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Ways to find a business partner


Here’s the perfect idea in your head. You can almost feel the crunch of brand new banknotes. But here’s the problem, in order to bring the idea to life, there is not enough start-up capital, knowledge, connections, or something like that. Therefore, where one cannot cope, a team of two or more people can try their luck. But where are these people to be found? Someone will say that there are plenty of people who want to, and they will be right, but most dreamers do not fully realize what it will cost them. Ask them if they are ready to take loans, invest their money, work for free or even better, at a loss, and believe me, those who wish will suddenly disappear.

But not everything is so bad, because now we will talk about where you can find those few who are really ready to rush into battle with you and go to the end.

You can search for a partner both in "offline" and in "online" modes

Search for a future partner offline

This is an older and more conservative, but no less effective way to find business partners. This method means that you will see and communicate with a person live. Here are a couple of places where this can be done:

  • thematic meetings;
  • seminars on self-development and business;
  • conversation with acquaintances (not friends and not relatives!);
  • business schools.

Now about each point a little more in detail.

Thematic meetings

Ways to find a business partnerThematic meetings are a great place to find a business partner!

For example:
You want to open a construction business. Great, we look on the Internet, ask friends, colleagues, relatives or passers-by if they happen to know if a meeting of builders is planned in the near future. If yes, then you know what to do. We come, listen, communicate, exchange business cards and there is a big chance that someone will be interested in your offer.

Business seminars

Seminars on business and self-development – this place is saturated with purposeful people. They do not need to be persuaded for a long time, if your idea resonates in their hearts, they will be happy to try their luck with you.


Acquaintances (but by no means friends or relatives) can become good partners. Most likely, they have friendly relations with you, but the distance between you can still be traced, and this is wonderful! A business founded by friends is usually a bad business. If there is no distance between people, then it is difficult to conclude agreements, point out to the partner his shortcomings, and if he doesn’t work hard enough, I wouldn’t want to tell him about it directly. You do not want to become an enemy for life with your once good friends or relatives?

Business incubators

Business schools are "incubators". As a rule, young people who want to connect their lives with business in one way or another study there. They are full of ambitions, but their ambitions do not always correspond to their level of preparation.

How to find a business partner on the Internet

In the information age, almost everyone uses the Internet and this is a fact. This fact should be taken into account when looking for a business partner. But where to look for it?

  • thematic forums;
  • social media;
  • various advertisements on the Internet.

Thematic forums

Everything is clear with thematic forums, we go into any search engine and write something like: “Business forum" or “Business partner”. And there it is for the small. Communicate with people, write about what interests you and you will definitely find someone.

Social media

Almost everyone has an account on social networks, and someone even has several and different ones! They have a huge number of groups where you can find topics that interest you, and then people who are ready to start working with you.

I could not try the effectiveness of this method, but the fact that it is quite possible to do this is a fact.

Notice boards

This method speaks for itself. Make a large collection of various bulletin boards and place an ad on each of the desire to find a partner.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the fastest way to find a business partner is to use both online and offline resources. This way you can save a lot of time.

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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