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How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner on online training


This article contains simple recommendations – how to make money on the Internet for a pensioner. We thought for a long time which topic to choose first and decided to start with making money on online courses and lessons. After all, if you officially go on a well-deserved rest, then you take with you a valuable store of knowledge. By passing on your knowledge, you not only earn a living, but also do a good deed. There are many tools and platforms for online learning today. There are far fewer real teachers with valuable knowledge.

How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner – it’s  never too late to learn

At any age, a person is able to learn and master new skills. The brain is trained in the same way as the muscles. The longer you keep your mind alive, the better all other body systems work and the longer you live. Therefore, mastering a new profession or related to your current one is not difficult at any age.

How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner on online training

Start with a goal

In order not to get confused in the sea of ​​information and not fall into the tricks of cunning scammers, for starters – Set a goal. For example, master the skills of an entrepreneur. Working on the Web is convenient because you can do it without leaving your home, build your schedule as you like and choose tasks yourself. It may seem that there is nothing complicated in this, but home work requires professionalism. Therefore, you should choose a direction based on your existing skills.

It’s never too late to learn

So that the development of a new profession or retraining does not take place from scratch, but are career steps. Age is not a barrier, but an advantage if you are already a professional in some field. It remains only to adapt your skills. To do this, you can take online courses. Most of them are paid, but if you search well, then there is a chance to find useful free content. But there is another way.

If you have reached a career ceiling – pass on knowledge

Are you an expert in your field? Think about what you can earn by teaching other people what you know yourself. You can work in an online school, if you are comfortable with its conditions, and teach on behalf of a well-known teaching resource. Or you can develop your own online courses and sell them, as well as record training videos and post them on Youtube.

Many teachers, few knowledge

Although the current market for Internet services is saturated with information, systematic and really useful lessons are rare.
The online courses you will sell can be on any topic. But there are several aspects that are all worth considering when designing a curriculum. If you don’t like interacting with people, you can compose your courses, record and edit them, and then sell them as a finished product. But the presence of students and live communication with checking assignments will show you how useful your program is.

How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner – the basics of developing your own training courses

How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner on online training

  • Everyone needs practice.

When you develop a program, be sure to consider the possibility of practice. If, for example, you have programming courses, the easiest way is to offer students to download a trial version of some editor or free software.

For example, in modern programming tools, it is possible to preview ready-made pages. But if you are going to talk, for example, about massage, then you still have to give students the opportunity to practice. To do this, you will have to rent a room for a massage room, gather students and conduct practical classes. Of course, you can just give background information or emphasize that you are selling theoretical knowledge.

What should students do in this case?

The modern market for the provision of services is still changing towards the convenience of the client. That is, for someone to want to buy your courses or go through online training, and then give you a positive review – think over the process. Learning should be convenient for your students. To understand exactly how to organize the learning process or put together useful courses, you will have to find out what is already on the Internet on your topic and what is not yet.

  • To do this, you will have to do competitor analysis.
  1. Just type in the search bar of your browser, for example, "online courses on healthy eating" (or rather, use several browsers for comparison: Google Chrome, Yandex, Bing, Mail.ru).
  2. Explore the top 20 sites. Yes, a bit much – but you also need reliable information and an understanding of a new area for you – making money on the Internet.
  3. Create a spreadsheet, for example, in Excel with columns: “pros", “cons”, “cost”, “terms of study”, “platform where courses are hosted (third-party service / online school / your own website, etc.)”.

Competitor analysis can take you a week or a month. Depending on how carefully you decide to "study the bottom before you dive". But the work done will allow you to see the real state of affairs with your own eyes. It is important to know what problems existing teachers have and what successful solutions they apply in their work. You can also write to some teachers, or chat with school representatives. Don’t limit yourself to data analytics – get to know people.

  • The weaknesses of competitors are your trump cards.

Aerobatics is when you find weaknesses in other people’s curricula and offer a solution in your personal courses. This is how the most useful unique selling propositions on the market are created.

Note: You already have one USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your professional experience is a powerful competitive advantage.

How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner – pack your project so that you want to unpack it as soon as possible

How to make money on the Internet as a pensioner on online trainingHow to do it correctly?

  1. First, do not blindly copy what you find from your competitors.
  2. Mark in a format convenient for you the elements of existing training programs that you like.
  3. Pay attention to the rating of projects that you like. This way you will know whether your sympathies coincide with the general trends or diverge radically.

Project packaging:

  • You can write a book or series of mini-books
  • Or create a structured program with step-by-step lessons.
  • And also become a teacher in an online school, and marketers will deal with marketing

 Involvement of third-party specialists

To make money from your online courses or step-by-step lessons, you will have to understand the specifics. You can learn everything yourself or hire people to do it for a fee. For example, they will create a website, set up a subscription page and a mailing list. But we still recommend that at first you search for an online school on your subject. And if there is none, create the first online school in recent times, for example, in healthy eating. Being the first is also a competitive advantage.

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