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Remote work on the Internet – where to make money as a freelancer


If ten years ago, remote work on the Internet seemed to be the lot of a select 0.01% of intellectuals, then in 2019, a third of vacancies are remote. There is no less money here than in offline work, but you need to be ready for real work. In this article, we will look at the most popular options for how to "roll" into freelancing.

Remote work – where to start

First of all, it is important to understand that working online is the same job as any other, and therefore requires a serious attitude. It is too easy to relax if you are not in the office, but in your cozy room, and this is one of the standard problems of freelancers.

To go into a state of readiness for work, or at least to search for it, not much is required:

  • Personal computer and basic skills of using it. The computer does not have to be powerful, but at least it should run.
  • Internet. Here the requirements are more serious. Before you start working remotely, you need to have a good Internet speed, otherwise the work will turn into hell.
  • Free time. No need to expect to make money in the free 20 minutes between cooking and cleaning. Give it at least a couple of hours in which no one will distract.

As you can see, the requirements, to put it mildly, are not very high. That is why there is such high competition among freelancers, especially in low-skilled jobs.

Remote Work – Job Options Without Special Skills

Let’s talk about earning opportunities for people who do not yet have professional skills that can be useful online.

Fortunately, on the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to at least earn extra money. We will not consider options for working with investments, because they are associated with high risk and the likelihood of fraud, and besides, not everyone has the initial capital. So, the most popular professions among freelancers without experience:


A good way to make money for those who have everything in order with the current language.

The essence of the work is writing texts on various topics, from jurisprudence to ointments for breast augmentation. The spread of wages is high: if at the very beginning you have to work for ridiculous amounts, then over time and with the right one, you can reach an average and even high level of income.

The most popular place to earn money are content exchanges such as ETXT, TurboText, Advego, etc.

Online store manager

This will require the ability not only to write correctly, but also to speak correctly.

The responsibilities of managers of online stores, of which there are a great many on the network, include processing orders and messages both in online chats and by mail, and using voice communication.

It will also require perseverance and attentiveness, because managers have to fill out reports. The work is popular among girls in their 20s and 30s. Such vacancies are found in large numbers on job search sites such as HeadHunter.

Content manager

Content managers are required everywhere: on company websites, in communities in social networks, on Instagram accounts, etc.

This work will require minimal knowledge of graphic editors. The task is to prepare publications according to the content plan. To do this, you need to understand the target audience and be on the same wavelength with it, so the work can suit different people.

Jobs as a content manager can be found on job search sites.

Help Desk Operator

Depending on where they work, the help desk operator will either need to work via chat or voice, although often doing both.

Such vacancies usually provide free training for several weeks, this must be borne in mind. Most often, operators are recruited among girls 25-30 years old.

The list did not include such earning options as Yandex.Toloka or SEOsprint, because they are able to bring in a penny and are not even suitable for part-time work.

What Skills Can You Use Freelancing?

Some skills from offline work can be used for remote work, even if they were not originally intended for this.

This is a chance to change a boring job for something more free or at least convenient, retraining in one of the following online professions.


At this point, graduates of linguistic universities, who often find it difficult to find a job, rejoiced. The Internet is full of texts that can be translated, which means a lot of potential earnings. You can transfer everything for money: from product descriptions on wholesale websites to serious technical texts and even fiction.

You can also find such a job in a lot of places, including content exchanges, thematic communities in social networks, job search sites.


Any student with knowledge of the subject can perform such work. Foreign language tutors are more often required, followed by mathematicians, physics and highly specialized teachers. This occupation requires responsibility, because the classes are conducted in courses. In addition, reputation plays a role here. Word of mouth works just as well as advertising.


If you can draw, it is not difficult to make money on the Internet, although this will require perseverance. There are a lot of jobs for artists. You can draw illustrations for publications, concepts of characters and levels in games, and finally erotica. Stock images that allow you to sell illustrations can be another way to earn money.

Skills in any kind of intellectual work, if desired, can be applied when working on freelance. Websites with vacancies are full of thousands of offers, and anyone will find something suitable for themselves and retrain to work online.

How to stay productive while at home

The main scourge of freelancers is laziness and procrastination. Being in a cozy home environment, it is difficult to pull yourself together and work out the prescribed norm. At home, everything is distracting, so some freelancers even use the services of coworking, although then the advantages of remote work are lost.

In order not to lose efficiency and not drown in laziness, create a working atmosphere at home. For example, allocate yourself a separate workplace and a clear standard for implementation. Even changing clothes from home to office helps. Having managed to overcome laziness in the first weeks, you will develop a habit and work at home as if you were in the office.

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