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How to be financially free?


The Power of Positive Cash Flow

When I invest, I focus primarily on cash flow.

Cash flow is the income that I receive each month, quarter, or year from assets, minus money for expenses, and the necessary amounts to keep my assets in good condition.

For example: if you invest 30 thousand dollars in a new business for the production and sale of some goods and earn $ 600 net per month, then this will be a cash flow.

And one more example: if you invested money in the purchase of an apartment or house and after paying all the expenses you receive an income of 100-200 dollars in rent – this will also be a cash flow.

This flow of money goes straight to your wallet!

Why is cash flow so important to me?

For me, financial independence is FREEDOM!
When I am independent of money, I can do whatever I want, it can be traveling or working on a new business project.
I can choose the people I will be friends with and do business with. I can schedule my day on my own. When I am financially free, my life is really my life.

Freedom gives you a choice.

Freedom means to me that I can make choices. And I really like it.
If you had the choice to eat at home or at the best restaurants in your city, which would you choose? How to be financially free?

If you had the choice to fly first class or regular, which would you choose? Many people don’t have a choice. They fly regular class and eat at home because they have no money and no choice.

But when you are financially free, you have a choice!

Cash flow equals freedom.

As long as a person has to work, he is not free. Yes, he can choose another job, but it’s still not freedom.
If I have to constantly do something to earn money, then this is not freedom.

I get positive cash flow whether I work or not. My assets bring me money every month, no matter what I do. This money goes directly to my bank account or card.

My number one goal is to have a cash flow that is big enough to bring me more money than I need to live. If my passive income is more than I spend per month, then I am financially independent. My assets work for me, they make me money so I don’t have to work for money.

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