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Search Engine Optimization Strategy: 4 Webmaster Goals


Search engine optimization strategy is an important part of working with a website.

The higher your site is in the search results, the more trust it inspires the user. How to get to the top by pushing trillions of pages? The answer is simple, and therein lies its difficulty – you need quality content and technical tools.

Thus, both people and search robots will see your site. And yet, who has priority?

In modern conditions, when technologies serve the interests of users, people come first. But in order for them to see your site, they must first be “skipped" by SEO spiders. These are all parts of an optimization strategy.

Attention! We hasten to disappoint you. Step by step SEO is a scam. As well as turnkey search engine optimization, which was once set up for you by an outsourcer-webmaster.

Do you want to peak positions in search results? Start strategizing with your attitude towards optimization. SEO may have a beginning but no end. This is a cyclical process that requires the constant attention of shareholders.

Three whales of successful SEO are splashing in the same ocean, and it is called constant work. You will have to work on content, architecture and structure.

Instant SEO result? Myth! The effect will be visible only to patient strategists, because it will take time.

The 4 Main Goals of a Search Engine Optimizer

SEO is an important part of a company’s business strategy because it is a source of targeted traffic. What should an SEO specialist know in order to increase the flow of traffic from natural search?


Who is at the top? We tend to think that the best. And even if this is not always true for search results, the person does not really care. After all, his subconscious still fixes the top lines, like TOP.

What is needed for this

Keyword search:

  • associated with the brand
  • which are indirectly related to the brand, but are related to the business area.


High competition for the top positions in the issue is not an easy task. But SEO is not a straight road, but a winding maze through which new potential customers come to your site.

They light their way to the goal (product, product or service) with the help of key queries.

Need traffic? Study keywords. The wider the range of requests, the greater the chance of success.

The wide range of queries includes the ability to predict what the user is typing when they can’t remember the direct address of a company’s website.

There is also a situation where the user has no idea that there are companies specializing in the product they are looking for. Or synonymous with your request.

In this case, you should consider all derivatives of the master key, as well as synonyms and phrases.

Great return on investment

When you figured out the keys and the traffic went to the site, the excitement of achieving the first goals should be gently replaced by analytics. Don’t get too excited about the flow of traffic. After all, you still do not know how effective it is and how it meets the goals of the process.

What most organizations want

  • high percentage of sales
  • potential buyers,
  • ad revenue,
  • work on the creation and distribution of content of a certain type,
  • increase in the subscription base.

“How can traffic be useless?”

When people go to the site, but do not perform the target action, the traffic is “chased” in vain. In this case, it is useful to review the structure of your offer and find an element (for example, using an A / B test) that is not read by visitors.

SEO strategy is personal

We have already mentioned that there are no step-by-step cases with universal optimization rules. But we believe that it is worth dwelling on this point in more detail. After all, one of the goals of the optimizer is not only to keep the balance of technical parameters and useful content, but also to see the prospects of your daily activities.

It’s like playing chess, counting 5 steps ahead. Of course, you can be content with what falls to you at the moment, but then why play at all? Chess is a turn-based logic game, but even here you need strategy.

Search engine optimization requires from a webmaster not only a set of knowledge, but also the ability to develop individual cases for each project separately. Remember! What worked for an approved project may not work at all for a new one. Even if they are related to the same topic.


Without a custom strategy, your SEO efforts will be more like trying to catch God by the beard. Of course, this process is not devoid of cyclicality and can be non-stop, but know that the project can crawl forward like a snail and it will still be the way to the top. And it can abruptly fall into the abyss in terms of indicators, reaching a peak if you decide that you are smarter than spiders.

We don’t scare you. A lot of articles have been written about algorithms that throw sites out of the search. As well as how to apply black hat SEO. The only question is what you, as an optimizer, need: a long-term result or a temporary victory, fixing it in front of the customer, you can take the money and go in search of another client.

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