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How scammers make money on the Internet – TOP 15 ways to lose money


Easy and varied – this is how scammers make money on the Internet!

Online scams are rampant. And swindlers come up with new options for taking money from fellow citizens. People who are accustomed to think over their every act easily fall into their traps. For some reason, with remote exposure, the ability to think rationally disappears.

And everyone wants to believe in a miracle and commit recklessness, which would never be done in real life.

How internet scammers make money

Even people who have repeatedly experienced fraud on the Internet are again ready for any expenses. And even if they already know how scammers make money on the Internet.

This is done in the hope of another miracle. And it is fueled by the desire to earn quickly, a lot, without doing anything.

But what is money paid for in the real world? For professionalism, skill, craftsmanship. These same qualities are valued on the Internet. Therefore, you can count on large amounts of earnings by becoming a valuable specialist. And getting famous.

All sorts of traps should be avoided, especially when looking for easy income. Where is the free cheese, no need to explain to anyone. Articles and warnings about fraud periodically appear on many sites, forums, and social networks.

But people continue to believe in letters of happiness, in unexpected inheritances and other scams. And to prevent this from happening, we will tell you how scammers make money on the Internet.

Types of online scams

It is impossible to know all kinds of scam. And scammers are relentlessly coming up with new ways to make money from cheating on the Internet.

Therefore, you need to check any information that aroused interest. Especially the one that concerns financial expenses, money, and earnings:

  • You can bet on a fixed match or pay for a sports forecast, but lose a large bet.
  • Hard to make money on games with the withdrawal of money, but the invested funds cannot be withdrawn.
  • Win back a good amount on poker, but the room will turn out to be fake and close.
  • Pay for a key to a free program, but do not receive it.
  • Start working on Forex, and the site will turn out to be a kitchen without access to the international currency market.

Therefore, one should not be overly gullible. You need to learn to recognize scammers. Otherwise, you will learn from your own experience how scammers earn.

15 TOP scam schemes for deception

1 Phishing

Phishing is a malicious act that steals personal information from users. For example, passwords from sites, bank cards, phone numbers, passport data.

Having stolen the password, you can hack your account, withdraw savings from your account, close the page. Having learned the phone number or card, it is easy to steal money. Using other people’s passports, scammers issue loans.

Therefore, phishing sites are regularly created on the network that cannot be distinguished:

  • from labor exchanges,
  • social networks,
  • survey sites,
  • casino,
  • online stores.

Users register in the hope of earning. But when they try to withdraw money, it turns out that the withdrawal is impossible. And working for free, they bring profit to scammers for several months.

2 Dummy training courses on earnings

There are hundreds of different offers online that promise 4-6-figure income daily. But most of the courses collected "on the knee" will not teach anything. The authors pull out fragments from articles by various bloggers and pass them off as personal experience:

  • How to earn $1500 by working half an hour a day.
  • Organize shipments from China, and sell goods with a 500% profit.
  • How to always beat the casino.

But when asked why the author himself does not earn in such an effective way, the answers are evasive. Because their creator earns on the divorce of suckers. And his main income is the sale of master classes, cases, earning instructions.

But when a large number of devastating reviews accumulate and the training manuals stop being bought up, the scammers will change the name of the course. And just start selling again.

3 Fake online stores

Fake online stores lure you with low prices for expensive branded goods. They are supposedly on sale there.

But after making an advance payment or full payment, problems begin. Either the purchase is not delivered, or the buyer receives a poor quality product. And it happens every day with thousands of people around the world.

Especially if they do not know how scammers make money on the Internet.

4 Charity

How do scammers make money on the Internet, using the sympathy and compassion of people?

Users see social media scenes of animals being tortured or pictures of children in need of treatment. And they are ready to transfer the amounts without even checking who owns the current account.

They have no idea where their modest hard-earned savings will go. But they will actually go to scammers. So be careful.

5 Dating site scams

Both men and women cheat. More often, men take advantage of female kindness and the desire to start a family. Therefore, they find 1000 reasons to fish for money for travel, expenses, accommodation.

And the swindlers have mastered the art of seduction to perfection. Their failed halves, even realizing that they are being deceived, continue to send transfers. But at the same time, they hope for reciprocal feelings.

6 Earnings on currency exchange

It is proposed to convert currencies in different exchangers during the day. And they explain this by the rise and fall of rates, or the transfer of money into cryptocurrencies.

Those who are well versed in finance are better off working on their own. And do not fill the wallets of scammers without getting anything for their work.

7 Money transfer operator

Sounds prestigious. And the pay is decent for 1-2 hours of work per day. A large offshore company cannot cope with the flow of customers, attracts supporters of individuals. But when they perform routine operations, it turns out that in order to receive income, you need to deposit $ 98. For example, for the production of a bank card.

But after sending money, communication ends unilaterally. And the scary thing is that after this people continue to trust scammers.

8 Financial pyramids

Persons involved in these types of fraud are interested in attracting referrals. Therefore, they prove with numbers how profitable it is to build a personal network, how many millions you can earn.

But in this scheme, no more than a dozen people at the top of the pyramid receive large sums. And the rest can only collect pennies.


HYIPs are a type of investment projects, for participation in which you need to have a heightened flair. Because this is the only way you can withdraw capital on time and not lose your invested funds.

We mentioned this method in the article on how to make money on the Internet. After reading this, you will understand not only how scammers make money on the Internet, but also whether this method is suitable for honest earnings.

10 Earnings on the assembly of ballpoint pens and gluing bags

The user must pay for the delivery of spare parts for assembling items at home – 700–900 🪙. Because nobody needs ready-made goods. And it’s hard to sell them on your own.

Therefore, companies simply came up with such a way of income – the amount of transfers far exceeds their costs. And if someone pays, it’s meager sums. But they are not commensurate with the severity of manual labor and the time spent.

11 Punishment for unhealthy curiosity

When visiting websites with obscene content, it is easy to catch a virus blocking your computer. And to unlock the scammers offer to deposit the amount to the specified account.

Then a few more times, until the naive user turns to a specialist who will clean the system. But even then, it is highly likely that this will happen again.

Therefore, do not spare money on antivirus and be careful on spicy sites.

12 Refusal to pay someone else’s work

When interacting with employers on your own, remember that not all customers are willing to pay for services rendered. Therefore, when starting work via the Internet, you need to make sure. And make sure you pay up front.

But it is best to work on exchanges that act as intermediaries between customers and contractors. Because when solving disputable problems, it is convenient to apply to arbitration.

And this will serve as at least some kind of insurance.

13 Lotteries

Most lotteries, quizzes, contests are arranged for requisitions. The winners are announced that they have won 200-300 thousand 🪙. Because that’s the amount you really want. But to withdraw money, you must first pay 100–150 🪙.

Then add a little for currency conversion, then for some other service. And a person will understand that he is being deceived when the wallet is empty by a thousand 🪙.

14 Spam Offers

Often visiting the Internet, you need to be prepared for the fact that the email address will fall into the hands of spammers. The mail will regularly receive news that money has been transferred to you, that you are the millionth visitor who is entitled to a cash prize.

If you want to see where the offer came from, you need to check the hyperlink address in Word, and in the browser, through the search bar, make inquiries.

You can not follow the link published in the body of the letter, the scam site can spread viruses. You do not need to unsubscribe from such recipients, they should be blocked.

15 Expensive "guru" services

For only 5500-10000 you will be taught the art of seduction, taught how to win the heart of a man or woman. For 15–20 thousand, they will tell you how to manage your own destiny or become a sales leader.

Wouldn’t it be better to read books by famous psychologists for free and learn to work with your problems on your own, without stuffing the pockets of scammers with your hard-earned money?

How to avoid getting scammed and scammed online

You have to be careful. It is useful to remember that everything where easy fabulous incomes are advertised can be safely attributed to scams. Do not believe the colorful promotional offers! You should not buy courses without making inquiries about the author: what he has achieved, whether he is able to teach, whether he really is a specialist who can be trusted.

Before choosing a site for making money, you should:

  • Check his trustworthiness – whether he is on the black list of deceivers.
  • Find and read reviews about it.
  • Ask people who have been working for a long time if there are any unreasonable blocking of accounts or problems with the withdrawal of earned money.

Before authorization on any service, you need to check the correctness of its name in the address bar. The address of the phishing site at first glance is very similar, only one letter can be changed or a number added.

But authorization on it will ensure the earnings of scammers on fraud, and the user – wasted time in vain without financial income.

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