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Earnings on affiliates


First of all, the method is suitable for people who have their own resources and have developed a certain target audience. But you can earn on affiliate programs without a website. It is only necessary to correctly approach the receipt of income. And properly distribute affiliate links.

The essence of the method

An affiliate program is a kind of commercial interaction between the owner of the product and its seller. The essence of the method boils down to the fact that a person receives deductions for transactions that were concluded on his recommendations.

To start earning, you need to register in the program. And then get a personal link. After that, you need to start distributing it. And then, visitors who came through the link are automatically assigned to the partner. If they complete the target action, the partner receives a commission.

How much can you earn?

The amount of income depends on the availability of a promoted resource, diligence and ability to sell. Therefore, the owners of popular sites receive from 80,000🪙 per month. And if the resource is not available, getting 30000-50000🪙 per month is also possible.

But for this you will have to try. You will need to distribute the link on thematic portals that allow you to publish third-party materials. Or start creating a site or group. Because if you do nothing, you will not be able to earn income.

Earnings on affiliate programs continues to be one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. Because you don’t have to develop your own products or provide services. And you just need to learn how to drive traffic to landing pages.

Varieties of programs

Affiliate programs are divided into 4 main varieties. The list includes the following affiliate programs.

Pay Per Click

You will receive income for each unique visitor who clicked on the referral link. But the payments are small. For one person they pay from 1 to 3%.

Of course, the money is small, if you bring two or three people. But on a scale of several thousand people, profits are already beginning to be felt. Therefore, this option is good for those who have their own blog or website.

Pay per impression

The method is available to the owners of their resource. For example, a website or a blog.

The partner places a banner on the site and receives care for each person who has looked at it. But the premium is also small. For 10,000 views, they charge about $ 5. Therefore, this way of earning is suitable only for very popular resources. And only people with a loyal audience will be able to use it.


A partner receives income if a person performs a certain action. So, they can pay for taking surveys, watching a video or registering.

But the more complex the action, the greater the income. This method is often used by mobile game developers. And each client is asked to reach a certain level before paying money to the partner.

Pay per sales

The method is considered the most profitable and complex. You will have to attract visitors to the site. And encourage them to buy. But this is if the project is ready to pay for new customers up to 50% of the cost of the goods.

This is considered the most profitable way. Because even with one transaction you can get a good profit. But the main thing here is to find a partner. And make sure that even after attracting customers, you still get your money.

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Earning scheme

Making money on affiliate programs without investments is quite simple. Proceed according to the following scheme:

  1. Find the right program. Because today there are many affiliate programs that have certain features.
  2. Register in the system. You will need to go to the official website, click on the button of the same name and fill out the form.
  3. Find an affiliate link. It is located in a personal account.
  4. Engage in affiliate promotion. You can advertise a link on your resource, on forums, using contextual advertising or a landing page. But the last option involves creating your own resource. The method is complicated, but it allows you to accumulate targeted traffic. This means that interested people will follow the link. And the likelihood of a sale will increase.
  5. Get income. If the service is used, the partner will receive a reward.
  6. Withdraw money. Transfers are made to electronic wallets or a bank card.

You can repeat the above scheme, which brings step-by-step earnings on affiliate programs, as many times as you like. And it is acceptable to combine several methods of promotion at once.

Criterias of choice

To get more profit, make a personal top affiliate program. Initially, you need to select the systems whose affiliate links you will promote. Keep in mind that not all products are highly popular with customers. Pay attention to the following criteria:

Originality of the proposal, its novelty

It’s easier to get people interested in something new. Additionally, there will be fewer competitors in the niche, and it will become easier to attract the target audience.

No free offer

People will not pay for services they can get without paying a fee.


It is not worth trusting dubious services with obviously not popular services. There is a possibility that you will be deceived when withdrawing funds.

Prospects for cooperation

It is better to look for companies with which you can cooperate for a long time.


You need to look for affiliate programs in the area in which you have a resource. This makes it easier to promote the product. The target audience has a certain range of interests and will be interested in proposals within this area.


Some sites may offer a certain percentage of the profits or a fixed fee.

Availability of conditions for making a purchase

If the buyer has a desire to purchase goods, care must be taken that there are favorable conditions for starting cooperation.

So, people actively purchase goods if there is the possibility of ordering a parcel with cash on delivery. Many do not trust stores that first ask for money and then send the goods.

Frequency of accrual of income

Collaborate with systems that accrue profit at least once every 14 days. Otherwise, the risk of fraud increases.

Presence of promotional materials and promotions

It is difficult to promote a product without ready-made materials. It is better to give preference to systems that help create materials or independently manufacture them.


Top affiliate programs that are in demand are time-tested. Such a system will not fail, but you will have more competitors.

Preference should be given to systems that offer a unique or unknown product or service, provide promotional materials and regularly pay commissions.

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