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How much can you earn on an online store for a beginner


Tracking new ways to make money online is not easy, but it is quite possible to calculate how much you can earn on an online store. This is one of the most popular ways to generate income.

“How much can you earn on an online store?"

On average, if you mark up a product that someone else is already selling, and the amount of this markup is about 25%, while users make at least 15 orders per day, you will get about 30,000 🪙 per month.

"What can I sell in an online store?"

The most common types of goods that are in demand on the Internet:

  • clothes,
  • goods for children,
  • hygiene products, cosmetics and perfumes…

Turn on your imagination, study the market – start by searching the Internet for top-notch everyday products.

How much can you earn on an online store for a beginner

"How to choose what to sell online?"

A product that you are interested in, that you use, or at least understand the characteristics or produce yourself.

For example, handicrafts

How much can you earn on an online store for a beginner

There is always a demand for good and beautiful goods, and now even more so. When in most areas there was a tendency to increase the volume of goods produced, and reduce the characteristics of quality due to the fact that mass production greatly simplifies technological processes.

If you are engaged in the production of clothes, then you know how difficult it is to find factory-made items from high-quality and natural fabrics, with a beautiful design and inexpensive in price. Even major global brands are already launching their "by-products" on the market, which have no value other than a label with certain characteristics.

“I can’t and don’t like to do handmade”

Find cool "artisans"

In this case, you can find some cool craftsmen who create quality things, but do not know how to sell themselves. This way you can make money on advertising and help someone else make money. In turn, these people will be able to recommend you to their friends and you will have your own base of grateful customers.
Promote products that have little competition in the market – new items, exclusive developments, technologies.

Examples of such products are goji berries, sprouting cereals, anything that is gaining popularity but has not yet entered industrial production or is not yet well developed within your region.

“What do I need to make money on an online store?”

  • The product you are going to sell:
  • Suppliers of goods
    A site where customers can find out information about the product, as well as order it or buy it right away.

“Where to start to “open” an online store?”

First of all, you need a domain name, you can pick up and buy it, for example, on a resource such as reg.ru. Then, you will have to order a website or create it yourself using templates.

Basically, the sites are divided into

  • written from scratch
  • created from templates.

Depending on your capabilities and goals, choose the one that suits you best.

Note: There are many pre-built templates in WordPress. You can buy a template specially made for an online store or a constructor from which you can make any website in the future. But keep in mind that the more patterns in one constructor, the more difficult it is to customize it yourself.

Don’t Forget About SEO

Whatever type of site you choose, it should be such that search robots can easily find it and give it to the highest possible search lines when a user can search for products.


Your site should also open easily on all types of mobile gadgets. The user should view the content without any problems, as well as make purchases.


Since you are going to make money on an online store, do not forget about an SSL certificate. If your site is secure, then users will enter their card and e-wallet details. But, it will not be superfluous to indicate that if the product does not fit or there are some technical problems, you will return the money. Security guarantees are what users want when they trust their payment details to site owners.

What elements must be on the website of the online store:

  • product category,
  • goods prices,
  • Buy button,
  • reviews,
  • certificate of safety.

What makes an online store:

If you have no idea what product to sell through an online store, you can earn on the markup on the product.

Where to start

First of all, establish technical processes with payment systems. For example, if you are going to use the Webmoney service, then contact this service and receive a merchant certificate from it.

Note: Use different payment systems. The more ways a user has to pay for the selected products, the more likely they are to buy from you. Even if your margin is higher.

Online Earning Strategies

  • Order a turnkey online store;
  • Do it yourself;
  • Order a site by developing a technical task with requirements for the site – from design to SEO optimization;
  • Take a ready-made store with goods for rent. In this case, you do not need to optimize and develop the site, fill it with goods. You work with a ready-made project and promote it in various ways, that is, you advertise goods.

Note: When renting a store, you can specify a clause in the lease agreement that will allow you to replenish the store’s assortment with your own goods.

“I don’t know how to promote on social networks”

It is not difficult to advertise the store and the goods that are sold on it. But consider the features of the promotion sites.

Social media

Social networks were created as a means of mass communication, as well as self-expression of each of the participants, combining the simplicity of such free instant messaging networks as ICQ and the structure of online diaries, replacing personal blogs (livejournal.ru) with a page wall.

Despite the fact that marketers "fastened" to the social. networks to make payments and sell goods, people still come to social networks not to buy. Therefore, the profit from such sites will not exceed 20% -30%.

Other ways to promote:

  • search engine promotion (SEO),
  • purchase of contextual advertising.
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