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Methods of stealing money from a card used by scammers


What scammers and thieves do not just go to take possession of other people’s money. The easiest option is cash theft. If the thief is not caught by the hand, it will be impossible to prove anything. Things are different when it comes to theft from credit and debit cards. It is not enough for a fraudster to steal a plastic carrier, he will also need additional information.

Theft of money from a credit card: how scammers operate

Banks are trying to protect the funds on the card accounts of customers, but they do not always succeed. Modern thieves have become smarter and more sophisticated. They use a variety of methods of psychological influence and unique technologies. There are a lot of weaknesses in the system of cashless payments. Often, cardholders themselves contribute to the fact that fraudsters steal their money in the most brazen way.

Many credit card holders ignore the requests of banks and warnings about fraudulent activities with plastic cards. Theft of money from a credit card is a common problem, which is often based on the negligence of credit plastic owners.


Most cases of theft of money from cards occur with the help of social engineering. Remember: employees of any bank will never call you and ask you to give your passport data or SMS code.

SMS warning

Thieves can get access to your card if they have information about which bank you are a client of. All they need is your mobile number and bank name. The scheme of deception is simple. An SMS is sent to the potential victim stating that a large amount has been withdrawn from the card. A number is written at the end of the message, by which you can find out more information.

A person who did not withdraw money will want to find out the circumstances of what happened. What number do you think SMS recipients call most often? Most use exactly the phone that the scammer indicated in the message. All he has to do is take the call, posing as a bank employee, clarify personal data from the owner of the credit card and use them. You yourself will say your full name and card number, and someone will easily call even passport data. The thief will have to empty the account.


Methods of stealing money from a card used by scammers

A rather primitive, but very effective way to steal from a credit card. There are different types of skimming, a technology by which third parties obtain information about the card in order to use it to steal funds. The most commonly used attachments on the ATM keyboard. With their help, thieves get pin codes. Attachments to the card reader are also used, allowing you to read data from plastic.

To protect yourself from this method of theft, you can use the care shown when using an ATM. Before using the card, inspect the device for foreign parts. Do not use ATMs that are located in sparsely populated areas and are not equipped with CCTV cameras.


Methods of stealing money from a card used by scammers

This method of theft is designed for careless people who are ready to follow a link from an email or from a suspicious site. Fraudsters send e-mails to potential victims. It can be mailings from the bank, advertising or news. The message contains a link to a phishing site, i.e. a site that looks like a real bank site, but belongs to scammers.

There you may be prompted to enter data for registration or identification. After entering such information, you automatically become a victim. Thieves quickly use the data in order to withdraw all funds from the account. Tracking such transactions is almost impossible.

Knowing how money is stolen from credit cards can help you protect yourself. Carefully study the information offered, even if it came from the name of the bank that services your credit account.

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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