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How to make money in a day – TOP 7 ways


Every day gives us new opportunities, including for earning. However, not all possibilities are used. Many are wondering how to make money in a day. In this article, we will share with you seven ways to do just that. Go!

Getting rid of unnecessary things

Sometimes it makes sense to conduct an audit at home. You may not even notice how much is in your closets and on the balcony. But all these things can be sold and get some money.
It can be clothes that you don’t wear, unused household appliances, a stale tea set. When you decide on the object of sale, take a picture of it and create ads on popular sites. Yula and Avito are best suited for such purposes.

If the site visitors like the product, in a few hours you will receive a call from a potential buyer. Then it’s up to you. Agree with him about the place and time of the meeting and take the money. Selling things you don’t need is the perfect way to make money with little to no effort.

I bet on sports

Many are interested in whether it is possible to make money on bets. Experienced people in this area have already learned how to extract a good income from this. Even if you do not have knowledge of any sport, this will not be a problem. Currently, there are a large number of communities that provide free predictions. Look for them on social networks.

And so, the procedure:

  • We are looking for Vkontakte groups specializing in free forecasts.
  • We find an event with a high probability of passing and a good coefficient.
  • We select a bookmaker, in which this coefficient will be higher.
  • We register and bet online or go to the physical office of the bookmaker.
  • We withdraw the money received.

In the long run, an inexperienced person cannot make money on bets, but as a one-time source of income, betting is great.

Become a mystery shopper

A mystery shopper is a person who comes to a store, restaurant, pharmacy or other establishment and checks the level of service there. All conversations with staff should be recorded, and discreetly. It is usually the business owners themselves who hire people for this kind of work. It is not difficult to find such vacancies on the Internet.

When the inspection of the establishment is over, you will need to fill out a questionnaire and hand it over to the customer along with an audio recording. This concludes the work of the mystery shopper. You will receive not only a fee for your actions, but also money for a purchase or service. You didn’t think that you would have to spend money on checking yourself, did you? Such work is suitable for those who have a few free hours and a desire to take a little walk.

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We offer our services on freelance exchanges

This item will be useful to those who want to learn how to make money in a day on the Internet. The World Wide Web is growing rapidly. No wonder you can find work there. The best place for this is freelancing exchanges. You can both respond to other people’s orders, and offer your services. Beginners can do transcription, write reviews, enter "captcha" and perform small tasks. For people with certain skills, copywriting, design, SMM, SEO and other methods are suitable.

Freelance exchanges have the following advantages:

  • Security. You will definitely not be deceived with payment.
  • A large number of orders and customers.
  • Convenience. You don’t have to go anywhere to work.
  • Speed. You can receive money already on the first day of work.

Filming in crowds

Russian cinema is not in the best condition, but you have the opportunity to improve this a little. It is clear that shooting in the crowd will not help you appear on the red carpet, but at least they will allow you to make real money in a day. In such work, fraud with payment is almost never encountered, because film companies (even small ones) are dependent on the opinion of the audience. A damaged reputation will greatly affect the box office of the film.

Jobs for extras actors can be found both in groups on social networks and on regular job aggregators like Avito and hh.ru. The ads immediately indicate the fee for the shooting and their duration. Contact the customer, offer your services, and after a few hours of filming you will be able to collect the money.

According to statistics, almost every third person on the planet has ever needed a blood transfusion, so donation is a very popular service. You can donate blood for free or for money. However, in both cases, you will receive compensation for meals. If you have a rare phenotype, the cost will be much higher. The same applies to blood components.

There are quite strict requirements for donors, but if everything is in order with your health, then there will be no problems. There are transfusion centers in almost every major city. You just need to come there, take your passport with you, undergo a medical examination, and then the procedure itself. After all this, you are entitled to 2 days off with pay.

Performing songs or dances

Do you have a talent that you want to realize? So why not perform on the street or in a passageway? In large cities in the squares you can almost always meet creative people who sing or dance. The method will be useful not only with the money you earn, but also with experience. All people who dream about the stage need to start somewhere, and in this way you will get rid of the fear of performing in front of an audience.

For an impromptu concert, you will need some kind of musical instrument and a minimum set of equipment, although you can do without all this if you wish. Just find a crowded place and show what you can do. If you put enough effort and have at least a little talent, the money will not be long in coming.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways. Everything is limited only by your skills and imagination. Residents of megacities have more opportunities, but those who live in small towns will find something to their liking. We hope that after reading the article, the question “How to make money in a day" will disappear from you.

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