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Success stories: Albert Einstein


A person grows by overcoming difficulties. If difficulties do not stop you, you will achieve everything you want. On the way to success, Albert Einstein had to overcome poverty, a whole bunch of diseases, numerous failures and persistent misunderstanding. But he overcame everything and became an outstanding scientist.

Little Einstein did not speak until the age of 3, and learned to read only at 7. At school, he studied the worst, and before answering any question, he thought for a long time and at first whispered the answer “to himself". For this he was nicknamed “brake”, and the teachers said that he would not achieve anything.

At the age of 15, he left school and tried to enter the university, but failed the entrance exams. On the second attempt, he still manages to enter the Physicotechnical Institute, but Einstein skipped most of the classes at the university. In addition, he managed to quarrel with each of his teachers, since he had his own opinion on absolutely everything.

After receiving his diploma as a teacher of physics and mathematics, Albert was the only one in his group who was refused to be hired. The reason for this was the reputation of a rebel, which he earned himself in his student years. For 2 whole years, the brilliant scientist could not find any vacancy for himself. In the end, he got a job as a clerk in the patent office. His task was to accept applications for inventions and check the calculations in the drawings. Einstein worked as an office clerk for 7 years, but never gave up trying to start a career as a teacher and scientist.

Einstein was only 26 years old when a small physics magazine published his first papers. He did not become famous (his discoveries were recognized only 15 years later), but he was invited to lecture at the University of Bern. Alas, only 1 student came to his lectures! He returns to work as a clerk, and at the same time works on his theories.

In 1920, Einstein was nominated for the Nobel Prize, but anti-Semitic sentiments were already beginning in Germany at that time, and they decided not to award him. No other significant discoveries were made during this year, and Einstein had no competitors. Therefore, the award was not awarded to anyone at all. Fearing persecution, in 1933 he emigrated to America, where he continued his scientific work, thanks to which he would later become known to the whole world.

Albert Einstein changed our understanding of the world once and for all. The scientist received the Nobel Prize, became a citizen of the world, founded a university, he was given the keys to New York, he was offered the post of President of Israel and the gymnasium where he studied was named after him. With only a piece of paper and a pencil, this man was able to predict the existence of gravitational waves 100 years before we were able to detect them for the first time (in 2016). The surname of a boy who was considered mentally retarded as a child is now synonymous with the word "genius".

By the way, did you know that Albert Einstein had his own secret to success? Just imagine – one of the greatest minds of all times and peoples has developed a mathematical formula for success! I recommend that you read it carefully, because it is most likely the most important mathematical equation that you will ever see in your life.

Here is how Einstein defined success: “If A is success, then its formula is:

A u003d X + Y + Z, where

X is work.

Y is a game.

Z is your ability to be silent"

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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