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How much does a freelancer earn: targetologist + web designer


How much does a simple freelancer earn?

Freelancing is a remote job in which a person performs various tasks and projects for a monetary reward. The difference between freelancing and remote office work is that in the first case, a person deals directly with clients and fulfills their orders, and in the second, with the employer. Freelancing means “working for yourself": there is no clear schedule, which is why the ability to independently allocate your time is so important. A responsible approach to work, a desire to develop, professional skills – all this directly affects how much a freelancer can earn.

Often, already at the initial stages, beginners want everything at once – to work less and earn as much income as possible. Such high expectations, of course, will not become a reality without proper experience and accumulated professionalism. Therefore, freelancing is also hard work, constant improvement of yourself and your abilities.

Work on the Internet is considered by students as a part-time job, as well as pensioners and young mothers. In addition, freelancing is used as a source of additional income when people combine their main work and online.

What a freelancer needs to get to work

These items are necessary in order to start working for yourself:

  1. A working laptop or desktop computer and high-speed Internet.

The work is done electronically, and, depending on the chosen profession, it will be necessary to install the necessary programs or applications for the comfortable and fast completion of projects. Some manage to work from mobile devices – why not, since the functionality of the phone allows. The main criterion is convenience.

  1. Creating accounts, registering on services – to establish contact with customers and establish cooperation.

You need an email where all notifications will be sent. It is better if there are two of them – one for work, the other personal. Registration in messengers will also come in handy. And most importantly – always be in touch so as not to miss anything important!

  1. A bank card and electronic wallets are necessary for crediting earned money.

Qiwi, Webmoney, UMoney or another payment service – you can choose any. You just need to immediately pay attention to the size of the commission when withdrawing money.

What helps a freelancer earn a high income

How much does a freelancer earn: targetologist + web designer

A good stable income for a self-employed person depends on a number of important factors. To do what he loves, making a profit, a freelancer tries to start with the following:

  1. Be entrepreneurial and be able to think creatively – ingenuity helps to find a way out of difficult situations and solve even the most complex problems.
  2. Multitasking – in other words, the ability to take on several orders at the same time and try to complete them on time.
  3. Being able to clearly and competently express your thoughts will help not only in writing excellent texts, but also in revealing your best qualities in any business.
  4. To be able to communicate well with people – without this skill you will not build a single constructive dialogue.
  5. Become a professional in your field – after a while, by trial and error, a specialist will learn to complete orders faster, since it will take less time to correct. He will be able to take on a lot of orders and, accordingly, receive more money.
  6. Be able to manage your time – a person working at home does not have a higher management that controls his schedule. Therefore, for successful work, a freelancer must draw up a clear schedule for himself.
  7. Get a good reputation – conscientious and high-quality completion of tasks on time guarantees a lot of positive feedback from customers, which means it will make it possible to receive more orders, and more expensive ones.

What else determines the earnings of a simple freelancer?

The place where a freelancer works from indirectly affects his income. But before that, it was said that the level of payment varies depending on the baggage of knowledge and experience, so what are we talking about? It’s all about the indicators of the standard of living in a certain part of the world. So, in the CIS countries it is low, respectively, and the rate per hour of work will be lower. At the same time, this means that freelancers from these countries get the opportunity to compete favorably with American or European specialists, whose rates for work are much higher. As for Asian countries and Latin American countries, things are somewhat worse there, and the rates are too low.

On the part of customers, in terms of remuneration, North America and Europe are the highest. The exception is the remuneration of true professionals with more than 6 years of experience – customers from any country always pay a lot to such specialists, and the difference in pay is minimized.

What professions do people master freelancing

How much does a freelancer earn: targetologist + web designer

Consider the most popular destinations:

  • various work with texts (copywriter, rewriter, SEO specialist, translator, content manager, moderator);
  • website development;
  • work in social networks to promote goods and communities, community administration;
  • website promotion in search engines and social networks;
  • design;
  • programming.

Where to look for first clients

For a freelancer in the early stages of work, it is important to take on a lot of orders and gradually increase your level. What sites to choose for these purposes?

Freelance exchanges are a great option for beginners. There are a variety of activities here, where everyone will find something to their liking. And most importantly, a constant stream of tasks from customers of various levels of complexity and in different price ranges. Thanks to this, a novice freelancer will determine what he excels at most, and what income should be expected.

Post your resume on job search services. In the ad, state your strengths and abilities, you can even attach examples of work. Those who wish to use the services of a freelancer will be able to contact him themselves, agree on a price, and in the course of further successful work, even offer permanent cooperation.

Introduce yourself on social networks. Self-promotion is also an effective way to attract customers. You should write down all the necessary information about yourself and offer your services on a personal page or offer posts in thematic communities.

Important! Working with the first clients will bear fruit in the form of the first earnings. This should become a motivation for striving for a stable high income, cooperation with regular customers. Gaining experience in the future will allow you to perform a smaller amount of work for a decent pay.

How Much Does a Freelancer Earn – Freelancing Career Ladder

Freelancing has formed a conditional career ladder, which can become a motivation to achieve greater success.

So, at the first stage with an income of 15 thousand 🪙 there are, for example, novice copywriters with a daily income of 500 🪙.

The level from 15 thousand to 30 is achieved in the course of mastering any demanded profession in freelancing. You can reach an income of 30-50 thousand 🪙 in any profession, having a good portfolio, at least two years of experience and an established client base.

50-70 thousand 🪙 will have specialists in narrow areas. And over 75 thousand 🪙 is the income of professionals working on large projects together with the team, where the duties of the specialist performer himself include monitoring the work and handing over the finished order to the client.

What is the income from working on the Internet

How much does a freelancer earn: targetologist + web designer

Considering the statistics for the period of 2020, it is safe to say that the highest paid profession is mobile application developers. On average, these people received 62.5 thousand 🪙 per month.

In second place are programmers with a monthly income of 59.5 thousand 🪙.

Architects, developing projects of buildings, earn over 55 thousand per month.

The services of consulting specialists were estimated at 49.5 thousand.

Designers, who are considered the leaders in freelancing competition, earn up to 44 thousand 🪙.

The lowest paid professions were copywriters, rewriters and translators.

Let’s take a closer look at how much you can earn freelancing in a particular profession.

A copywriter is a specialist in writing informational texts for their subsequent placement, for example, on the websites of online stores (product descriptions) or on the sites of popular Internet resources. Of course, the salary of a copywriter will depend on the level of the order and the skills of working with texts.

First level

The starting income of a novice copywriter will vary in the range of 5-10 thousand 🪙. At the beginning of their career, future specialists take orders on stock exchanges, gain experience and improve their skills by completing simple tasks.

On popular services, the rates for 1000 characters without spaces are not that high – from 20 to 50 🪙. Sometimes there are tasks that cost 100 🪙 for 1000 characters. Well, projects above this limit are very rare. Often, a customer places a personal order for a copywriter, the payment for which may be higher than average.

To make good money on freelance exchanges, extensive knowledge of the current language is not enough. It will take perseverance and perseverance, thanks to which even a beginner will soon earn, starting from 500 🪙 per day.

Middle level

Mid-level copywriters already have an income of 20-30 thousand, cooperating mainly with customers directly, receive larger orders, and their projects are placed on popular Internet resources.

However, not only profit increases, but also the requirements for a copywriter: often the text must be supplemented with illustrations that are suitable for the subject, special knowledge in the design of advertising texts is also required.

Advanced level

The highest paid copywriters earn 50-100 thousand. These people give themselves completely to working with texts and collaborate with large organizations.

Specialists set a fixed cost for the entire text, and not for 1000 characters. A small project is estimated at 2 thousand 🪙 and more, and depending on the amount of work performed, the price will increase significantly.

To become a high-class specialist, a freelancer goes through these stages:

  • get a specialized education;
  • take professional courses;
  • gain experience in significant projects;
  • run your own blog, write books, sharing advice on professional activities in this field;
  • take part in seminars and conferences to become noticed by serious clients.

How much does a freelance marketer earn

How much does a freelancer earn: targetologist + web designer

First you need to figure out who a targetologist is and what his duties are.

This specialist is engaged in setting up targeted advertising on social networks. That is, advertising that is aimed at a specific target audience.

The targetologist must correctly set the settings so that the advertisement is shown to a group of people suitable for its content. Among such installations, a specific age, circle of interests, distribution of advertising in a specific geographical area is considered.

The customer is interested in the fact that the user, who sees the advertisement of interest, performs the target action: follows the link, subscribes, buys the product, etc.

Beginner and intermediate levels

The earnings of a targetologist on the Internet will depend on the number of projects completed per month, the accumulated skills and the promotion of a personal brand.

At the start, a freelance targetologist starts earning from 5 thousand 🪙 per month for a completed project.

Mid-level ad customizers are those who have already gained experience. But especially those who have formed a portfolio and a good reputation among customers. And also figured out all the intricacies of setting up advertising on social networks. Their profit for one project will be equal to 10-15 thousand. They are accepted on average for 5 projects at the same time per month. Accordingly, the monthly profit can reach up to 50-60 thousand 🪙.

Advanced and pro level

As for advanced level specialists, their earnings for one project start from 50 thousand 🪙, depending on the brand promotion, and reach 100-150 thousand.

A professional targetologist has vast experience behind him, professionally manages a team, and works on projects of a very high price category. In addition, he certainly maintains his own blog, speaks at conferences, conducts training courses.

The income of an ad customizer directly depends on the platform in which he specializes. Targetologists who work in several social networks at once have higher earnings. For example, on VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook. Equally competent knowledge of work in all three advertising offices increases the demand for such a specialist, and his earnings, respectively, increase. However, you can become a high-class targetologist within only one platform.

How much does a freelance web designer make

The profession of a web designer is very popular and well paid. A specialist in this field has an idea of ​​what people want, how to attract their attention, how to make them view this or that information or take a targeted action.

What exactly does a web designer need to be able to do and make good money?

The main professional skills of this specialist include:

  • knowledge at a certain level of such programs as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure and others;
  • awareness of ways to create a user-friendly interface;
  • development of projects of such interfaces;
  • knowledge of the basics of Internet marketing;

In addition, a web designer is distinguished by a sense of style and exquisite artistic taste.

How much does a freelance web designer make

At the start, it will be difficult for a freelance designer to work, since orders are negligible at first. You will have to search for clients on your own and persistently. Given that newcomers have too little experience and almost zero portfolio, they should not refuse any applications. And if there are no orders at all, work for yourself. And build a good portfolio.

What is the income of a web designer

A freelance web designer’s earnings start from 500 🪙 and reach up to 80 thousand 🪙 and more. A beginner who has developed 1 layout will most likely receive 5-10 thousand 🪙 for it. If you take 4 orders per month (one per week), then the monthly income will start from 20 thousand and above.

In cases where a freelancer designs websites with the right graphic design and layout, his level of payment increases.

For the design of a small website, a freelancer will receive 10-20 thousand 🪙.

The reward for developing a design for an average online store will be 40-50 thousand 🪙. If you have already managed to establish cooperation with regular customers, then earnings for one project will reach 80 thousand 🪙.

If already at the initial stages you learn to work quickly and well, try to sell your services much more than the declared cost, then income growth will be available to novice web designers.

How much does a freelance programmer make

How much does a freelancer earn: targetologist + web designer

Programming is an equally popular profession, which people master and freelance.

Programmers work in two ways:

  1. A fixed budget, when the cost of the work is clearly set and does not change. Adjustments are allowed only when changes are made to the terms of reference. The fixed cost of the work is appropriate when the performer knows exactly how much time will be spent on the work.
  2. Hourly payment. In this case, the programmer receives a reward for the time it took him to work. It provides the customer with reporting at each stage of the order. Therefore, the fears of customers about the slow work of the programmer are not justified. Moreover, if the order fulfillment rate is too slow, the freelancer will rapidly lose clients. Because the budget will be too high.

Features of hourly pay

The salary of a programmer for 1 hour, of course, will directly depend on experience. So, a freelance 1C programmer with less than a year of experience will start earning 500 🪙 per order. The same developer with more experience (1-3 years) will get an income opportunity from 900 🪙. But a freelancer with 4 years of experience will be paid 1250 🪙 per hour.

On average, the prices for the services of freelance programmers are as follows:

  •  hourly work of a programmer with no experience or with minimal skills is estimated from 200 to 300 🪙;
  •  a freelancer with work experience from one to two years will earn 500-1000 🪙 per hour;
  •  the work of an experienced specialist in Python, PHP and others will be calculated in the amount of 1000-1500 🪙 per hour;
  •  top developers get more than 2000 🪙 per hour.

Simple typical tasks are best left to freelancers. Programmers on the exchange are often also provided with an order for improvements in 1C.

How much does a freelancer earn – Instead of a conclusion

Freelancing will bring money if a person works hard at the beginning of the path. Self-employed, working on the Internet from the comfort of home, constantly improving skills. But it also expands the circle of people interested in his services and becomes a professional in the chosen field. The qualities that are inherent in a freelancer help to move towards the goal. Not every person will be able to self-organize, set clear goals and correctly allocate time during the working day.

Let at first the earnings of a simple freelancer are small, but what are the opportunities for self-development and financial independence that have opened before him. The Internet is an excellent platform for finding regular customers who will appreciate even the work of beginners. There is no limit in monetary profit, and freelancers have something to strive for. Those who have long wanted to try their hand at a particular area will find something to their liking. Favorite business every day will bring money, a good reputation among customers and boundless joy.

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