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5 tips to prepare for moving abroad


Are you wondering how to organize a relocation abroad? How is the preparation different from what needs to be done before transporting furniture within the same city or country? We have some valuable tips for you to help you organize a smooth transport operation from your home abroad to our country or vice versa.

1 Trust the professionals

Moving abroad is a serious test. Even if you have ever moved furniture around the city with the help of friends, the international course is a much larger logistics operation. Do-it-yourself transportation is strongly not recommended, especially since hiring a professional company does not mean high costs for the operation. Only professional carriers can guarantee that the trusted equipment will be delivered safe and sound to the specified address.

2 Take care of the formalities

The experience of experts shows that no one needs to be reminded of such things as a valid identity document, driver’s license or insurance.
It happens, however, that people forget to complete the animal-related formalities and run into their own problems at the border. So keep in mind that animals must have a veterinary passport, an implanted microchip and have a document confirming the rabies vaccination. On the Internet, it is easy to check which countries have introduced additional restrictions, such as banning the importation of certain breeds of dogs.

Also, before moving, it is necessary to carefully study the migration issue. Information on how to obtain a temporary residence permit, obtaining citizenship, what documents, translations, medical certificates are required during the procedures, is available on the website of the IMC Migration Advice Center.

3 Make a choice of items

Before the trip, you should think carefully about whether all the equipment will be useful in a new apartment? Will each piece of furniture have a proper place for itself? Moving is a good time to pick up gear. The worst thing that can happen to you is to find in a new place that the wardrobe does not fit through the door, or the bed does not match with other furniture in the room.

4 Think Plants in Advance

Transportation of your favorite plants requires advance preparation. At the latest one month before the move, they should be transplanted into unbreakable pots so that they have time to adapt to the new conditions before the trip. Water them well before riding. In the event that the time of travel abroad is two days or more, drivers must take care of the plants in accordance with the instructions of the owner.

5 Prepare cargo for border control

At borders outside of their own country, everyone is inspected for their cargo. It may even happen that the carrier will be forced to pull the items being transported outside. That is why it is worth paying attention to packing things in containers and boxes that are easy to take out and open. This reduces the time spent at the border and better protects the equipment from damage that can be caused by customs officers.

Post source: kiyosaki-fanclub.ru

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