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Some types of passive income sources


Every person strives for independence. And independence in the modern world depends only on finances. A person can be completely free and without money, but such freedom will not please him. You can’t live without finance today, and this involves a daily trip to work. But what kind of freedom can there be if you have to go to work? All this seems to be a completely hopeless situation and is one of the causes of poverty. There is still a way out of this vicious circle, and the solution to this problem is to create a source of passive income.

Examples of sources of passive income

What is passive income? This designation implies the income that you will receive regardless of the efforts made. That is, this type of income does not imply direct participation in the process of making money. Intrigued? Meanwhile, the progressive part of the population has long put the sources of passive income at the head of their prosperity. But how to create a source of passive income and what can act as such a source?


Some types of passive income sourcesThe first example of a source of passive income is copyright. This is the right to the fruits of intellectual activity. When registering copyright, you receive a patent for an invention or a copyright certificate for works. Further, you receive a percentage of all sales of the invention, while you do not participate in the production and sale process.


Writers receive a percentage of the sale of each copy of their book.

Despite external attractiveness, from an economic point of view, this source of passive income is not of particular interest. After all, science and creativity are not directly related to the sphere of finance.

The way to create such a source of income is to file a patent for an invention or work of art in the patent office. However, some authors have become millionaires only through the sale of their own books. So do not discount this source of passive income!


Don’t get hung up on patent offices, there are many ways to generate income through copyright. A good photographer can list their work in photo banks that pay a percentage or a fixed amount from the sale of each image. Examples of such photobanks are: Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

financial investments

Financial investments are already directly related to the sphere of the economy, therefore they are of the greatest importance for a person who wants to gain financial independence. The source of income here is the percentage of investments. Thus, if money is invested in a promising business, then such a source constantly brings good passive income to its owner. But the money for such an investment still needs to be earned!

The easiest way to create a source of passive income is to open a bank deposit. A person is only required to conclude a deposit agreement in a bank. All other operations occur without his participation. It remains to receive monthly interest on a bank account! This category also includes the purchase of securities, such as investing in bonds and stocks. But here it is worth remembering that the more tempting the offer, the higher the associated risk.

Renting out property

Some types of passive income sourcesThe next source of passive income can be the rental of property. Moreover, it can be both movable and immovable property.

A sports equipment rental point can bring in excellent income. That’s just a similar format refers to business, and not to the area of ​​passive income. And if you rent out an apartment and meet with a client only once a month, and then only for the purpose of obtaining rent, then such income can be considered passive income. Money goes, and personal time remains completely free!

The method of creation in this case is the acquisition of the right to property, in other words, its purchase. The right object and skillful disposal make it possible to give income a passive character. For this type of investment, large objects, such as an apartment, a car, a land plot, are perfect. The goal is to spend as little time as possible and still get the maximum profit!

Trust management

If you have a certain amount of money and transfer the right to manage it to another person, then the income received can also be considered passive. This option is especially relevant for those who do not have the knowledge to increase money, but who have formed capital. But such an investment is associated with a high degree of risk. An example of such investments can be [investments in mutual funds] (http://dovir-finance.ru/investicii/osobennosti-i-preimushchestva-investirovaniya-v-pify) or PAMM accounts

It is necessary to find an organization or person who is ready to implement such a project. You invest your capital, and then return it from the profit and then you already receive your interest. Only a person should be a professional in his field, because you cannot trust a bricklayer to buy jewelry. Also, you must trust him completely. Lucky is the one who can find such a person.

Projects on the Internet

Some types of passive income sourcesCreating your own site or actively participating in an already created project can eventually lead to earnings on site traffic.

There are a large number of sites that offer to publish author’s articles and pay a certain remuneration for each view. It is unlikely that it will be possible to put together a significant amount here, but there is a reason for reflection. Why not create such a site yourself and use someone else’s work. The income of the site owner is always much more than the remuneration of the authors. But without having the necessary skills, you will have to hire a trained person to administer the site.

To create such a source of passive income, you need to be not only a simple user, but also a good observer. Here it is important to notice all the nuances, features of the work and functioning of various resources on the Internet. Based on the knowledge gained, you can implement your project. And the transfer of administration will make it possible to give such a source of income a completely passive character.

Own business

It would seem that owning a business implies full employment. Experienced businessmen have long been reaping the fruits of their labors. If the first task of the entrepreneur is the implementation of the project, then the second task is the selection of personnel that will allow you to completely retire from business without risks to the profitability of the business.

A period of prosperity is always a consequence of a period of active work. It should be understood that in order to create a passive source of income, you will have to work actively, but the results will justify all the efforts! Well, a lot depends on the person you can trust to run your business.

The path to creating a passive source of income is unlikely to be easy. Money obeys only decisive and persistent people. But if you have the patience to create such a source of income, then the result can exceed all expectations.

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