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Principles of a successful person. Quotes by Winston Churchill.

  1. Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm.

2 Do not wish health and wealth, but wish good luck. After all, on the Titanic everyone was rich and healthy, but only a few were lucky.

3 A pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, while an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.

4 School has nothing to do with education. This is an institution of control where children are taught the skills of a hostel.

5 I love pigs. Dogs look up at us. Cats look down on us. And only pigs look at us as equals.

6 A politician must be able to predict what will happen tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And then be able to explain why this did not happen.

7 Not a single star will shine until there is a person who will hold the black canvas behind.

8 When the eagles are silent, the parrots chat. 

9 People often ask me: “What are we fighting for?" I answer: "Let’s stop fighting – then you will know."

10 Do you have enemies? Okay, so you’ve stood up for something in your life.

11 If you’re going through hell, don’t stop

12 Our life is like a one-way road. Therefore, it is important not to miss your turn, because there is no turning back.

13 It is not enough to be able to use the situation, you need to be able to create it.

14 The falcon rises high when it flies against the wind, not with the wind.

15 Do not waste a second, immediately and decisively take a place on the battlefield, whose name is life. Do not be content with what you have, never accept defeat, because the world exists to be conquered.

16 I am an optimist, I don’t see much point in being someone else.

17 Throughout his life, every person has to stumble over his own “great chance”. Only now the majority gets up, shakes himself off and goes on as if nothing had happened.

18 You will never reach your destination if you stop at every barking dog to throw a stone at it.

19 Having started a dispute between the present and the past, we will not even notice how we will lose the future.

20 A smart person does not make all the mistakes himself, he gives the opportunity to make them to others.

21 A big advantage is the one who has made mistakes before, on which you can learn.

22 Humanity is like a ship in a storm. The compass is broken, the charts are outdated, the captain has been thrown overboard, and the sailors must take turns replacing him. Only every turn of the steering wheel must be coordinated not only with the crew, but also with the passengers, who are becoming more and more on the deck.

23 I am always ready to learn, but I rarely like being taught.

24 The greatest lesson of life is that sometimes fools are right.

25 Courage is what makes you stand up and speak your mind, and courage also makes you sit down and listen.

26 Success is not final. Defeat is not fatal. Only the courage to continue matters.

27 We make a living by what we get, and we live by what we give.

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