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How to distinguish advertising creatives from cretinisms


If I got into Parliament, first of all, I would lobby for a law by which it would be possible to oblige all advertising specialists to undergo a medical examination before taking office, with a mandatory check by a neurologist, to see if a potential advertising specialist has violations called cretinism for so that they do not create advertising cretinism, but create advertising creatives.

Yes, there is such a medical term, yes, it has some negative connotation, but the reality is that there are quite a lot of advertising specialists who can be recognized as suffering from cretinism. Cretin, translated from French – feeble-minded. This type of dementia is caused by an underactive thyroid gland. It is manifested by a delay in physical and mental development, neurological disorders. The main cause of this disease is a lack of iodine.

It is probably not in vain that iodine has recently been added to food salt, but no one has canceled the inertia, and the results will probably not come as quickly as we would like, but they really do not exist, because the number of high-quality advertising is not increasing. First of all, you need to briefly write about what creativity is and what results it leads to. If you look at dictionaries, it is difficult to make an unambiguous idea of ​​what creative in general and advertising creatives in particular are.

Usually, a certain set of words similar to a randomly generated one is given as its definition. This set of words is only suitable for taking exams, stupidly memorizing it. But it is completely unsuitable for understanding what creativity is. More or less suitable definitions of creativity can be recognized as those that say that creativity is a kind of creative process.

However, such definitions are not entirely suitable, because they do not have a very important component that separates this particular process from other processes. After all, if there is no such department, then creativity can mean any process. Therefore, in order to restore justice, it is necessary to point out that there is a result of creativity. The result of any process is the creation of something. In order to preserve the relationship between the process and its results, in noomarketing, what is created through creativity is usually called creo. Thus, we get the missing link. Now we can build an adequate definition of creative.

Ad creatives that work

So, creativity is a process aimed at creating creativity. But the word “creo" itself has no definition, which again does not make it possible to create an adequate idea of ​​the same, after all, such a creative. For this reason, you need to understand what creo is in order to understand what real advertising creatives are.

Here it should be noted that Creo is an entity that does not belong to the material world, but belongs to the ideal world. It cannot be touched, seen, in general, it is not available for physical perception, because it does not have material attributes. This imposes certain difficulties in order to determine what is creo.

But difficult does not mean impossible, because creativity is available to us directly – through feelings. If a person is affected by something that contains Creo, then this is accompanied by excitement, interest, Creo attracts attention, there is a desire to watch or hear what Creo contains again and again. But, as we know from noomarketing, feelings are generated by heterogeneity.

It turns out that Creo is a kind of object that is capable of creating heterogeneity. But heterogeneity can be different: one causes discomfort, and the other is pleasant. Everyone knows that movement is life, movement is development. To make it clearer, in order to understand what can cause pleasant sensations and unpleasant ones, let’s take, for example, a car engine.

When the engine is working normally, when the energy generated in it is used for what it is intended for – for movement, the engine works pleasantly, it can be said to be satisfied. But if, for example, you fix the wheels, preventing them from spinning, or close the muffler, then the engine will not work so pleasantly. The sound of his work will change and if the engine could experience feelings, then they would clearly be negative, he would probably scream and cry in pain.

Advertising creatives as profit generators

Taking into account the fact that different materials containing creo evoke exclusively positive feelings in us, we will assume that creo causes positive heterogeneity. For some, materials containing creo cause negative feelings, but we will not take such people into account, because, how to get positive feelings, they are prevented by various kinds of blockages and complexes in the psyche and body. Normally, Creo causes only positive emotions.

Another point is that the Creo’s belonging to the world of ideas is expressed in the fact that we do not have the opportunity to feel it until it receives the attributes of the material, i.e. until it is encased in some form. Anything can be such a form: a musical composition, a commercial, a flyer, and the like.

Some may confuse the above objects with creo, but they are not creo – they are just its carrier and this should always be remembered. So now we have everything we need to define what is the result of creativity:

  • creo is an entity contained in some form that causes positive heterogeneity, perceived as pleasant sensations.

Now that we know what creative is, what creo is, we can easily figure out who is who and what advertising creatives are. First of all, let’s point out who can claim to have a proud name – a creative person. It is very easy. First of all, a creative person is someone who, at the level of consciousness or subconsciousness, understands that the result of creativity is not an advertising booklet, this is not an advertising audio or video clip.

He understands that the result of creativity is creo and that his job is not to make a flyer or video, but to create creo. Further, a creative person is someone who understands the principles of creative work. If you don’t know that a Creo works because it can cause heterogeneity, then you won’t create a Creo that will cause it.

Now let’s point out those who cannot claim the title of creative. This title cannot be claimed by someone who thinks that creating a creative is slamming an idea. The creative knows that only something new can cause heterogeneity, and therefore he will never distort ideas, because he knows that this will not lead to results.

An important characteristic of a true creative

A creative person cannot be a materialist who does not recognize the existence of the world of ideas, because a real creative person draws creativity precisely from the world of ideas and then only selects the necessary form in order to express and embody creativity. This is where the main reason lies for calling some people involved in creatives nerds, because the main thing they lack is a developed mind. It is the lack of mind that does not allow these people to create creativity, but allows them to create cretinisms, i.e. pseudocreo.

For some, at first it may be difficult to distinguish between creo and pseudo-creo, so you can point out how they differ from each other, but indicate in more familiar words. If we talk about Creo, then you can see innovation, novelty, freshness in it. It turns out that Creo is a piece, unique product and can be used only once. If it is used a second and subsequent times, then it loses its properties.

If we talk about pseudo-creo, then in this case there is no novelty and innovation at all. Pseudocreo is similar to leftovers that may be of interest only to various kinds of homeless people, because only for them they can look appetizing. For most people, such a creo will cause, if not disgust, then a smirk for sure, which will be accompanied by thoughts “we have already gone through this.” It is clear that such thoughts cannot do what Creo is supposed to do – cause heterogeneity. Pseudo-creo does not allow you to create real advertising creatives.

Creo and pseudo-creo lead to different results for the company that organizes the event in which they are used. If you use Creo, it will help increase demand for products, attract attention, gain consumer support, popularize products, and create a favorable image. As a result, the company will spend money not in vain, and moreover, they will return as profits and income.

But if you use pseudo-creo, then the money will be wasted, and often to the detriment. Firstly, pseudo-creo is not able to cause the effect that profits can bring. Once, having already aroused the interest and desire of consumers, the second time pseudo-creo can excite only perverts, and in normal people it will certainly cause feelings of discontent and distrust, as well as stale products.

Secondly, pseudocreo can very often cause damage. First of all, it is direct damage in the form of wasted resources. Secondly, it is damage to reputation. The use of used creo will contribute to the product’s reputation as a second-rate product.

Even after reading all that is above, it may seem to some that creativity is something superfluous, someone’s whim. However, it is not. Creativity is a natural response to a challenge. The sources of creativity are in the same place as the sources of other noomarketing tools, namely, that the driver of consumer motivation is a sense of heterogeneity. If innovation in a certain product is a way of fighting on the material plane, then creo is a way of fighting on the mental plane.

Creating an innovation for a product, the company increases its competitiveness, creating creative, the company increases the competitiveness of the communication system. After all, it is known that the product itself can no longer be competitive, it can only be competitive through the creation of an effective marketing mix, an element of which is a communication system.

About what conditions are needed in order for Creo to be created, it has already been mentioned above. But there the conversation was mainly about what you need to know in order to create a creative. But this knowledge alone is not enough. You also need to have the ability to express creativity. Therefore, another important condition is a liberated sexual instinct. First of all, I must say that you should not mean any vulgarity by it.

Creativity as a manifestation of the sexual instinct

There is also a broader interpretation of the sexual instinct. By it, in fact, is meant an instinct aimed at establishing connections, i.e. in fact, the instinct of communication. Creo cannot be created without a liberated sexual instinct, because blockages will appear on its way, which will not allow the Creo to be translated from the language of the world of ideas into the language of the material world.

The second important condition is to be outside the ordinary, to be outside the system. Only this allows you to find something really new and create real advertising creatives. Otherwise, stereotypes will not allow you to take a fresh look at the situation and, therefore, will not give you the opportunity to create creative.

There is no creativity in Belarus, but almost none. This is the reason why it is not developing as efficiently as we would like. This is especially noticeable in the consumer market. It seems that more or less competitive products are being produced, but their sales volumes are not only far from the maximum possible, but even from the average ones.

Of course, you can find many explanations for this situation, but we can safely say that the main one is the weak use, or rather, the actual non-use of the creative component in product promotion.

The role of the creative component cannot be underestimated for the reasons indicated below. Initiates, well, or just smart people know that in the current era, one of the engines of the economic development of any country is advertising, because it is the engine of trade. Even more dedicated or more intelligent knows that the engine of economic development is more creative advertising than just advertising.

What distinguishes creative advertising from simple advertising is that in creative advertising the main element is creo, around which it is built. However, either there are no smart people in Belarus, or there are no dedicated people. The fact remains that Creo is practically not used. Sometimes something resembling Creo, pseudo Creo is used, but, as you know, this does not lead to the intended results.

The main reason, apparently, lies here in the fact that domestic creatives do not have an understanding of what is creo, but there is pseudo-creo. The main reason for this is that deep internal conflicts prevent this from being understood.

They manifest themselves in the fact that very often the creative process is carried out not for the sake of creating creativity, but for the sake of the creative process itself. Through this process, internal compensation is achieved, caused by various kinds of psychological problems. At the same time, the main motives here are the satisfaction of vanity and self-affirmation.

It turns out that creatives create such creo that they like and they don’t care that creo is actually created in order to influence consumers. Or a creation is created that is not suitable for the purposes for which it should serve, but is more suitable for everyone to walk, groan and aah, say that this is something fantastic. Of course, creativity as art has the right to life, but art and business are not always compatible.

As a result, either such creo does not lead to the achievement of goals after it has been used and leads to losses, or if a smart project manager comes across who understands that the “king is naked” and does not let the creo into development, it will be postponed until long box. In the second case, the creators will be offended, angry lamentations that their advertising creatives were not recognized as brilliant,

The current situation can be described as a vicious circle that has been formed and has been existing for a long time and which does not allow Belarusian products to break into new positions. Something suggests that it is not possible to break it in the near future, and, therefore, it is not possible to hope that a qualitative increase in sales will be carried out.

This state of affairs is unsatisfactory. Everyone loses from it. And it loses a lot. On the one hand, not getting a quality life, on the other hand, not getting a good salary, which is the result of an increase in labor productivity.

But there is always a way out. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that those who are engaged in creativity have a clear understanding of what they are doing in general. To do this, they can be recommended to read articles on advertising. Without such an understanding, it is very difficult to imagine that creatives will do what they should.

They will continue to do something that they will perceive as creative, will waste their time and the money of their employers. In addition, such an understanding should be developed among those who use creativity. After all, if a person cannot distinguish creo from pseudo-creo, then he can easily slip a fake. In order to learn to distinguish Creo from pseudo-Creo, it is recommended to seek advice on advertising.

How is creativity different from cretinism?

Further, after the understanding is formed, it is necessary to explain how creo and real advertising creatives are created. It will not be difficult to explain, since the creation of Creo is carried out according to specific algorithms, which are based on specific techniques. With a little practice, one can hope that the upbringing of true creatives can be put on stream. Of course, this flow will not be very stormy due to the fact that not everyone is given by nature.

However, you can be sure that this stream will be enough to satisfy the needs of Belarusian companies in high-quality creative. As you can see, there is nothing difficult. You just have to get started and do it. Well, or find people interested in getting started and done.

Skeptics may ask me who you are and how you got the idea that everything is as you write. There is an answer to this: all conclusions are made on the basis of diverse experience, including more than 3 years of creative experience in the interactive creative project E-generator.ru.

Participation in this project gave me a lot, in particular, it gave me the opportunity to distinguish Creo from pseudo-Creo. At first, of course, I was also visited by thoughts that bad uncles and aunts do not recognize my brilliant works. But gradually the understanding came that there really was no genius in them, not all of my advertising creatives really were such.

Then began to identify the reasons why some creatives are accepted, others are not. The process was neither easy nor quick. But, the desire to understand everything won, and a worthy reward was received – understanding did come. Based on this understanding, various methods, tools, models were developed, and most importantly, the role and place of creativity and creativity was understood both in advertising and in economic development in general.

In order not to catch the vulnerable creative souls of creatives, this article did not contain examples of their work, the situation and the consequences to which it could lead were simply described. I don’t want the cretinism to get worse. Let everyone who reads this article think, draw conclusions and decide for himself whether it is worth continuing to be a creative or find another occupation in which he will be of real benefit.

Girls and guys, understand, finally, creativity and cretinism are not compatible. Cretinism and business are not compatible. Cretinism and quality advertising are doubly incompatible. Cretinism and successful sales are not triple compatible. The fish does not know about the existence of water until it is removed from there. I hope this article will become something for you that will allow you to realize your destiny, I hope it will help you, the fish, leave the water for a moment and understand that there is air that is not

Your element, and there is your killer. Leave yourself, come up with a plausible excuse for this, maybe your literary or acting talent is disappearing, maybe you could become a great poet, composer or writer of science fiction. Do not break your life and do not break development. Get away before you have to run in disgrace, flashing your heels and illuminating everything around with your faded, barely visible light.

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