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Feng Shui: which numbers bring good luck, and which are only problems


In this teaching, a whole section is devoted specifically to numbers, their energy and how they affect our lives.

First, let’s look at what each single digit means.

0 is the only number that esotericists do not understand: it can symbolize both destruction and abundance.

1 – leadership.

2 – paired with other numbers doubles success or bad luck. It is also a symbol of love.

3 is creativity and joy.

4 – a symbol of misfortune and even death.

5 – this number symbolizes change.

6 – well-being and comfort.

7 – confidence, responsibility, with this number the work is always carried out to the end and will be of the best quality.

8 – this figure attracts all the best, it is the happiest.

9 – health and incredible willpower.

Lucky Combinations

Thanks to the characteristics that we have now studied, it can be understood that different combinations carry different energy flows. What numbers will help you in everyday life?

10 is the number of harmony.

11 is a success.

12 – also success, but doubled.

19 – thanks to this number there will be a great start to the path and an excellent end to it, you will definitely achieve success.

28 – all your dreams will come true.

33 – this number has always pushed a person to action or to continue a business that has been abandoned.

48 – this combination consists of two opposites, which together give diligence and endurance.

65 – attracts good luck.

68 is a sign of wealth, success, prosperity and abundance.

78 – perspective.

99 – doubling inner strength, health.

168 – luck awaits in any area of ​​u200bu200blife.

Feng Shui: which numbers bring good luck, and which are only problems

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Bad Combinations

13 – cases are suspended.

24 – loss of the most important thing, as well as defeat.

34 – there are only failures and losses on the way.

40 – bankruptcy.

47 – repels luck.

49 – negative in all areas.

56 – in order to achieve something, you have to do even more than is necessary and, most likely, luck will still not notice you.

58 – financial difficulties.

64 – the loss of everything that a person has.

66 – family troubles.

95 – attracts misfortune, you will be haunted by some failures.

443 – attracts disasters.

Feng Shui masters are sure that if a person is well versed in the meaning of numbers, he can call for good luck and even change his fate. Therefore, good luck to you) Be always happy))

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