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How do the rich distribute money?


Part 3 of the mini-course "3 Kiyosaki piggy banks – a system that will make you rich"

System Description :

To make it easier to understand, imagine that you earn $100 per month.

So, this money should be distributed as follows.

1 10 percent – $ 10 – must be immediately donated to charity. (This is the most important rule of the system and this is the first spiritual law of money) precisely because people do not know about it, and do not give 10% of all their income to charity every month – from this all troubles, all failures in money matters. That’s the reason for poverty.

10 percent of the money earned should be given as a token of gratitude for the fact that you were given the opportunity to earn 100 percent.

This point will be discussed in more detail in a separate issue.

2 Another 10 percent – $ 10, for savings, they need to be set aside. save.
You can open an account in a reliable and best bank in your country and accumulate money there. This is another spiritual law of money.
I think everyone has heard the saying “Money sticks to money" more than once.

The rich get richer, and all because the rich save money and the money seems to stick to each other. You can read more about this in a separate issue.

3 Another 10 percent, $10, will need to be set aside for investment. You need to learn how to invest with this money, for example, you can try to trade forex, or buy a pair of shares, or gold …

There will also be a separate issue about this item.

Thus, 30 percent of your income, every month, without exception, you must distribute between piggy banks. And no matter how much you earn at least $ 100 a month at least $ 1000, you must always strictly observe the percentage. You can distribute more money into piggy banks, but not less.

Once again, an example for clarity:

If you earn $300 a month then:

1 30 dollars you must immediately give to charity

2 30 dollars to save to a bank account

3 30 dollars set aside for investment

On the remaining 210 dollars that are left you live. You spend this money on everyday expenses and paying for various utilities, food, clothing, and so on.

Separately, I want to draw your attention – I’m sure someone will think, yes, I earn so little, there is not enough money, and I also need to save it in piggy banks. I just can’t live if I save money. Yes, I really understand you, and many people have small incomes, but this is precisely because you did not donate 10% of your income to charity, you did not have savings, and it is precisely because you did not follow these rules that this is precisely the reason why that you have so little money and such little income.

Perhaps you dreamed of changes, thought about how you could improve your financial situation, and the Universe or God gave you such an opportunity.

The fact that you read this article is not an accident – you are given a CHANCE, thanks to which you can change your life!

If you follow the rules of the system, even with the little money that you earn now, then in the very near future, you will find additional sources of income and your income will grow.

Because the spiritual laws of money will come into force. The Universe, God – call this force whatever you like, it will help you and show you how you can earn more.

Here you can read the most common questions about the system:

I also suggest that you discuss this system and express your opinion about it here in the comments under this article.

Practical task:

1 Think about where you would like to give 10% of your income as a charity? Perhaps to help sick children? Or old people? Find a charitable foundation and immediately transfer 10 percent from the next salary.

2 If you don’t have a bank account yet, then study 3-5 offers on deposits right today and in the very near future choose a bank and open a savings deposit there.

3 Sit down and think about where you could invest your money intended specifically for investment?

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