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Affiliate programs for earnings


Affiliate programs for earnings are services in which each participant receives benefits. A company pays money to promote its own brand or product. Therefore, she is ready to generously pay for help in this difficult matter, because her final profit will be much greater.

Features and benefits of affiliate programs

You can distinguish a partner according to the following conditions:

  1. The site pays for attracting new customers.
  2. The affiliate earns a percentage of the new customer’s purchases.
  3. Advertising on sites is bought on specific conditions.

That is, the referral program (affiliate program) is aimed at quickly acquiring customers for a company or website. As a result, the process is expensive, but it is beneficial for the partner himself. They offer to receive money with a choice of method, which makes the method of earning even more popular.

The more famous and authoritative the Internet user is in the right circles, the more dividends he will receive from his activity. The trust of potential customers in recommendations turns into solid bonuses from the administrators of the recommended resource. Ordinary users also receive payments for attraction, but on a general basis.

Classification of payment types

Each affiliate service tries to come up with an original one that will attract a lot of referrals to them. However, experience has shown that such ways to make money on an affiliate program are more popular and more effective :

  1. CPM – payment for ad impressions on the site, calculated for 1000 impressions. If the price is 40 🪙, then 120 🪙 will be paid for 3 thousand impressions.
  2. CPA – payment for actions that the user performs on the site. The service orders only one action – a purchase, a click on a link, a subscription to a newsletter.
  3. CPC – pay per click, that is, for clicking on a link to the advertiser’s website. A small amount drips for each person who is interested in the ad.
  4. RevShare is a model that pays specifically for sales, that is, for the final effect of the partner’s work. If advertising is not effective, then the payment is appropriate.

Combinations of payment types on one service can be different, including 4 + several additional ones or only one. The choice is up to the advertisers.

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How to get started with affiliate programs?

To earn money on an affiliate program, you need to prepare well. We need a good advertiser who produces a worthy product or service. Your reputation in this area will depend on this in the future. To begin with, you should not count on the TOP, but you need to collect information. Study the history and popularity of the brand to choose a service. This will help protect you from scammers.

You need to evaluate the benefits of the referral program that took place:

  1. Already won the trust of consumers.
  2. You don’t have to talk about the company from scratch.
  3. Small services cannot provide big profits.
  4. This is a guaranteed protection against scammers.
  5. The referral system is quite extensive.
  6. They offer several ways to earn money.
  7. Favorable terms of cooperation.
  8. Many ways to withdraw money.

When choosing an affiliate program, you need to rely on your own preferences and resources in order for cooperation to be profitable. You can make a list of the most recommended sites, so that you can then choose the right one among them. So you can earn even without special knowledge.

For this type of earnings, you need to have your own website with high traffic, which is focused on a specific topic. For example, an advertising media network is more suitable for a video hosting channel.

Criterias of choice

Profitable affiliate programs for making money describe many sites in detail, so it is enough to conduct a study of the TOP-5,10,20 to highlight authoritative services in the subject. Many can be discarded immediately after reading the descriptions, because they are usually narrowly focused.

If the information is not enough, on the forums you can find specific extensive reviews on affiliate programs, features and individual topics. But it is also worth checking the information on other forums and users, because there are enough pests there. Pay attention to the directories of Internet resources where the sites are collected. To choose the type of cooperation, you need to try. Truth is known only in comparison.

How to work as a partner?

To advertise, you need to have a platform for placement. Affiliate programs for earnings 2019 prefer the following resources:

  1. YouTube is ideal for video ads that are placed before videos. After dividing the earnings, you get 5 kopecks for 1 view, that is, 50 🪙 per thousand. And on a good channel, each video has at least 100,000 views.
  2. Social networks – they make great money here, reinforcing advertising with personal opinion. Such methods are even more effective than a personal site.
  3. Personal site – using this method, affiliate programs take a significant part of the income, but the owner of the visited resource also does not remain at a loss.

The choice is yours, because each method requires a separate approach.

Possible problems

When working with affiliate programs and referral programs, there may be some disadvantages:

  1. Sometimes they can underestimate real indicators in order to pay less money.
  2. Insufficiently accurate statistics on the site, which also helps to reduce payments to you.
  3. The delay of earned money, that is, it is impossible to withdraw the amount.
  4. Problem with moderation (delayed responses, unmotivated refusals).

You should carefully study the work of the site and reviews about it, so as not to do the work for nothing. Pay attention to the regularity of payments, the availability of small amounts, the speed of the manager’s response to questions. The correctness of accrual will help to track the scripts.

Increase your profits and enjoy your work by cooperating with reliable affiliate programs.

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