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How to make a million in six months


How to make a million in six months? And for a year? And for a day?

From the number of such questions, the Google and Yandex servers heat up more than Red Square on a sunny summer day. Copywriters feel this and fill the sites with empty articles, the only purpose of which is to attract your attention and not give any useful information in response, and you are wasting your time.

If you have long mastered the expanses of the Internet space, and are already frankly tired of empty information, meaningless searches, and indeed letters, then welcome. Sit back in your chair (or don’t, that’s a recommendation, not an order) and rest. At this time, we will tell you how to earn a lot and worry a little about it.

How to make a million in six months

Imagine that you have a debt to the Sicilian mafia, three banks and Vasily Petrovich from the thirtieth apartment. Together it turned out something like a million, if you take into account the neighboring hundred 🪙. And the deadline will bite the soft spot in six months.

What to do?

Consider robbing a bank. And what? Fast and angry. All that is required for this is nothing: five months of preparation, three weeks of collecting materials and a couple of days for active action. Assemble a group of desperate daredevils, rush to the nearest branch and fly away into the sunset. And if your pirate code forbids sharing the loot, you can quickly get rid of them. I mean, from accomplices.

But all these pluses are divided by zero by huge minuses: it creates problems with the law, kills nerve cells (as well as gang members and rival robbers), and went out of fashion back in the days of the Wild West. But, you see, each project has investment risks.

The second option to make money quickly and relatively carefree is to work in the office. It’s worth starting with her search, showing yourself correctly at the interview, painstakingly working for six months and earning 100,000 along with a curved spine. Useful little, I agree. It was also not possible to earn half a million, but it is safe, without investments, and other wonderful things that the authors scare after search queries.

Well, the third option is to invest in MMM or cryptocurrency. And then guess how to convert bitcoin into money. It is distinguished from previous versions by huge cash flows, no risks, absolute honesty of all advertising materials. And the cons … Well, what are the disadvantages of the financial pyramid? Well, bitcoins do not have them, and cannot be. In any case, unfortunate businessmen from the Internet stuff you with such information.

But if these options do not suit you, you can simply not turn to the mafia, banks, and, even more so, to Vasily Petrovich from the thirtieth apartment.

What is the end result? How to earn a million?

Yes, we already feel how tired you are waiting for an answer to your question. Here it is: making a million in six months is real. But only if you already have 900 thousand.

In other cases, we advise you to set more realistic goals that will lead you to a million. Small steps towards the long term.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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