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Money remote professions: TOP 5 ways to make money on the Internet


Internet money exists. And although almost no one has seen this money, it is useful to believe in their existence. But it’s even better to know what they are. And they are found in the same place as the monetary remote professions.

Today we will tell you what it is, where to find them and how to make money on them. And it doesn’t matter who exactly: a beginner, a schoolboy or an experienced shark of Internet entrepreneurship.

So get ready to receive information. Now you will learn everything about money remote professions.

Remote Professions – What is it?

We are used to the fact that work is a place where you need to go every morning and endure terrible traffic jams. But the creation of the Internet and its development in the 21st century has made this unnecessary. And the solution to this problem is remote professions.

Try to remember what you can do online. First of all, online shopping, ordering pizza and other small pleasant moments pop up in my memory. But have you ever thought that it is just as easy to make money on the Internet? This is what remote professions are for.

Namely, those activities that require only your presence on the Internet. And for this it is not necessary to leave the house and sit in a crowded office. Money remote professions deprive you of this need.

Remote professions on the Internet – not a hoax?

Many consider remote professions on the Internet a scam. Allegedly, this is not as serious as office work. But this is a common misconception. And a serious delusion.

Because in fact, remote professions on the Internet in 2019 are often included in the list of the highest paid professions in the world. And many employees who switched to “remote work" note that their stress levels have noticeably decreased.

But back to the issue of cheating. Yes, there are scammers on the internet. And we have already told how they earn. But if you choose the right partner or boss, you can easily bypass any fraudulent schemes. The main rule: if you are offered remote professions on the Internet and demand money, then these are definitely scammers. Otherwise, most employers fulfill their obligations.

Money remote professions: TOP 5 ways to make money on the Internet

Demanded remote professions – TOP-5

We hope you have already driven away the thought of the frivolity of remote work. If so, we will present you with the most in-demand remote jobs. But keep in mind that this is not the whole list, and you can easily find additional ways to earn money.

And let’s just clarify that this is the same serious work as any other. No one will hire you without training. But it’s important to know about them. Because then you will have that guideline that will direct you to the right point in a bright future.

So, we present you the most popular remote professions on the Internet for 2019.


The list is headed by the profession of copywriter. They are the most in demand in the online market. And this is despite the fact that there are already a lot of copywriters.

But a quality copywriter is another matter. Here you need to find someone who will suit you in terms of style, presentation of the material and its structure. And the better these indicators are for a copywriter, the more he gets.

For example, an average average copywriter can earn 30 thousand 🪙 per month without any problems. And this is just an average. Real salaries of copywriters are much higher.

Internet project manager

Whole teams are created to make money on the Internet. And every member of this team is good at what they do. But like the human body, such commands cannot work without a brain. And the brain in this case is an Internet project manager.

This person is in charge of coordinating the entire work process. Finds the right people, platforms for the implementation of projects, and so on. And, of course, monitors the implementation of the task.

These professionals earn an average of $1,000. But it is understandable: the list of their duties and responsibilities is high. Here you have copywriting, and SEO optimization, work with reporting. In a word, a large array of work, which is well rewarded.

SMM manager

A profession that is close to copywriting, but still goes beyond it.

An SMM manager is a person who develops and promotes communities in social networks.

Their list of responsibilities includes many activities: developing communities with original content, organizing contests and sweepstakes, advertising in other communities, and so on. The ideal social media manager is someone who is great at social media and knows what the typical user wants.

The salary of such specialists starting from 30,000 🪙. And there is no upper limit at all. This area is characterized by rapid growth in wages in the presence of successful cases. Therefore, you can safely grab training courses and dive into the development of this financial remote profession.

And during the training, feel free to take on free projects to gain experience. And then by the end of the training materials you will receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience.

Sales Funnel Specialist

With the development of Internet marketing, there is an increasingly clear need to attract customers. Because the number of visitors is large, but getting them interested is a difficult job. And sales funnels perform these functions.

A sales funnel is a well-thought-out line of interaction between a person and a product, which should turn him into a client.

The sales funnel creator develops a customer acquisition strategy and creates a chain of customer-attracting materials based on this.

Such specialists earn from 150,000 🪙 for one created sales funnel. But, of course, you need to understand this issue well before offering your valuable services.

Contextual advertising specialist

This is a person who creates, configures and analyzes advertising in Yandex Direct, or Google Adwords.

Advertising tools in 2019 allow you to show ads to the person concerned directly. But this tool is useless without a person who knows how to use it. This is exactly what a contextual advertising specialist is needed for.

Such specialists earn from 30,000 🪙 per month from the beginning of their career. And the upper threshold depends only on the number of clients and the success of your professional activities. What is needed for this? Knowledge of the basics of marketing, the ability to work with advertising tools in various systems: Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, Vkontakte advertising account, and so on.

And, of course, constantly generate creative ideas and a non-standard approach to building an advertising campaign. And other analytical and strategic details of any professional activity.

Money remote professions: TOP 5 ways to make money on the Internet

Professions for remote work – a step towards a brighter future

Now you have an idea about professions for remote work. We hope, reading these lines, you realize how much money they can bring you.

But this is only the beginning of your journey. And we can only give a push in the right direction. In the direction of your bright future. Therefore, feel free to look for training in a profession for remote work, and learn new knowledge.

This will allow you to get away from the unloved office work and spend more time on the things that really interest you. But, of course, this is not immediately. Know how to play long, plan your actions in advance. And then professions for remote work will become for you the tool that will lead you to wealth.

And that’s all! Write in the comments what other remote money professions you are interested in and maybe we will tell you about them in the next mailing list. By the way, subscribe to it so as not to miss useful materials!

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