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Idea for passive income – “Paid benches for rest”


Quite by chance on the Internet the other day I came across an article – "Paid shops". After reading, I thought, and this could be an idea for passive income, which you can try to implement if you wish.

The idea is very simple – there is a bench that can be installed, for example, in some beautiful place and you need to pay a little money to sit on it.

This passive income idea comes from a German designer named Fabian Brunsing.

There are spikes on the bench itself and they are removed only when you pay. Money is dropped into a special box through a small window. After paying, you have some specific time to sit and relax.

Further, when your time is up, a warning signal sounds, and you must have time to get up from the bench, if you didn’t have time and didn’t get up, it’s your own fault, the spikes will appear again. And they can hurt your pants.

Although, according to the inventor, the spikes are not capable of causing any significant harm to your clothes or yourself. Just sitting with spikes will not work, it will be very uncomfortable.

To use this unusual service, you need to pay 50 euro cents.

This is what it looks like – "Paid bench for rest."

Idea for passive income – "Paid benches for rest"

It is said that the city authorities of Berlin liked this idea very much, and they are going to put such benches all over the city.

But the people of Berlin express dissatisfaction with such an initiative. They say that rest benches should be made free of charge so that all people can rest there, regardless of age and wealth.

I also read that in China they also want to install such paid shops in parks, because the parks are always crowded. Chinese park authorities say that there are people who come to the park and take up benches there for the whole day and sit there doing nothing and not letting others rest.

And if you install paid shops, then only those who really would like to relax a little will use them.

Is it possible to use such an idea for passive income with us? To be honest, more no than yes.

Our people are unlikely to pay money for such a service. Even if you just look at the photo, the back of the bench is without spikes, which means you can sit on the back itself, and put your nails on the bench.

Idea for passive income – "Paid benches for rest"

Unless you constantly make sure that people do not sit down or equip the back with spikes as well.

But the idea itself, in my opinion, has a place to be. In our city, many shops are very old and broken, and no one watches them. If there was a company that would put up new benches in parks or in beautiful places, then for example, why not pay a few kopecks for a vacation?

It’s better than sitting on broken and scary benches!

Post source: kiyosaki-fanclub.ru

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