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How to invest in HYIPs and not go bust


In our blog, we talk not only about how to make money: for example, have you ever wondered how to invest in HYIPs?

How to invest in HYIPs and what does it mean

How to invest in HYIPs and not go bust

"HYIP" is an English abbreviation for High Yield Investment (HYIP) – highly profitable investment projects, if translated. In this investment scheme, if you decide to invest your financial resources, then the owner of the fund is obliged to provide you with guarantees.

HYIPs are different and are divided into 3 groups: investment programs, pyramid schemes and fraudulent structures. This is a conditional division, of course – only the first group is really profitable and transparent. Pyramids and scammers – just collect money. And if in the pyramid you can still get a percentage of inviting new members, then it is simply pointless to contact dishonest structures.

How to invest in HYIPs: instructions for beginners

If you contacted an honest HYIP fund, then every action of this organization in terms of the turnover of your capital should be known to you. To make this process as transparent as possible, you can arrange to provide information online. For example, with the help of special services for solving problems (Trello, Jira) or in Exell tables of Google documents.  

In the structure of the pyramid, you are financially codependent with the incoming new members. That is, you earn only if the next newcomer has earned. At the same time, the organizer of the pyramid “collects the cream" from all parts. And the closer you are to it, the higher your income.

We honestly don’t know what to write about scammers, because it is often impossible to determine where the hype is and where the soap bubble is due to various reasons – one of them is the hype around the phenomenon, which distracts from the details and makes it impossible to focus on the main thing.

We can only remind you that in matters of investment, you should never make hasty decisions. Do not hurry. Check documents. If you don’t know how to work with papers, find someone who can.

But it’s also not worth delaying decision-making. Good ideas “never starve to death”.

How to invest in HYIPs: 7 recommendations for investors of highly profitable projects

  1. Choose your domain name carefully. What do you call hype…
  2. Risks and rates: if the fund’s interest rate is above 4%, this is not the safest investment option.
  3. Trust is built on response. Therefore, if your project has technical support, then it should be as client-oriented as possible: polite operators, instant responses, non-template solutions.
  4. To ensure security, you can conclude an agreement with the fund, and also make sure that it has a physical address. Of course, “Horns and Hooves” is a classic and we all understand that even the presence of an office does not guarantee you that tomorrow there will be no office at this physical address…
  5. Reviews. They are left not only by hired writers, bots and Internet trolls. Living people still write, speak and film themselves. Learn to find them and listen.
  6. Website. If the fund has it, study each page, find out how long it has already existed and to whom it is registered. Are there live users there and do they leave comments. What attendance, design, how the texts are written. Every little thing matters. If the site is “made on the knee”, contains information that is not true or there are a lot of empty pages on it – there are two options. He is either hacked or is it still “Horns and Hooves”.
  7. Feedback forms are a guarantee that the author of the investment fund thinks about ratings and cares about attendance. And, of course, be sure to check if you can get in touch with him. Maybe he uses special forums to communicate with potential investors.

How to invest in HYIPs? Follow the basic rules of investing money

Regardless of whether it is hype or not, these are the general laws of investing for everyone.

For example, if you decide to invest in only one project, you clearly do not understand how this system works. Because even the “hype people” themselves, the people who started all this, do not know for sure how their idea will turn out in the end. You can just lose all the money if you stick to one project. Choose different. Invest in everything you can.

Check hosting, domain name – all all possible data about the site, if any.

Be a responsible and independent investor. Make decisions. If you don’t know how and always focus on someone, it’s too early for you to invest. Don’t shift responsibility onto someone else’s shoulders. Learn to wear it on yours. This minimizes the risks.

By the way, about the risks – do not invest all the money. Nothing. Never. Of course, only if this process does not amuse you and you do not enjoy a surge of adrenaline for the period when you are left without a penny in anticipation of millions of profits. Do not put your financial well-being at risk unless absolutely necessary. Remember, all eggs in one basket is a failure.

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