Anthony Robbins: 7 Energy Sources You've Always Had for Success

If you don’t have them, then it’s time to get one. But chances are you have them. You just need to know where to look:

"Anthony Robbins – How to Know Your Values" PERSONAL POWER® II: Anthony Robbins 30-Day System

Now it is fashionable to say that there are no such concepts as “right” and “wrong”. But we do not seriously consider games with words and meanings. We like to look past the pattern—right into context. Therefore, we do not argue with what Anthony Robin says in this entry. The belief system helps a person navigate. You can rely on it if there is nothing else.

And this often happens when you fantasize a great goal for yourself and then go towards it.

Anthony Robbins advises – find your source of energy

Anthony Robbins: 7 Energy Sources You've Always Had for Success

Everyone has his own. We are not in a position to advise here. Does not do this and Anthony Robbins in his usual manner. But he warns that without dynamics, you won’t get anywhere. To get the most out of every moment, pump up your “energy muscles” with your personal method. How to develop or find it? If you develop intuition, you know where to look, or you will. Subtle intuition provides the most useful clues in such cases.

Anthony Robbins advises – create connections

The energy of connections is perhaps one of the main sources of success. Collaborate with others. Let it be people from whom you can learn something. Alone, even the most brilliant and purposeful introverts do not succeed. And allies and partners are your key to many doors.

Anthony Robbins advises – improve your communication skills

Human needs human. And they also need to understand each other, otherwise why would they need each other?

Culture is formed through interaction, strength tests and challenges of fate are overcome by people together or by single heroes, but all the same – for the sake of other people. And yet, communication is a source of inspiration, experience, knowledge. One of the most powerful accumulators of success. Because two is more than one.

If you know how to accumulate your energy and meet the same people for whom it is not a problem to become a locomotive for moving towards the goal, you will double your power. at least when you’re working on something together.

And imagine how quickly a whole group of such people can move towards the goal.

Look around, are there such people near you?

Can you be united by a common goal?

What is this goal?

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