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Telegram. Promotion Methods


Like any channel, Telegram needs promotion. It is elementary so that the audience can find it and all the golden content is not created in vain. Since Telegram is, first of all, a messenger, you cannot set up a targeted advertising campaign for it. And also to get to the top of the news feed – simply because it does not exist.

In addition, it lacks many of the promotion and outreach tools available on other social networks. Despite this, the Telegram channel can and should be promoted. In this article, we will tell you the main possible methods of promotion – we will consider paid and free traffic sources.

What gives the promotion of the Telegram channel?

High-quality and useful content is good. However, in order to gain “social" mass and monetize the channel, this is not enough.

Telegram. Promotion Methods

New subscribers

Even if you don’t have the main goal of making money in Telegram, you must admit that it’s not interesting to stamp content for nothing. After all, if you do this, then you have something to say and there is someone. In addition, if there is someone to read, there is also an incentive to write. Of course, if the channel is readable and useful, word of mouth will work on its own and you will be actively recommended, however, you should not count on high speed. Promotion, in turn, will help attract new readers and get more responses faster. 

Opportunity to earn more

The audience of the channel, which has crossed the line of 1000/2000 subscribers, becomes attractive to advertisers. The cost of a post can vary from 100 to 10,000 🪙 and more. In popular channels and pages of media personalities, the price tag can soar 10 times higher.

However, experts also talk about the trend of buying ads from influencers. They argue that it is absolutely not necessary to be a "thousander" in order to monetize your channel. Sometimes blogs with 500 people are better in terms of audience than <1500.

Opportunity to promote your business

A live channel in Telegram is a ready-made platform for promoting business products. If the blog is about sports, then pp products or equipment will sell well, about beauty – cosmetics, about psychology – consultations, etc.

How to start promoting a Telegram channel?

Telegram. Promotion Methods

Attracting new subscribers is half the battle, try to make the people who come to you become regular readers, active readers and regular customers. Before you start promoting your channel, prepare it: 

Find and formulate USP

Why should a user choose your channel, among many? What is special, different, unique about it? If you yourself know the answer to it, you can formulate it, it will be easier to convey it to potential customers. What can be the very feature in the Telegram channel format?

Your expertise

Choose a narrow niche and share with readers your views on issues that interest them. 

An inside look at the business

Tell us about your company and its development from the inside, about the nuances, difficulties and life hacks in running your business. People will be willing to follow a channel where they find really useful information. 

Publication style

Find your unique writing and presentation style. If you run an IT channel, speak IT “slang”, use your professional slang with notes of humor that a person who is “in the know” can understand. So, he will feel unique, he will see that his “pains” are responding to other people associated with this or that specificity.

Current news on a narrow topic

Make interesting selections for your profile. Collecting information on a particular topic is not as convenient as reading everything in one aggregator – use it. 

Humor on a specific topic

In each niche there are funny cases and real stories from communication with the same clients and customers. tell them. Let users contribute to your content, let them tell their stories. 

Make a content plan

As a rule, a few seconds are enough for the user to “monitor” the channel, make a conclusion – subscribe or leave. A person watches a couple of recent posts and, if they like and are interesting, he will subscribe. Further, for several days he will follow your content, if there are new interesting and high-quality posts, the person stays and continues to read your channel. 

That is why it is so important to have a couple of good publications already at the start and continue to keep the reader all the subsequent time. 

In order to make content truly interesting, plan. Make a selection of interesting topics and notes in advance. So you will not “fall out” of publications and will be able to give users a variety of content. Read more about how to find interesting ideas for a Telegram channel, design and fill content in this article.

Telegram promotion methods. For free

Telegram. Promotion Methods

Image source Idea Digital Agency

At the very start, as a rule, the channel is promoted in free ways. Consider the main ones:

1 Invite friends

Invite friends from your contact list – you can send up to 200 tons. invitations. Even if your channel will not be of interest to everyone, your friends can pass the link to their friends – those for whom the topic of your channel is more relevant. Feel free to ask your friends to tell you about you. Invite friends to be interesting, not just announce. “Sell” it – tell us why you decided to create a channel, what you will write about in it and what will be useful there. 

2 Place links on your resources

Post a link to the Telegram channel in all kinds of your own resources; install a button on the site, add signatures with a link to the email and for the mailing list. Invite the audience, from your social networks, to subscribe to the channel.
Just telling your friends about the creation of the channel is not enough, you need to constantly promote it.

3 Participate in channel selections

Collections are published in other Telegram channels and external resources. To be in the recommended selection of a popular resource is a great success. You can create your own selection by topic and include your channel in the list. With high activity on other resources, you can interest more users this way.

Make arrangements with channel administrators to recommend your channel in their collections. Or post on a free blogging platform. You can also publish on specialized forums and in thematic groups. With this method, publications get a wide coverage and attract more subscribers. 

4 Agree on mutual PR

Find a channel with a similar audience and agree on mutual PR. Post information about him in your channel, and he, in turn, will tell about you. You can use this method if you already have 200-300 subscribers, otherwise it will be more difficult to find partners.

Try to choose channels based on the audience in them. Obviously, people who are far from your subject will not be interested in your content. Don’t post too many. Users of your and someone else’s page may get bored with the frequent display of ads.

Mutual PR channels can be found in statistical databases such as: tgstat.ru, telemetr.me, tlgrm.ru, add-groups.com and others. Add your channel to these databases so that you can also be found.

Telegram promotion methods. Paid

You can promote a channel for a fee in several ways, consider the main ones.

Where to look for advertising channels in Telegram?

You can buy advertising on the exchange or independently find a suitable channel and directly negotiate with its administrator. On the stock exchange, selection occurs using filters. You only need to set the parameters and get a list of the desired channels. This method is suitable if you need to buy advertising in bulk on various sources.

Services and exchanges for channel search


Free service that does not require registration. In it you can see the rating of channels suitable for advertising by: topic, number of subscribers, ad reach and cost per post. In addition, Sociate calculates CRM – cost per 1000 impressions.

You can order advertising directly through the service, incl. conclude an agreement and receive closing documents for legal entities. After launching an ad, you get statistics on impressions. 


It is an exchange-catalog for ordering advertising. Channels are also filtered by topic, members, and cost per post. The service also calculates the cost of the channel that promotes itself as an advertising platform. Here you can also enter into transactions, however, the service takes a commission when replenishing the balance of 15%. 


Free directory that can be used without registration. It will show channels by topic, geolocation, number of subscribers and price per ad post. In addition, you can see extended statistics on reach and audience growth in it.
There are additional features, but require registration.


In Barzha, you can see channels by subscribers and cost per ad. You can search by name and even see reviews. This service does not charge a commission, but it involves a monthly payment for a subscription of 490 🪙. Access can be obtained by authorization through the bot. 


Represents a catalog of channels in a single exchange. Filtered by categories, subscribers, reviews and has an internal metric. So, using this service, you can see the statistics of each channel with the number of subscribers. Commission on transactions 10%.

If you are just starting out, it is better to select channels yourself. Personally write to the administrator. The first thing he will do is roll out the price – you can negotiate comfortable conditions and bring down the price.

What to look for when choosing a channel for paid advertising?

Telegram. Promotion Methods

Audience Growth

It is logical that if the channel is growing and its audience is increasing, then they are engaged in it. If the number of subscribers drops sharply, you can suspect such a channel of cheating.


Look for reader interest. The more reading and overall engagement, the higher the activity.

Advertising placed on the channel 

Most advertising publications are deleted by the authors within 48 hours. However, you can still see them through Tgstat. This directory stores all publications, incl. remote month. Avoid channels that often post ads on questionable topics.

Take some time, see what the channel publishes, evaluate the quality of the content. This affects the engagement of readers and the return on advertising. A preliminary check will help save the budget and spend it for the result.

Telegram is a great platform for business. It is convenient to interact with the audience; share useful materials and important information, show expertise and bring to the lead pages and other sales sites. Blocking Telegram did not affect the number of users, moreover, after it, their number only increased. Which suggests that Telegram as a platform for business is a very effective channel. If it suits the format of your company, feel free to use it for promotion.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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